Newly married wife used by waiters and workers

Hey, this is Hashita back with another encounter. This happened when I was newly married. After all my marriage rituals were over, I wore a pretty loose saree but looked very sexy in it. My husband and I gave the sendoff to all the guests and friends.

My husband went to drop off his friends. My uncle and aunt went to drop off the relatives. It will take them more than an hour. Meanwhile, I wanted to have some fun on my marriage day. Something different. Something nasty.

While I was thinking, I saw the waiters cleaning the leftovers. There were four of them. I thought of giving them a treat. I had a plan. I called one of the waiters. He was tone black, and he had a bulge already, maybe by seeing my hot saree.

Waiter: Madam, what can I offer you?

Me: I have to use the washroom urgently. I can’t climb the stairs as it’s very urgent. Is there any washroom downstairs?

Waiter: Yes, madam. There is the guest washroom. But that’s only for men.

Me: No problem, it’s urgent.

He pointed out to the washroom.

Me: Could you please guard the door so that no one enters?

Waiter: Sure, madam, you please proceed.

I ran towards the restroom. It was not urgent, though I pretended it to be. I went, and I didn’t close the door from inside. I went and knelt on the bathroom floor. I pulled my saree up.

These toilets are basically in which the commode is open and has no lids. It is attached to the wall to easily put their dicks in and piss and flush. It will flow down into continuous open drainage just below the commode.

I knelt on the floor with my back facing the commode and my front facing the door, which the waiter was guarding. I lifted my saree to the extent that my pussy was being exposed and let out urine. My urine was hitting the washroom floor and was flowing into the common open drainage.

As I was halfway through my piss, I wanted to make the next move. I stopped my piss.

Me: Waiter, could you please call my friends? I need some help here.

I knew that everyone had left and no one would be around.

Waiter: But ma’am, everyone has left. There is no one here.

Me: If you don’t mind, could you please help me. I’m in a very helpless situation.

Waiter: But ma’am, how can I enter in while you are using the washroom? I may lose my job.

Me: I guarantee you, and it’s okay. Please come in.

Waiter: Are you sure, ma’am?

Me: Yes, make it quick.

He entered in, and I put my saree down. I was still kneeling in that position. He kept his head down and walked up to the bride who was urinating. He came to me.

Waiter: Ma’am, how can I help you?

Me: The saree is a little heavy and is a costly one. I can’t remove it because it involves a great time, and I’m not able to lift it while urinating.

Waiter: So what do you want me to do, ma’am?

Me: I know it’s weird. But can you kneel and lift my saree and petticoat to my chest so that I can piss?

Waiter: But ma’am, how can I do that? I may see your private parts, and you are married.

I knew he was pretending to be an innocent.

Me: My bladder might blast any moment with that. I may die. Life is important than pride and shame. Do it quick. Kneel and don’t let a single piece of the saree touch the floor. And one more thing. Please keep your eyes open and keep looking at the saree at my back too. If it touches the floor, you will be fired.

Waiter: Sure, ma’am.

With that, he knelt and held my saree. He was slowly lifting my saree. I had no inners. Except for the petticoat. My pussy was naked. He lifted it and was shocked to see the nicely shaved pink pussy of a newly married wife. He had a huge bulge.

I started to piss. Oh, what a feeling it was to piss in front of the waiter in a bathroom while he was helping me to piss. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the act. After two minutes, I finished, and the waiter was still looking at my pussy.

Me: Here, take this, and clean my pussy. I can’t put my hand that far.

I gave him tissue paper. He was very happy. With that, he went under my saree. I let the saree over him and covered him in my saree. Here I am, a newly married wife, covering a waiter in my saree and making him clean my piss dripping pussy.

He was cleaning. I purposely let one drop of urine out every time to make more time. He kept cleaning for 5 minutes. Then I made the final move.

Me: Tissue is not working. Use your mouth and clean it.

The waiter was halted for a moment.

Me: I will give you an additional bonus, do it.

He immediately went close to my pussy and kissed it.

I let a soft moan. I was enjoying it. I rested my back on the commode and gave him more space. I lifted my waist a little high. Oh my, what a moment it was. He was licking like a dog. He tongue-fucked my pussy.

He knew my intentions. Then I opened up.

Me: Hey waiter, I want to have some fun with you people. Call the rest of your friends.

He came out and let a wicked smile. I pulled him closer and locked my lips with his. We smooched for a while. I was getting very wet underneath. He went and told his friends everything, and they hurried inside and closed the door.

