Tinder Match To Steaming Hot Sex

Hello guys, Tanish here. This is the first time that I am writing here. I have been a reader on XIS for quite some time now. I am finally attempting to share one of the few wonderful experiences I had with a Tinder match. I hope you enjoy it and do give me your feedback.

I work as a Software Engineer in a good MNC. When the lockdown happened, we were supposed to work from home. I was fresher and new in the city, I don’t have many friends here. Out of boredom, I downloaded Tinder and was just trying my luck.

I got to know a few people over Tinder. But nothing exciting happened for the first two weeks. Then I got a match from a Shruti. Initially, we had some casual conversation. Then there was no conversation for almost a week.

One night I got her message, and from there, our conversation went to being romantic. She was very frank. From her messages, I could feel that she was very horny. The conversation turned into a sex chat, and we shared our numbers on Tinder.

The next day it’s like our daily routine to have phone sex. Her voice is so sensual that I love hearing her moans over calls. This continues for a month, and then we plan to meet. She hasn’t shared a single pic since the day we started chatting. I was really curious to see her.

She made some excuses to her parents and said that she will be at my flat by Friday evening. I was eagerly waiting for the evening and had already made some arrangements. As she was a virgin, I wanted this to be her best experience.

She was there by 6:30 pm. I was happy to see her. She was around 5.6 with milky white skin, perfectly round boobs, and a really cute face. Her figure was 34-32-36. Trust me, I didn’t expect her to be this good. It was like I just hit the jackpot.

We greeted each other with a formal hug. We were just sitting and were just talking about random stuff. As it was our first meet, we both were a bit nervous. I had prepared dinner for both of us. We ate a little, and then I asked her if she wants to watch a movie to make her feel comfortable.

She readily agreed with it. I dimmed the lights, turned up the AC, and played some movie on Netflix. We both sat there on the bed. I hold her hand and pull her toward me. I hugged her and kissed her forehead. She just turned and hugged me tightly like it was the moment she was waiting for.

I placed my lips over her lower lip. I started to suck her lips while rubbing my hands over her back. The kiss kept on going for a few minutes. I was sucking her lips and then just licking her lips. We were exchanging saliva. Her tongue was in my mouth. We just kept on exploring each other’s mouths.

Now I was pressing her boobs over her t-shirt and was sucking her neck, biting her neck. From her moans, I was sure that she loved it. She was rubbing my dick, which was super hard by then, over my shorts. I removed her t-shirt. She was looking like an angel in her black bra.

I bit her boobs over her bra. It was the softest thing I have ever touched. I was licking her cleavage and was enjoying it to the fullest when she removed her bra. Now I was sucking her right boob like a mad man. I was licking it and biting it while pressing the left one.

Both her boobs turned red. I placed my face between her boobs and press the boobs. It was such a great feeling. I removed my clothes and moved towards her pants. I removed her jeans in one go, and there it is. What a view of her black panty with a bit wet spot.

I kissed the virgin pussy of the sexy Indian girl. I kissed and licked her thighs, sucked her wet pussy over her panty. I again come to kiss her, lick her lips while rubbing her pussy over her panty. Then I removed her panty. I placed my lips on her pussy, sucked all the juice, lick her pussy clean.

I slowly inserted my tongue into her pussy. She was moaning really hard in pleasure, but the best is yet to come. I knew she loved chocolates. So I had a surprise for her which I enjoyed a lot. I already brought some chocolates and melted them in the oven.

I applied some hot chocolate to her neck. I rubbed it on her boobs, her tummy, her thighs and then lick it with my tongue. I licked chocolate from her neck and kissed her. Then I lick her boobs and kissed them. She had her best chocolate. I placed some dairy milk in her pussy.

It was melting due to heat and flowing from her pussy mixed with her juice. I licked it dry, forced my tongue in pussy to lick every corner of it after 2 minutes. She exploded a lot of cum. I happily licked it all.

Now, It was her time to return the favor. She hesitated at first. Then she started with a kiss and then started to lick my dick. Although she was a first-timer, she was doing a pretty amazing job. After about 12-13 minutes I was about to cum. I cum on her boobs and gave them a nice massage.

I was hard again in no time. She placed a condom on my dick, and we were ready for real action. I rubbed my dick on her pussy was slowly pushing it in. She was crying in pain. I was kissing her to make her calm. Her pussy was really tight. And my dick was very thick for that pussy.

After some push, it was halfway in. She was in tears. I was continuously kissing her, and with one more push, it was completely in. We were in that position for some time. As she felt relaxed, I started fuck her slowly. She began to enjoy it and increased the pace.

I was holding her boobs and fucking this beauty really hard now. We tried many positions that night. Then a had hot bathtub sex. Our next two days were filled with just sex after that Friday night. We tried mild BDSM. I will discuss all that in the next story.

Hello guys, this is my first tinder incident, and it sure as hell was awesome. If you have any comments or feedback, do let me know. If you want to connect with me, then do ping me on [email protected] I will surely catch up with you ladies.

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