Tree House Treat With Shalu

Hi folks, it’s me Rahul again. I hope you all doing well and enjoying life. This time I have come up with a recent encounter during a holiday trip. Don’t wait, let’s get on to the story.

So, I fucked Shalu alone in a fabulous situation. This all happened 3 weeks back and enjoyment was limitless. It was during the Pongal festival and our office was closed for a day. But in my native, it was a week’s leave. I missed as I couldn’t get leave from the office.

So I thought of going that weekend and arranged things. On 16th January, our office was closed. I was lying in my room and watching some movie on TV. That day was my day as I could rest as much as possible. In the evening, I went out to have some refreshments.

While returning from the shop, I bought some booze to enjoy at night. At 7.30 I got a message from Shalu and the conversation is like below.

Shalu: Hi Rahul.
Me: Hi Shalu, what a surprise?
Shalu: It’s a big surprise. I missed you a lot.
Me: Still you want my big dick?

Shalu: Yes I cannot forget the feeling you gave that day
Me: But you shared it, so only 50% is yours.
Shalu: I was unlucky that day. But…
Me: What but?

Shalu: What’s your plan this weekend?
Me: I planned to go to my native.
Shalu: Is it possible to cancel the plan
Me: First you say what’s in your mind?

Shalu: I planned for a small trip to Chikmagalur on Saturday and wish to take you with me.
Me: What about your close friend Varsha?
Shalu: She doesn’t know my plan. I informed her that am going to my native.

Me: If she finds out we will be in trouble.
Shalu: She will never suspect as Mehta is at home and you also informed that you are going home.
Me: I am ready for the trip. By what time?

Shalu: Get ready by Saturday 6 am, I will pick you up.

I got ready that Saturday and waited for her in the spot she mentioned. She came after 10 minutes in a white Swift car. She was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans pants. The shirt was little loose and pant was tight. She got down and asked me to drive. So I dropped my bags and noted her back in that tight jean.

I decided to plow her back on we reach the destination. We drove for around 5 hours and arrived around 11 am. It was a hill resort and she booked a treehouse for our stay. The place was excellent and the climate was very cold dropping down to 5 degrees at night.

We got refreshed and slept for a few hours. We woke up and had our lunch at the restaurant in the resort. They had a swimming pool inside and we spent some time inside the pool. To our surprise, only 2 families booked for the rooms
that day.

The other family is with kids and they were not seen until we got out of the pool. We changed to inners and dived into the pool. She was wearing a t-shirt and swimming pants. Since there was no one near the pool, I grabbed her and touched her all over inside the water.

I rubbed her pussy inside the water. She was holding my dick and shaking it. I clutched her pussy and rubbed deep. Her eyes went up in pleasure and enjoyed the water treatment. After some heavy play inside the swimming pool, we went to our room.

Since it was a treehouse, there was a ladder to climb to reach it. She was climbing before me. I could see her butt shaking like a water balloon. I was admiring it and climbing behind her. It was the evening and we planned to visit the nearby town and check it out.

So we drove for about 10 km and reached a nearby town. We purchased a few items. I got booze for me and her. She purchased some artifacts and dress items. We reached back the resort by 9 and already we had our dinner at the

The resort arranged for a campfire. Only we and another family were sitting and enjoying the cold. The calm breeze flowed through our senses and cooled down every vital point in our body. I was in my shorts and a t-shirt. Shalu wore a long gown and she looked like an angel in open hair.

We had a beer and enjoyed the chill climate. It was around 11 pm and the people around us slowly moved on to their respective rooms. The restaurant was about to close. We grabbed some snacks and went to the treehouse. As it was completely built of wood it looked classic.

The specialty was the treehouse never made any creaking sound. The bed was filled will soft cotton buds. A sheet covering it was like water waves. When we drop on it, we feel like sinking into the bed. It was soft and smooth and cozy enough to drown into it.

Shalu turned off the lights and a small bed lamp was spreading its light as long as possible. Since the windows were open, there was no need for an AC or fan. The chillness of the night was encircling all over the room. I turned on the TV and stagnated with the news channels.

Shalu went inside the other room and changed into a golden saree with a sleeveless blouse. She stood there near the door and she was an angel. The skin tone matched her saree and was slowing along with it. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She knew I will fall for her in that dress.

She slowly walked towards the bed and her assets were moving in sync with her walk. I couldn’t control myself. I grabbed her hands and pulled her near me. She released her hand from mine. She went near the window and the breeze fell on her.

Her hair was blown and it flew like strands of silk and displayed its glory. I knew what the signal for a strip show is in her mind and it. I was excited as I have never been in this scenario. She turned towards the window and spread her hands and started to dance.

Meanwhile, I changed the channel to some Hindi songs and it matched the scene too. She made her waist move and shake in sync to the song. It was sexy enough to turn on any man. The moonlight was shining on her and her movements were igniting the heat.

She slowly turned facing me and continued dancing. She dropped off her pallu and was dancing with expressions of lust on her face. I can see her melons dangle in all directions. I was sure she didn’t wear any bra. Those movements started their reaction inside me.

