Sex With An Arrogant Neighbor

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Hi, I am Tamanna, and this is my next story.

As you know, Ishiqa, Arpit, Vinay, and I are spending the night on the beach. Vinay has booked a secluded cottage for the night for 4 of us. I am still wearing a very thin blouse and skirt without any undergarments. Arpit is just wearing shorts.

Vinay has enjoyed Ishiqa, and she has lost her clothes. She is there, just draped in a towel. As we sat down holding our drinks, we were curious to know how Arpit and Ishiqa met. So Arpit narrated the entire story.

Arpit’s story:

Let me first describe Ishiqa. Ishiqa is a tall, 5”8 girl with very fair color. I haven’t seen a girl fairer than her. She has blue eyes that on her fair face look mesmerizing. Her figure is 34-24-34. She is a trained gymnast, so she is very fit and flexible, and slim.

There is not an inch of fat in her body. Her assets are firm. She has thin red juicy lips tempting anybody to kiss her. She has a very soft voice. She is very intelligent. Since she is beautiful, she happened to be arrogant. Almost every boy approached her, and she rejected all of them.

During her childhood, Ishiqa lived with her parents in the flat below us. She was about 5-6 years younger than me and went to different schools. Because of such an age difference, I never looked at her that way. She was very arrogant, and I could never recall an incident where she spoke nicely.

It happened after I graduated and was in a job for two years. She came to Gurgaon to study, and I was doing a job there. By that time, she was an adult and looked stunning. She came alone. Her mother phones me to help her join the college as they cannot come.

I picked her up from the Railway station and went to my home. She was amazed by my well-decorated home, with a high-quality bar. She loved the expensive sofa and other exotic stuff which her parents could not afford. We decided that she should spend the night here and tomorrow we would do all the formalities.

She freshened up and had a cold shower. She came out and wore a salwar kurta. She looked beautiful, but I was not looking at her in that way. She was still the same kid. At night I was sitting on my sofa, swiping girls left and right. She came out of her room and asked what I am doing.

I replied that I am looking for a hot girl available. She asked if I had a girlfriend. I said, “No, but now I am looking for one. But I need a very hot one as I would take care of her maintenance.” I asked her whether she had a boyfriend.

She said no, but she would be getting one in college. She needs a boyfriend badly so assist her in her expenses. She needs lots of nice dresses and expensive stuff like a mobile, which her parents are not keen to provide. She then asked my permission to drink something from the bar.

I was shocked to see that she was such a grown-up and have started drinking. I got up and fetched an expensive one for her. she sat on the sofa and started judging girls with me. She was new to the concept of Tinder.

Even though she wants a boyfriend, I told her that it would be very difficult to find one so rich in college. I suggested she look outside college also. I also suggested she join Tinder and look for someone.

The next morning I got her admission to the college and shifted her luggage to her hostel. We rarely met or talked after that. After one month, when I saw her profile on Tinder. I swiped her right, and to my surprise, he had already super liked me.

The connection was set, and I asked her that the search for the boyfriend is still there.

Ishiqa: Yes.

Arpit: No one rich in college?

Ishiqa: No one rich here. What about you?

Arpit: No one hot either.

Ishiqa: Mind if I say something?

Arpit: Yes, go on.

Ishiqa: How about you make me your girlfriend? You are rich enough to suit my needs. And there are lots of fake people on Tinder.

Arpit: Are you hot enough?

Ishiqa: What do you mean?

Arpit: I mean that you are too young for me. And I doubt you are hot enough for my circle. I send the pics of girlfriends of my friends for reference.

I was able to tease her.

Ishiqa; I think people like young girlfriends. And I think I am way hotter than these girls. You have just not seen me in proper outfits.

Arpit: Can you prove?

She forwarded me a couple of her pics. She looked hot, but I was not satisfied.

Arpit: Images could be misleading. How about you come to Saturday’s party with me? If I think you are fit in my circle, I’ll make you my girlfriend.

Ishiqa: Sure. Pick me up. Any dress code?

Arpit: It’s a casual party. But I do not think you have nice dresses. I am sending you 20 thousand rupees and buy some nice dresses. If you convince me you are hot and sexy enough for me, I’ll think about the possibility of you as my girlfriend

On Saturday, I picked her from her hostel. She was wearing very short light blue shorts and a pink off-shoulder top. The top was loose, so her assets were not visible. I wondered why she would dress such loosely when all she has to do is show her assets.

She also brought a blue jacket to put over the top. In my opinion, she was overdressed. We went to the party, and there I saw her real face. She was a trained gymnast and a good dancer. She could dance to any song, and her moves were impeccable.

At first, I was hesitant to introduce her as my partner, but now I was not. As the night progressed, her moves became more and more energetic. She passed on her jacket to me, and then she started jumping on songs.