They were shocked to see the wife of a rich businessman sitting in front of a toilet and letting them use her. All four were dark and had huge bulges. The first waiter was Sanju, who licked my pussy just a while ago.

So I will be narrating the waiters as waiters 2,3 and 4 along with Sanju. Sanju came and lifted my saree and lifted to the extent that it covered my face too. My pussy was being exposed to all those waiters out there. I couldn’t see their reaction. But somehow, I enjoyed it.

With that, everyone removed their uniforms and was naked. They all had hairy cocks. Then Sanju knelt and continued to lick my pussy. Waiter 2 came and pressed my boobs and removed my pallu. He threw it away on the floor.

He then removed my blouse and threw it in the commode. My large boobs were exposed.

Me: Use me in any way you want. Let it be as nasty as possible but give me pleasure.

With that, waiter 2 did the unexpected. He untied my mangalsutra.  He hung it to his dick and told me to suck it. I got a little angry. But I surrendered to them, so I had to do it. I took his dick and kissed it while Sanju underneath was drinking my juices.

Waiter 3 went back, lifted my saree, and exposed my ass. He played down on the floor with his chest facing the ceiling. He kept his face under my asshole, and the saree fell over him. So two guys were under my saree licking my pussy while the other was licking my asshole. I was shivering with pleasure.

The waiter 2 thrust his dick on which my mangalsutra was hanging into my mouth and was thrusting me hard. Every time the mangalsutra hit my chest, it reminded me of my marriage. Shockingly the waiter 4 was recording all this activity.

Waiter 4: Bitch, what if we were caught and you put the blame on us. So I have recorded your words where you surrendered by yourself.

He closed his mobile and came and started to suck my boobs. What an experience it was. One guy licking my pussy, the other licking my asshole. The other fucking my mouth, and the other was sucking my boobs.

Waiter 3 was about to unleash his load. He held my hands together like I was begging for his sperms. He kept the mangalsutra locket in my hands. He then released his load on my mangalsutra in my hands. The mangalsutra was completely submerged in his sperms. I looked angrily at him.

Waiter 3: Lick it clean, and if you don’t clean your mangalsutra. Let my cum be there for a lifetime and remind you of this incident. More to come, don’t worry.


But I was enjoying the act. I just let them use me in any way they want.
Suddenly I unloaded underneath on Sanju. My first orgasm. He licked it clean and was still licking. The waiter 2 was still licking my asshole. I sat on his face completely as my knees were hurting. He tongue-fucked my asshole.

Waiter 3 and waiter 4 exchanged positions. The waiter 4 too hung the mangalsutra on his dick and thrust it in my mouth. Waiter 3 was biting my nipples. I left heavy moans. All four of them exchanged positions and used all my holes. I drank all their sperms.

Then time for some action. They pulled the saree completely out and threw it underneath the commode where the drain water passes out. It was drenched, but I didn’t care. I was naked.

Waiter 3: Tie the mangalsutra on my dick.

I took it and tied three knots around his ugly dick. I then kissed his dick head. I was naked in front of those waiters waiting for some fun. They pulled me onto the wet bath floor. They made me sit in a doggy position. Sanju immediately entered my pussy which was dripping wet.

Waiter 2, who very well lubricated my asshole, inserted his dick pretty comfortably inside. They were fucking me in both my holes. Waiter 3 was fucking my mouth hard while waiter 4 came behind and joined waiter 2. I was confused for a while. I pulled out the dick of the waiter 3 from my mouth.

Me: What are you doing there? That hole is occupied.

Waiter 4: Nevermind, it has a gap.

Me: Please, no, it will hurt badly.

Suddenly waiter 3 pulled my mouth and continued the mouth fucking. Waiter 4 slowly inserted the dick into my asshole in which waiter 2 was already fucking my asshole. It was very painful. I somehow went through it, and he was inside.

It took them time to adjust the flow of fucking but didn’t take long. They fucked me mercilessly. I enjoyed it as things went smoothly. They fucked me for about 10 minutes and unloaded in their respective holes. I was like a cum dump in the center of a washroom.

The waiter 4 recorded this as cum was dripping out of all my holes. I was exhausted and fell on the wet and dirty floor. They all laughed at me, and for the final bonus, they lifted me and dragged me to the commode where my blouse was thrown.

They took all my clothes, my petticoat, my saree and pushed it inside the commode along with my blouse. They inserted my head into it. I knew it was a piss shower.

