My Romantic First Experience

Hello, This is my first story. I am working in Bangalore. I have a very boring life and absolutely no female contact. I wish some known girls on their birthdays and get some reply but they don’t go anywhere. I am 28 and still a virgin. I read sex stories and watch videos, but nothing in real life.

I thought I had one more boring day to pass, but this turned out to be an interesting one. I never knew a married woman will be looking for anything from another person other than their husbands. I met this lady who is only 32 years and married with a kid. I never thought I will have any luck with her.

I needed some information about applying and had posted about that in a group. A lady called me and said she can help. I had never thought I will ever get a call from a girl/lady. I was so happy that she called and started fantasizing about her. Because it was she who had ever called me in 5-6 years.

She told me she will be free after her kid goes to school and told me to visit her with all my documents at 11.00 am. Again, I was so happy but I thought she will have no interest in me. I went to her home and called her standing in front of the gate. She didn’t pick the call.

I thought I did not have the luck of even seeing her. I cursed myself and decided to leave. When I was about to leave, I got a call and it was she calling me. I received the call and she told me she will come down. I was so thrilled at this. But again I reminded myself she is married and cannot have any interest in other men.

She was normal looking, thin lady. She had just taken a bath. I could feel her soap smell when she was walking in front of me. She was in a small apartment. There was one plastic chair and she asked me to sit there. She brought another chair and sat in front of me.

I was looking at everything she did and was liking her a lot. She was a good girl and always tried to smile. I felt very good about her and thought I should not even imagine having sex with her. She was a good lady with no intention of wanting other men.

She asked me for documents and I gave her. She told everything is correct. But she said she can’t file because her laptop was under repair and said sorry to me. I was so thrilled at this gesture. I asked her if I can do that on my phone. She said yes and told me to go to some website.

I was happy again because this was not the end and she started guiding me. She showed her phone to me to guide and all. At one point she had to show something and came near me and dragged her chair near me. I started breathing heavily when she came to me.

She showed her phone and while peeping into the phone I went even nearer her. I should tell you this. She is a good nice girl wanting to help some random person. She made me look at her phone and showed how to file and all. I liked her caring nature.

I don’t know what expression I was giving and all when she was guiding me showing her phone. She was wearing a white simple chudidar. She did not have big breasts. I tried to look at her chest and see her breast. She had very small breasts and no cleavage.

I wanted to touch her and when she was showing her phone. I took my fingers near her phone screen and asked about something just to show off that I was interested in that. She explained that and told, “Do you have any other questions?” I told, “I understood.”

She asked me to do those steps she had just shown on her phone. She was holding her phone and asked me to work on that phone. I again got a chance to take my hand near her and I started doing that. While doing that I touched her fingers. When the screen was loading and all I was tapping her fingers.

She didn’t do anything or take her fingers away. We were sitting in front of each other. She was holding her phone and we both were seeing her phone. Since the internet was very slow, it took time to load and all. I acted like I was frustrated and started tapping her chair handle.

I had surrounded her but was not touching her. She didn’t do anything but was looking at the phone screen. Suddenly, the webpage loaded and she said, “You can now work.” What I observed in her voice was that she was very mild now, as if she was my prey.

Now, again I went nearer her. When doing this, I planted my other palm on her knee and the other hand started tapping her phone. She didn’t do anything. After filing the form, she smiled and was shy because she understood that we were in sexual tension.

My hand was still on her knees and she was shying and looking away from me. I didn’t find any reason to sit so near her and got up. She immediately got up as if she was relieved. I observed that she was still shying. So I just asked her some stupid questions. She answered.

I observed that she wanted me to stay for some more time, so I asked her for water. She was so happy and went to the kitchen and brought a glass of water. While she was handing me the glass, I touched her fingers. She knew I did with purpose. She sat next to me now and asked if I needed more water.

I said, “No” and gave the empty glass to her. (I could have kept it on the floor, but I wanted to touch her fingers, so I gave her). Again when she brought her hand near me, I tried to touch her fingers. She understood it let me do that. Again, I touched some of her fingers.

We both knew we wanted each other but nobody made any move. She was holding the empty glass in which I drank water. Now, she understood the awkwardness. She bent towards me to keep the glass on the floor though she could have kept the glass on the other side without coming near me.

She stayed in that bending position longer. During that time, I saw her back part. It was so smooth and I felt like touching it. While coming to a normal erect position, her forehead hit my chair’s arm. We were sitting very near to each other. It didn’t hurt her, but I acted as if she was hurt badly.

She was shy and was smiling but was rubbing her forehead covering her smile full of shyness. I now made my first move and took her rubbing hand away gently and I started to rub her forehead. She liked this and encouraged but was again very shy and smiling.

Now, she was sitting on the chair and I was standing in front of her rubbing her forehead gently. My dick was in front of her mouth. I was afraid if anyone sees us in that position. I didn’t want to stop this wonderful thing though I was afraid. I wanted to hide or at least close the front door which was wide open till now.

I asked her if she wants water to which she said, “Yes.” I told her I will bring but she told me she is fine and can get water for herself. She stood up and we were standing in front of each other. We both could feel our hot breaths. It was awkward as I was looking at her eyes and she was trying to look away from me.