At that moment, I realized that she was not wearing a bra. Her boobs could be seen juggling during the jumps. Her loose top would rise high enough to show her waist and occasionally her breast. I started dancing with her. I grabbed her from her waist, and in the pretext of dancing, I started feeling her.

She did not stop me. At one point, I lifted her in my arms and gave her a round turn with her head upside down. As her loose top bent down, I could see her big boobs. I gazed at her nipples for few seconds. I touched her many time during the dance and even pressed her boobs once.

I thought she must have noticed it, but she did not oppose. After the dance floor, I started meeting my colleagues with Ishiqa in my arms. She now wore the jacket. Her shorts were so short that it looked that she was not wearing anything below from the side.

Only her long clean legs were visible, which was enough to excite anybody. Also, she talked in a very soft melodious voice that would tempt anybody to kiss her. She made all my friends jealous, for she was way younger than all of us and way hotter than the rest of us.

After the party, we went back to my home. We grabbed a bottle of whisky and made two pegs. I took a paper and started rating her on various points like height, color, hotness, dressing sense, etc. For sexuality, I gave her 0 out of 10.
She was sitting next to me and asked why she is being rated zero.

I said because she never made the first move. She said that I got to see her boobs and even pressed them. I said, “But we never had sex.” She started crying. She said that she did not know that she has to make the first move. Had I made a move, she would not have stopped me.

I wiped her tears and said that night is still there. In a flash, she jumped over me like a hungry tigress and kissed me with her wet lips. I started sucking them. I tried to put my hands over her back, and I realized that she had removed her top.

Before I could realize what happened and enjoy the kiss, she had already removed her pants. She was wearing no panty either, and it looked like she was prepared for sex tonight. There she was, completely nude over me, kissing hard and begging for fuck. All I had to do was to keep my dick straight.

I put my hands over her bare ass. There she was, my arrogant neighbor, lying nude over me, begging to get fucked. I was now also in the mood. I stopped judging her hotness. She was hot, and I knew it. Now was the time to enjoy her. I was sucking her honey-sweet lips, and I was playing with her tongue.

She was asking me to play with her soft body. I traced every inch of her body with my finger. Then I rested my hands over her ass, and I was pressing them softly. In between, I would slip my hands to her pussy and rub them. Her eyes looked like she was begging me to use her to the fullest to satisfy my desires.

After a long kiss and tracing her soft body, I decided to give my eyes a treat. I stopped kissing her and asked her to do a catwalk for me. I said her body would be judged, and her private parts would carry more weight. And there she was doing a nice catwalk all nude.

She took a couple of rounds of my hall, shaking her ass. And then, I asked her to open her hair and tie them again while standing in front of the mirror. I could see her back directly, and I could see her front assets in the mirror. I asked her to face me and do few jumps, and I could enjoy her boobs jiggling.

Then I asked her to press them and bit her lips while I stare at her nude body. Then on my command, she rubbed her pussy while pressing her one boob and then started fingering it standing in front of me. She was quick to recognize the bulge in my shorts.

Without waiting for my command, she sat down in front of the sofa, lower my shorts, and took my dick in her hand. She then looked in my eyes as if asking for permission and then started licking my dick. Slowly she started kissing it and then she took it in her mouth. She was sucking it badly.

I pulled her hair and started thrusting it deep into her throat. Now she could feel it. I asked her to keep fingering her pussy because I would soon fuck her. She obliged. After around 10 minutes of fucking her mouth, I took my dick out. It was all wet and ready for her pussy.

Meanwhile, her pussy was also ready. I lifted her and placed her on my dining table with my head down. I spread her legs and inserted them with huge force. She screamed. I must say that she was a virgin as it took a lot of force to enter her pussy.

It took me a couple of rounds to make sure that my dick is completely inside her. She was screaming badly. I pulled her hair and said that she could scream as loud as she wanted. I then started stroking her, and with every stroke, she was calling my name. I loved that.

I started slapping her bare ass to enjoy her more, and there were red prints of my hand on her ass. I was still stroking her. Her head was rubbing on the table with my strokes, and there must have been red marks on her while skin face. Soon I was about to cum.

I told her that I would cum in her pussy and she could take a pill later. But there, she begged that she was in the best time of her period. She did not want to be pregnant in her first fuck. So I felt pity, and I took my dick out of her pussy. She stood up and sat on the table, and started kissing my lips.

I said that the amount of cum in her hands would be her marks. So she started stroking my soon-to-be cum dick with her soft hands. I liked her soft white hand with bangles on. After around 5 strokes of her hand, I cum on her hand. She ensures that all my cum is collected in her hand.

I must say that almost her whole hand was filled. But I pretended that it was too little for my standard. She felt this as a comment on her hotness. I was exhausted, and I went to my bed and lay down there. She went to the bathroom and cleaned her hand. Then she knocked at my bedroom door.

