Sex With The Black Guy – Part 1

Hi guys and girls. My name is Feena. My measurements are 34-28-36. I am a 32-year-old married woman living in Dubai. I love sex and enjoy it a lot. I work in an MNC company in Dubai as HR.

My husband is working in another MNC company as a business promotions manager. He travels a lot out of the country due to business. My friends who know me personally know how much I am addicted to sex.

This is not a fiction. My stories are my real experience. This incident happened a few years back. I was single then and had recently joined the MNC firm. I was enjoying life and sex with my colleague and her boyfriend. I used to take a taxi to my office or used to be dropped by my colleague Julia.

I used to go to parties with Julia and her boyfriend Sasha. I also used to sleep with them on weekends. One Thursday night I was in the club with Julia, dancing, and boozing. And a black guy huge build came to me and started to dance with me.

He was good looking even though black with a huge build body. We danced a bit and then I moved to the counter to get drinks. The guy followed me and started chatting with me on the bar table. His name was Mohammed. He was a businessman in Dubai and basically from Cape Town, South Africa.

He also told that I look really beautiful and sexy. I just blushed to that. Then when I was about to take the drinks and pay he insisted that he will pay for it. I rejected his offer and paid my bill and moved to the dance hall. He again followed me and started dancing and also chatting with me.

As the music was high we had to talk in each other’s years. By doing so my body was touching his and he was touching mine. I was wearing a violet top and black skin fit with high boots. I knew my ass was looking really nice in my tight pants. And enjoyed the tease that I gave to guys.

The chat went on and now his hands where on my hips and we were dancing together. Mohammed was like over 6 feet. Even with my heels on I was about his chin level. I then turn and danced rubbing my ass a little on his crouch to tease him more. He enjoyed the dance and kept crouch to my ass.

Then again I turn around and continued the chat. He asked me where am I staying. I told him about the location and also told him that I came with my friends. I introduced him to Julia and Sasha. They greeted them. Julia came to my years and said, “Nice catch.”

I told her, “Nothing like that. Just dancing.” She smiled, winked at me and continued her dance with Sasha. I stopped dancing and went to the table to sit and relax a little. Mohammed accompanied me. We continued our conversation there. Mohammed asked me, “Why are Indian women so beautiful?”

I didn’t have an answer to that. But told him, “Maybe because we have brown skin.” He then asked me what is my opinion about black men. I said I don’t have any particular opinion as I have never been with a black man as a friend. He said, “Black men are good friends and good lovers too.” I said ok.

He then asked me for a dance again and I went dancing with him. This time he was more close to me rubbing my body towards his. He was holding my hip and dancing. He then gripped my hip strong and moved his hand towards my ass a little. I liked his touch and moved close to him.

He then kept his head on my shoulder and moved his body in a romantic dance position. We danced a little like that. He then kissed my neck. I was getting turned on now. So I kept my hands on his chest and rubbed it over there. Then I heard his voice in my ear, “Shall we go somewhere else and party?”

I asked him what he has in mind. He said he is staying in a nearby hotel and there he has good drinks and music. Also, we can have some food. I told him I am with my friends and have to go with them. He said they can come too. I went to Julia and asked her to come with me.

She told me to carry on. She will call after the party and pick me. I said ok and told Mohammed. Mohammed then took me to the parking and we entered his car. He was a gentleman. We then reached his hotel. He again took me to the hotel room and gave me some drinks and also put music on.

He asked me what would I wish to eat so that he can order it in the hotel. We ordered some food and continued drinking. I was already high and on the top having some more drinks. I stopped drinking and started to dance with him. This time he was bolder.

He held me by the hips at the beginning itself and started to dance. Then he turned me around and made me shake my booty. I kept shaking it teasing him more. I could feel his dick getting hard. By now our food came. He opened the door and received the food. I sat on the sofa and he came to me with the food.

My eyes stuck on his crotch. To hide his bulge he moved his dick towards the side and I could see a huge dick shadow there. Then I looked at his face. He kept the food on the table, sat next to me and gave a kiss on my lips. I kissed him back.

He then lifted me and made me sit on his lap facing him. He started kissing my neck. I was getting so wet. I then removed his shirt and kissed his chest. Also, bit on his nipple. He had such a broad chest. I knew his dick was huge as it was poking me on my ass now. Now he removed my top and my bra.

He kissed on my nipples and started to suck my boobs. Oh, I can’t explain the pleasure I had. Wow, he was so hot. I then got up from his lap and started to unzip his pants. Oh, his 8” huge dick. It was wow. I think by seeing his dick my pussy juice started flowing fast. I just hungrily started sucking his big dick.

I kept sucking it for some time and then got up removed my pants and sat on the sofa in my panties. I guided his head towards my panties. I moved the panty line a little to give him my pussy to suck. He put his tongue inside and played within for some time. I was crying with pleasure.

Then he put a condom on his dick. Made me stand like a doggy and slowly inserted his dick. My pussy was tight for his dick but I managed to take the complete thing in me. He then slowly increased his pressure. After a few minutes, he took me in his arms and started fucking me.

He then moved with me to his bedroom. Throw me on the bed. Jump on me and fucked me in missionary position. Oh, that was one hell of a fuck. I came twice already. After a few minutes of fuck, he came in the condom itself inside my pussy. Then he removed the dick from my pussy.

I lay on his chest and relaxed. Now I got a call from Julia asking me where I was and she will come and pick me. I asked Mohammed about the location. He told me to stay there today and he can drop me tomorrow morning back to my apartment. I agreed and slept on his chest naked.

In the morning we had another sex and he then dropped me back to my apartment. I hope everyone liked my story. Please leave your comments on [email protected] I will appreciate all your comments.

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