Now, I gave her the way to walk towards the kitchen. As she started to move, I went behind her and even held her hand as if I was helping her. She didn’t say no to this also. I went to the kitchen with her and I was holding her hand. Her kitchen was small.

We were in that small space that too I was holding her hand. She never tried to take that hand I was holding and took one glass and bent again to collect water from a vessel that was on the ground. She was really in an awkward position now.

I was holding her one hand pulling from the top and she had bent towards the ground to collect water. I realized that she had to open the lid of the vessel to collect water, so left the other hand free. Now, I said, “Slowly,” and held her hips with both of my hands.

She was bending and doing something with both hands. I was holding her hips acting like I was helping her. She remained in that bent position for a while. I thought she will scold me now. She understood that it was not normal to stay that long and came to standing position. I was holding her hips.

This was awkward for me. She is totally fine and I am holding and acting as something has happened to her. Luckily she didn’t do anything. I thought about what will happen or what should I do next. She started drinking the water and gave me some time for me to think.

After she drank the water, I tried to take the empty glass to comfort her. My one hand was on her left hip and another reached to collect the glass. She gave the glass and while giving again we touched our fingers but this time we touched more.

She understood that she had to encourage me now and asked if I needed water. I told, “Yes.” Immediately learning that I needed water, she bent again to collect water in that glass. I told, “Careful,” and planted my right hand on the right hip. This time with more grip. I increased my grip on the left hand also.

Now, I felt her hips, till now, I was only touching her. She was smooth and I could feel her bones. I enjoyed this. She now came to a standing position and turned towards me. She struggled a bit and brought the glass in front of my mouth. I understood that she wanted to feed me water since I was holding her hips.

She was very shy and I took my face towards the glass. She adjusted so that I could drink water without spilling. I drank little water and was looking at her eyes. She was again looking away. After feeding me water, she started walking towards the sink to put that glass.

I again went behind her holding her hips towards the sink. She started cleaning the glass, and now I was confident. I kissed her back and she didn’t say anything. This was my first kiss. I took that glass and put that in the sink and turned her towards me. I kissed her lips. This was my first kiss on lips.

It is the nicest thing in the world. Her hot breath, I loved it. I again kissed. My hands were rubbing her back. I even squeezed her ass. I knew she is ready for anything now. I kissed all over her face, ears, eyes, forehead, cheek, neck, I turned her and bit and licked her back.

It is the smoothest thing in the world. I rubbed her back and squeezed her small breasts. I again turned her towards me and bit her breast. I want to see her naked. I knew we were not comfortable here in the kitchen. I had observed where her bedroom was. I lifted her to take her to the bedroom.

She didn’t say a word till now. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom and made her sleep. But she sat and just uttered the word, “Door.” I went outside and bolted the door and returned to her bedroom. It was dark since it was a room which got no sunlight. Still, I closed the door of the room.

She was facing towards pillow showing me her back. For a second, I thought she is crying. She was lost in thought. I went near her and sat next to her. Turned her face towards me and asked if she is fine. She nodded, “Yes.” Her chudidar had zip behind.

So I unzipped it and rubbed her back. I tried to take her top and she resisted a bit. I tried a bit and she let me do that. She was uncomfortable sitting like that. I rubbed her back and made her comfortable. She was wearing her innerwear that covered most of her breasts. It was bigger than a bra.

I took that away. I bit her breasts and nipples. They were small but nice and smooth. I made her sleep and she turned away from me. I again turned her towards me and tried to remove her pants. She was sleeping and was very shy. I somehow took her pants and also her underwear.

She was nude in front of me and was hiding her private parts. I wanted to make her feel comfortable, so put the blanket on her and covered her. She went inside the blanket. I took off all my clothes and went inside her blanket. She was now fine. We both kissed each other. I bit her nipples like anything.

She moaned and I loved it. Harder I bit, louder she moaned. I enjoyed doing this. I now wanted to insert my dick. We didn’t care for condoms and all. I just put my dick inside her and started going inside her. She was so relaxed and was happy. I was licking all her body parts.

I licked her pussy. It was hairy, I enjoyed it. I licked the juices, they were salty. I wanted her to lick my dick but she was a shy girl. I pulled her down, took my dick towards her mouth. She was initially reluctant but sucked it. It was a great feeling for me. I licked her and bit her and kissed her like anything.

We were done. She got up and started wearing her dress. I was seeing what she will say now. After wearing her dress she started combing her hair. I got up and again pulled her and started licking her. Then, I pulled her on the bed and loosened her pants and inserted dick. She was okay and we kissed again.

After I was done, she got up and wore her dress properly. She went out of the room. I got up and dressed and went out. She was doing something in the kitchen. I went to the kitchen and saw her making some juice. When I went to the kitchen, she gave it to me to drink.

I drank and she again poured some juice which I drank and asked her to drink. She asked me the glass and drank a little in the same glass in which I had drunk. I understood that she is a nice girl. After she drank, I hugged her. She kissed me once and went out of the kitchen. I followed her. She went inside the bedroom.

I followed and saw her folding the blanket. After she was done with the folding, I told her, “You look nice in a sari.” I noticed her naughty smile. Her naughty smile said, “You saw me naked and now you want to see in a sari.” I didn’t know what to tell.

She was now looking straight in my eyes and was naughty. I had one more round of sex with her. This is the lady I love the most now. Feel free to text me [email protected]

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