Sleazy servant fucked me during a family wedding

Hi, this is Hashita back with my next story. This was during my elder sister’s marriage. A servant of age 70+ used a lucky chance to fuck me and make me his slave. I will narrate the same in this story.

We were all getting ready for the marriage. It was 8 am. Everyone was ready except for me. I didn’t wake up at first because I had a slight fever. My parents told me to get ready and come to the marriage hall soon. With that, they left.

I had put mehandi (a traditional design made on hands and legs with henna leaves) on both hands. The problem comes here. I have to take a bath. But I have to let the mehandi dry for a minimum of about an hour or two. I can’t take a bath on my own.

No one is at home either. I was really worried, and time was racing. Then suddenly the servant comes to the hall,

Servant: Beti, what happened? Why are you still not ready. Go fast, have a bath.

Me: How can I? I have mehandi on my hands, and it’s not dry yet!

Servant: What do you do now?

Me: I don’t know, time’s running.

I started to get even tenser. It’s my sister’s marriage, and if I don’t get there in time, it won’t be that good. Then the servant took advantage of the situation in his favor.

Servant: There is a way, dear.

Me: What is it? (anxiously)

Servant: I can help you take a bath if you don’t have any objection.

Me: Are you mad? (Angrily). What are you talking about? How can you even think like that?

Servant: That’s the only possible way, else miss the marriage. If you don’t want, I shall leave to the function hall.

With that, he came to me and sat beside me.

Servant: It’s ok, dear. I have bathed you many times in childhood. Now you have grown a little bigger, that’s it.

Me: But now it’s different. I’m mature. I can’t get naked in front of another man except for my husband.

I was 19 at that time. After this incident, my uncle started to fuck me.

Servant: Ok, it’s your wish. Miss the marriage then.

Me: (crying) Wait! I’m ready but please don’t take any advantage of this or tell to my parents.

Servant: Ok, wait in the room. I shall boil water.

He had a wicked smile. I feared it would go in the wrong direction. But I don’t know why I felt horny. He poured the boiling water into the bucket and started to run cold water.

He then came out. He was in lungi. He folded it up to his knees. He came near to me and told me to stand up. I stood.

Servant: Raise your hands and widen your legs.

I obeyed him. My heartbeat was raising as hell. I was never naked so far. He slowly pulled my shirt up to my elbow and tried to pull it out of my hands. He paused there for a second as my bra and half-naked breasts were in his view.

He gazed at it for about 1 minute and then removed my t-shirt. He then removed my shorts. I was semi-naked. I was feeling really shy but had no other way.
I saw his cock was growing big and big. I felt very horny. At that moment, my sex hormones were killing me to have sex with him.

He then removed the strap of my bra. For the first time, I’m going to show my naked breasts to a servant. He pulled it in a second and was shocked to see my large breasts.

He then took a sniff of it before throwing it down. It was arousing me. He then bent down and removed my panty. I was completely naked in front of a low-class servant. He held the panty and told me to step inside the bathroom.

As I walked past him, he started to sniff my panty. I heard the noise of sniffing. I felt quite thrilled. I entered, and when he entered and closed the door. It was the first time I was in a bathroom with a man that too with my servant.

Servant: Keep your hands up till I finish, and don’t touch anything. It will take 10 minutes. Be patient.

I nodded. I was exhibiting him my naked body. He started to pour water on me, and he put his hand on my left boob. I left a slow moan. He kept squeezing it. He rubbed it. He pinched my nipples and poured water.

Then he moved to my stomach. He poured water and cleaned my belly. He put his finger inside my belly button. A quick vibration passed all over my body. I left heavy moans as the bath progressed. He then bent down and separated my thighs.

I lifted my head as he inserted his fingers deep into my virgin pussy. He kept fingering them for about 5 minutes, and I don’t know what happened. I jerked off some huge amount of white liquid on his face suddenly.

Servant: Oh, you released your nectar so soon. How would you please your husband then?

I shut my mouth with shame. He licked it off his face surprisingly. I was getting even aroused as I wanted to see his monster. He stopped in between as his hand was still inside. My hormones were going out of control.

Me: Please do it, don’t stop. Aah!

Servant: I know many women wouldn’t hesitate for such pleasure.

He then pulled his hand out.

Me: Continue to do that. Please. It feels soo good.

He turned me around

Servant: Bend down and widen your thighs

I immediately did it. It was a weird feeling to showcase my asshole to my servant. He parted between and cleaned my ass crack with water. He applied soap around to my ass hole and lubricated it well.

He inserted his finger inside. I left a huge moan as he kept ramming my asshole with his finger. He then inserted another finger and kept on increasing. Finally, he inserted all his hands inside and was fist fucking my virgin asshole. I was in heaven. What pleasure it was. He then removed his fingers.

Servant: You seem to enjoy the session. Do you need something big inside?

Me: Yes. The pleasure is immense. Please do it.

He then bent me in a doggy position, and he threw his lungi and underwear on the floor. I saw that. I was feeling high. I could smell some rotten cheese smell. His underwear was dirty from inside with dark patches.