My dick started growing inside the shorts. She slowly loosened her saree and took it off completely. She was in her blouse and panty. She was a sex bomb. I realized I am lucky that she was impressed with me than any other man. She danced to the song playing on the TV.

I was mesmerized by her beauty. Her blouse was of tying type. She loosened the knot at the back and anytime the blouse might fall off. Since she was dancing, her melons broke out of the blouse and glazed their full view to me. I was holding my dick over the shorts and shaking it.

She said not to touch her and she will do everything. She moved close to me and grabbed my cheeks and pulled my face into her melons. It was like soft cotton candy and my face got buried into it. She took her right side melon and fed me with the nipple.

I started sucking and biting it like a child eating grapes. She gave her other melon also and made me eat it. I was furious and sucked both her melons hard and she was moaning in pleasure. She took my dick and started shaking it over the shorts, while I was busy with her melons.

For about 15 minutes this continued. She was a pro in satisfying men. She removed her panties and helped me also to get naked. Still, I was not allowed to touch her. She pushed me on the bed and came over me and placed her vagina on my face.

I was ready to explore her love hole. At the same time, my senses were pleasing as her mouth started doing the magic on my dick. She started sucking my dick peeling off the foreskin. Without touching her, I started licking her pussy and went deep into the hole and sucked her deep.

We were in 69 position and a few times she sat on my face. I licked her ass too. She took my dick fully into her mouth and was completely drenched in her saliva. She took care of my balls too and my dick was oozing of her saliva. I was also sucking and licking her hole hard.

She was getting wet more and more and I can feel it. For about 20 minutes we both were busy with our mouth. We both felt we are reaching our limits. In a few seconds, she reached her first orgasm. Her pussy was flowing with her juice. I cupped her pussy with my mouth and drank all of her juice.

It tasted like freshly brewed beer. I was also exploding. She was taking all my cum in her mouth and drinking it completely. She licked my dick and cleaned off not letting a drop to waste. She turned towards me and smiled like a child. After this release, my dick was still hard and we knew it time for the real action.

She turned facing me and held my dick and sat over it. My dick instantly rushed into her hole and vanished. She was riding my cock in cowgirl position and she was moving faster than ever. My dick was reaching her deep regions and was wet with her juice.

Her melons were flying up and down and it was a sight to be enjoyed by every man. I grabbed her nipples and screwed them to increase the mood in her. She moaned loud in pleasure and also in pain. She increased her speed and pumped my dick deep and hard.

She was mad in sex and riding me like a wild horse. After 20 minutes of hard fuck, she fell on me tired and was breathing heavily. Still, my dick was inside her and hard enough for another big round. We both were sweating like
hell and were enjoying the mood around us.

Now I laid her on the bed with her back facing me. She knew what am about to do. I parted her legs and entered her hole from behind. She moaned loud as my dick pierced into her. I slowly started ramming her. I can feel her vaginal walls tightening around my dick.

I increased the pace and the heat was building inside her walls. I held her waist for support and pumped her deep. With each thrust, my cock went deep and hit her edge. She was shouting in pleasure she has not experienced before. After 10 minutes of ramming, I fell on her and moved my hips slowly.

Since her pussy was wet, my dick slowly went inside with slurp sounds. She had her second orgasm meanwhile. I exploded into her pussy. I pulled my dick out and cum was flowing out from her vagina and dripping on the bed. I slowly whispered into her ears for one thing. She nodded readily without waiting.

I jumped from the bed and moved to the bathroom. I picked up the moisturizer and came back. She smirked at me and I understood her reaction. It was time to explore her butt hole. I made her in the doggy position. I took a patch of moisturizer and applied it to her butt hole.

I lubricated it by inserting 2 of my fingers into it. She shouted in pain and she held my hand not to push further. I slowly whispered I am gonna tear it up more. She looked at me shocked and was ready for the drill. I applied moisturizer over my dick and massaged it well.

It was rock hard and slippery. I positioned my dick on her ass hole and slightly pushed inside. It was very tight and my dick head couldn’t penetrate. I again pushed by force and my head went inside. She shouted in pain and I covered her mouth and made her relaxed by being idle.

She was in pain and slowly returning to normal. Now her butt hole got adjusted to my dick. I started ramming her and she was enjoying it. We were in a doggy position. My dick was slipping inside her hole like a sweet lollipop. The lubricant worked well.

We both enjoyed sex very much. I grabbed her waist for support and was engaging her like a wild bull. I pumped her ass hole for 20 minutes and was completely tired. We both fell on the bed and were breathing heavily. Still, it was hard as I didn’t reach my climax yet.

She now came on top and inserted my dick into her butt hole and started riding the cock. She pumped my dick for 10 minutes. I was reaching the limit. I signaled her and she took my cock from her hole and started sucking it. Within minutes I exploded in her mouth and she drank it fully.

We both were tired and slept off naked. The next day we woke up at 11 and had our food. Sunday fully we went sightseeing and planned our return by night. As per plan we started by night and reached back home early morning.  It was a memorable trip and a sensational sex session.

The next trip has to be planned with Varsha without Shalu knowing. I hope you guys enjoyed the story and wait for still more to come. Ladies do inbox me for a fabulous sex experience. [email protected]

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