Sanju: Open your mouth bitch, but don’t drink it.

Waiter 4 was recording it with one hand while holding his dick with another hand. All dicks pointed towards me.

Waiter 2: Beg for our golden shower.

Me: Please drench me in your golden shower. Please, I beg you. I’m thirsty.

Then waiter 3 untied the mangalsutra from his dick and threw it on my face. Everyone started to piss all over the commode and my face. My whole body was drenched, along with my mangalsutra and my dress behind my head.

I let the urine pass out of my mouth. Waiter 4 was recording all this activity. They finished, and they dragged me on the floor again and took my clothes.

Waiter 3: Now, we all will tie the mangalsutra around you.

I was happy to hear that. I sat on the dirty floor. Everyone bent over and held waiter 3’s hand, and waiter 3 tied three knots around my neck. Here I am, the newly married wife to a rich businessman in the city and married on the same day to four ugly waiters.

I took their blessings. We had another gangbang session. Sanju took all my dresses and went out of the washroom.

Me: Hey, what are you doing? How will I go out naked to my room upstairs?

Sanju: Well, that’s what we want. There is hardly anyone. Some workers, maybe. If you pay them, they will keep their mouth shut.

Me: No, I can’t take the risk, please. My married life will be gone.

Sanju: Sorry bitch, you have to.

Saying that, he took all my clothes and walked outside. I was nervous. Then the rest three pulled me outside and were holding my hands. Waiter 2 was holding my bums. I was getting tensed.

The door opened.10 workers were cleaning the floor and tables and were shocked to see me naked around the dressed waiters and Sanju carrying my clothes. One of the workers hurried up to Sanju.

Worker: What is all this? Why is madam naked? And why are you all with her?

All workers surrounded us. I was feeling ashamed and scared as they might expose me.

Sanju: We helped her use the washroom as she had difficulty using it. We gave her a nice bath too, and yes, we had some fun.

He winked his eye.

Worker: What? But didn’t she object to you people?

Sanju had some other plans in mind. He pulled the worker aside and showed him his phone. Where all my slutty act was exposed. I felt like killing him.

The worker came to me: What a bitch you are, aren’t you ashamed to do such things?

With that, he was going to call my husband. I pleaded with him.

Me: Please, don’t do it. My married life will be ruined. Please, I beg you. I shall pay you whatsoever amount you all want, but please keep this matter private.

The worker and Sanju had a silent conversation.

Worker: Okay, we will all keep it secret, but we want money and you in return.

I didn’t understand.

Sanju: They want to use you, and you have to pay them money for using you.

He gave a wicked smile. I happily agreed as I love gangbangs. I love to be humiliated.

My husband just called me and said, “Hey Hashita, we may return tomorrow morning. There is an issue here. You have dinner and sleep off.” With that, he hung up.

I was happy so were the 10 workers and the waiters. The waiters pulled me back to the washroom, and all the workers followed by. They let the washroom door open. I knew it was going to be a heavy gangbang. I just want to enjoy it. Waiter 4 came and said

Waiter 4: Now you’re going to have triple penetration into your ass.

I was thrilled and scared at the same time. They all came to me in turns and fucked me in all holes. They kept fucking me all night. They pissed in all my holes.

Waiter 4 kept his words, Sanju, waiter 4, and the main worker triple penetrated my ass. It was damn painful. But it took me an hour to adjust. They tore my asshole. They fucked me however they wanted and used me to their wish.

I licked their asshole too. I was lying on the floor, and all of them were leaving one by one. All of them got dressed and left. Sanju came to me and threw my dress on me. I was lying on the dirty wet bath floor. And he left.

I was very tired, all my holes swollen. I got up and dragged the dress through the washroom and went upstairs naked. I threw my dress in the washing machine and headed towards the bathroom.

I closed the door and called my uncle. I narrated to him all of it. He was happy that I was humiliated, and I got pleasure. He sent me some pills which I had taken after the bath. I just wore a nighty with nothing inside and slept on the bed.

Then suddenly, a servant came upstairs along with the driver. They both were smiling. I knew what they were up to. I removed my nighty and got naked and invited them.

They closed the door and had fun with me till the morning. I slept with them. They clicked photos and left.

So this was the story of me being gangbanged by 10 workers, 4 waiters, a servant, and a driver on my marriage day.

I insisted all my friends hire this company of workers and waiters. So whenever there was a function, I used to go there and get fucked by different workers.

I hope you like my story. Thank you.

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