He then held my hips. In one go, as my ass was lubricated, he pushed it deep. I shouted, and I held my bums with both hands and all mehandi gone. But I was focussing on the pain and pleasure.

My servant and I were naked in the bathroom, having sex instead of attending my sister’s wedding. We still had time.

He kept fucking my ass for about 10 minutes. At the time of his release, he pulled it out. He took his underwear and gave it to me. It smelled very bad. That’s when I saw his monster ous cock. Dark like charcoal and very big, hairy, and stinky. He jerked off in front of me in his dirty underwear.

Servant: Now enjoy my nectar, lick it clean like a dog.

Me: No way, it’s very dirty.

The servant went to the window and took his phone, which was recording our act. I was stunned for a moment. He showed me the video. I fell on his feet and begged him.

Me: Please don’t show it to anyone. Please, my life would be ruined.

Servant: Then do what I say.

I took his underwear and brought it close to my mouth. The smell was unbearable. I pulled my tongue out and licked it. It was very salty and tasteless. Yew!

But I enjoyed being a slave to my servant. I decided to surrender to him as he gave me pleasure.

Me: Do anything you want. I’m all yours.

Servant: I know the very moment you jerked off shamelessly.

He then kept his cock in front of my mouth. I knew it was a blowjob. So I held his cock, separated his hair, and pulled his skin back. I kissed the forehead gently.

Oh, what a feeling it was. He kept his hand behind my head and pushed it hard so that I had to take his 8 inches dick in my mouth. I was sucking my servant’s dick shamelessly in the bathroom. He released his sperms in no time and held my head tightly until I swallowed it completely.

He then applied soap on me and dried me and got me out, and kissed me on my lips passionately. I didn’t object to him. This was the wonderful bath I had ever had.

He then helped me to dress up. I was ready with all my jewelry and make-up. The filthy servant had some other plans. He came to me naked.

Me: Aren’t you ready? We have to go.

Servant: I have fucked only two of your holes, but the main one is remaining.

He gave a wicked and naughty smile.

Me: Now it’s not possible. I have dressed up and put on make-up also. After marriage, we shall have another session.

He didn’t listen to me. He just carried me and threw me on the bed.

Servant: Didn’t you surrender to me?

Me: Yes, I did, but…

Servant: Then do what I say.

With that, he lifted my saree and petticoat to my navel and pulled down my panty. He licked my pussy for 5 minutes or so. Then he completely slept on me and kissed me. Meanwhile, slowly he started inserting his dick inside. I left huge moans.

It was very big, and it was the first time for me. He kept ramming me and kissing me at the same time. After 15 minutes of intense fucking and kissing, he released his load inside. When he released his load and took his dick out, I felt like I had reached heaven.

Then he told me not to eject his sperms out and keep inside till the marriage was over.

Servant: I want you to carry my seeds till the marriage is over.

I agreed.

He then dressed me back. He dressed, and we both left for marriage.

We reached there, and my mom started scolding me. I apologized to her. As I was busy with arrangements, the servant came up to me. (Sorry I forgot to mention, servant name is Babu) He slapped my ass from behind.

I got up quickly and said.

Me: Not here, do anything you want in private.

All the marriage was over, and dinner was too over. It was a grand wedding. Then it was farewell time, and my sister left us and went off. Then we were packing up stuff

Babu came and pulled me to the bathroom and took me inside the toilet, and closed the door

Me: What are you doing?. Anyone might see us.

Servant: Everyone is busy, don’t worry.

He then ripped all my clothes and made me bend over the toilet. My head was in the toilet, and my ass was facing his dick back. He thrust in no time and kept fucking me in the bathroom. I couldn’t bear the smell of the toilet into which my head was kept.

He released his sperms. He then made me kneel on the dirty bath floor. He kept his dick on my lips. I started to suck it. He stopped me.

Servant: Now you are going to drink my piss.

I got up immediately.

Me: Are you out of mind? How can I drink your piss? No way!

Servant: Don’t forget the video, my dear Hashita.

I felt like killing myself. I knelt, and he kept his dick in my mouth. He slowly released his urine into my mouth. It was the first time I was drinking piss. It was very disgusting and salty.

He finished, and somehow I went through it. Then he mouth fucked me for some time, and suddenly my uncle came inside. The door wasn’t locked properly. I was shocked so was Babu.

I quickly covered myself in a saree and kept my head down.

Uncle: What are you doing, Hashita? I didn’t expect this from you at all. How can you have sex that too with a servant?

Me: I’m really sorry, uncle. I didn’t mean to do it.

Uncle: Shut up!

But uncle had other plans.

Uncle: Now you need to be punished for your shameless act.

I fell on his legs. My saree fell off, and my back was naked. He lifted me and held the saree which was covering me and threw it away. I was shocked.

Uncle: Please me too, then I shall not tell this to anyone.

I had no other go but to agree. Then both servant Babu and uncle fucked me mercilessly for one hour. They both pissed in my mouth at the end. We all got dressed and left the bathroom one after the other.

After that, my perspective towards sex has changed. Uncle and Babu fucked me whenever time permitted after that.

I hope you enjoyed my sexual adventure with my servant. Thank you.

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