Banging My Bestfriend’s Cousin At Her Place

Hello guys, this is Raunak again. For those of you who don’t know me, I’ll describe myself briefly. I am 25 years of age, with a decent height of 5’9″. My previous story about how to I fucked a MILF got a very positive response.

I received a lot of feedback on email ([email protected]) too. That is why I have decided to come up with my second stint with sex.

The heroine of the story is Sania. She happens to be the cousin of my childhood friend. Although I’m from South Mumbai, she lives in the suburbs. I have known her since childhood but never had the opportunity to interact with her.

She followed me on Instagram, and I followed back. That was it. We did speak on random things on occasions. But I never had any intent to explore her in person.

One fine day, she asked me to meet up as she was in the town. I agreed. I went to meet her as a friend without any intentions in mind. I was waiting in the cafeteria for her. She came from her college directly to meet me.

I was awestruck to see her in person after years. Sania was a 19-year-old girl with a healthy body. Her chubby cheeks instilled cuteness in her. But the real attraction was her boobs, which seemed to have grown up massively.

During our chat in the cafeteria, I constantly gazed at her boobs. I was also ensuring that she didn’t catch me in the process. I was getting hard boners too. But I somehow avoided bringing sensual stuff during our meet to avoid embarrassment for both of us, more so because she was my best friend’s sister.

But I had made up my mind to taste her lips and suck her boobs. So I began chatting with her regularly. I would also initiate sexual chats on occasions. And to my surprise, she wasn’t too reluctant to talk about it.

So I took the next step. I asked her out for a movie. She instantly agreed too. I went to meet her in her area, and we went for a morning show. She wore a special dress that she bought for Dubai, which had shades of transparency.

Thus, some parts of her bra were visible, which further gave me a boner. We went inside the theater and found very few people there. I knew it would work wonders for me.

So we were arguing about something. We were trying to push each other that’s when I got to touch her boobs. Soon I just tried to hold her hand. And she did not resist. I tried to play with her fingers, and she responded well.

I then decided to take the next move – kiss. I put my arm around her neck and leaned over to kiss her. She initially resisted, so I apologized. I felt that she didn’t like it, so I was a bit upset with myself. But to my surprise, she was still holding my hand and trying to play with my fingers.

I took another chance and placed a kiss on her lips. This time, she responded positively, and we began kissing each other. Her big boobs were so appealing that I couldn’t stop my hands from pressing them.

Soon she asked, “Should I open my top?” Why would a guy say no to this? So I asked her that I’d open it. I unbuttoned a few buttons from her kurti and slid her bra downwards. And I began sucking her boobs. To sum it up, her boob size was 38 something.

Soon we realized the movie was over, and it was time to go. As we left the theater, she said, “Let’s go home. My parents ain’t there.”

I realized that shit was going to be real, and she was horny. I agreed, and we took an autorickshaw to her place. As soon as we reached her home, I caught her from behind and started kissing her neck. She was damn horny.

She said, “Let’s do it in the bedroom.” I agreed and lifted her to the bedroom. I removed all her clothes and began sucking her boobs. It felt like magic. She, too, removed every cloth from my body to see a boner for the first time.

She started playing with my dick even as I kept biting and sucking her pair of melons. She was moaning heavily. After a firm round of foreplay, I now wanted to insert inside her. But I wasn’t too sure if she was willing to get fucked. After all, consent is everything.

So I asked if she wanted to feel my dick’s warmth inside her. She smirked with horniness to signal me a yes. I pulled off a condom from my wallet and wore it. She requested me to go easy as it was her first time.

Her pussy was a bit tight as she was still a virgin. I tried to lubricate it by a bit of fingering. Once it was wet, I started teasing her by rubbing my dick over her pussy.

She craved to be banged. She started begging me to push my dick in. Conceding to her demands, I slowly thrust my dick inside her. With time, the pace increased, and her moans too.

I still imagine the sight when her boobies were bouncing like anything as I banged her to and fro. I then cum inside her. As it was her first time, she wanted to understand and experience the missionary position also.

I explained to her how it was done, and she agreed to explore it. Soon I was eating her pussy while she continued to suck my dick. She continued doing so until I released my cum insider her mouth.

We then decided to wind up as it was getting late. Since then, we’ve had sex on a couple of more occasions.

Guys, I’m open to meeting and interacting with women of any age in Mumbai. This could be a casual sex chat or a steamy sexual encounter. Please feel free to email me if you want to meet me. Also, send in your feedback at [email protected]

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