I said it was open and she could come in. She opened the door and stayed at the door, almost hugging the door. I could only see her red bruised face, her bareback and her red slapped ass. In a soft voice, she now said that she would need more marks and can I give her one more chance, please, please.

I was aroused by her soft sexy, begging voice and her red ass on white body. I said I could, but this time I would cum inside. She said, but she is ovulating. I said that I could use her ass. She agreed. She then entered my bedroom and sat on my bed. I asked her to get my dick ready for the job.

She lowered my shorts once again and started playing with my soft dick. She used her soft hand to excite it. I was trying to hold it and to see how badly she wants. She struggled for 10 minutes. Then I asked her to move upwards. She laid just beside me.

I then decided first to enjoy every part of her soft body. I started kissing her on the lips and slowly played with her tongue. Then I kissed her cheeks and looked at her blue eyes. I slowly moved downwards and kissed her tall neck and then kissed her shoulder and chest.

I then kissed her boobs and pressed them. They were too soft and firm. This aroused my dick. Since she was holding my dick in her hand, she could feel it. She smiled as my dick rose. I kissed her smiling lips again and then focussed on her boobs.

I started sucking her boobs, and I started playing with the other nipple. Slowly I started pinching her nipples while biting the other. Then I switched the boobs. I tried to take as much of her boob as possible in my mouth. After sucking it, I decided to bite it.

It bit half of the boob on the skin, and then I bit the nipple twice. When I bit the nipple, she moaned. But she was also happy then my dick was almost there. I then kissed every inch of her body and moved downwards, and kissed her belly. I played with her navel with my tongue. And then I stared at the pussy.

I kissed the pussy several times. I fingered it a couple of times so that she was excited. By now, my dick was completely erect. She kissed it, licked my dick, and licked my ball. She took my balls inside her mouth. She played with the skin of my dick, and then she was able to make it hard and long to fuck her ass.

But then she was afraid of putting such a thick dick in her ass. I consoled her that it’s okay to take and she would have to take it quite often if we are in a relationship. I asked her to suck my dick a bit more so that it would slide easily. She then asked me to sit on a bean bag.

She went to the bathroom and applied soap on my dick so that it is soft. She also put vaseline insider her asshole. She then came in a doggy position and offered me her ass. I started putting one finger in her ass hole. He screamed lightly and said, that’s it. It was smooth. I said, “Wait, it was just one finger.”

I then inserted two fingers, and she screamed a bit more. When she was quiet, I pulled my fingers out and inserted my dick. It just went halfway, and she cried, screaming. I then thrust it once more and inserted it fully. The room was echoing with her scream.

Then I started to thrust her slowly, and I gradually increased my pace. I then grabbed her hair and brought her ass closer. I was feeling really lucky to fuck such a hot girl while sitting on the bean bag. I stroked her for about 15 minutes.

In between, I would stop and ask her whether she would be willing to take it daily, and she nodded. I pulled her hair, and she screamed. I told her that I would be thinking of making her my girlfriend if she is willing to satisfy me daily.

I then bent over her, held her with one hand, and put my other hand over her pussy. This excited her, and I stroked harder. Her hair was now falling from her head. I could see from the side her boobs jiggling as I stroke her harder. After 15 more minutes, I was about to cum.

Without any warning, I came inside her ass. I released all my load inside her ass. Then I left her and put on my shorts and lay on the bed. She took time to get up. Her knees were all red. She struggled to move, but then she managed to go to the bathroom and wipe her ass of my load.

I then told her that I could give extra marks for cuddling. After 5 minutes of cleaning, she came to my bedroom, all nude, and laid beside me. It pushed her to the corner between myself and the wall. I left barely 3 inches of space on the bed for her. AC was at maximum, and she had to hug me for warmth.

I was trying to enjoy her soft body. I slept kissing her with my hand over her boobs and another hand over her waist, with the finger on her navel. When I woke up, she was still lying nude in that position. Morning sunlight made her body shine. I stared at her nude body for 10 minutes and felt how lucky I am.

My dick was hard again. She woke up after some time. She asked whether she was hot enough for me and I would make her my girlfriend. I teased her for a moment and then said, “Yes, you are hot enough. From now on, you are my girlfriend. Now get ready to take this hard dick in the shower.”

She smiled and kissed me on the lips, and went to the bathroom. I fucked her there also before leaving her for college.

Ishiqa was hearing the story of her first fuck by keeping her head down and hiding it behind her hair. I was now resting on Arpit’s shoulder, and he was caressing his hands on my arms. I kissed Arpit and said that “You are a nice fucker.”

Vinay was more excited about how often they fuck and what was their longest session. I’ll narrate them in the next part.

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