Seducing Bestfriend’s Brother – Part 2

Seducing Bestfriend’s Brother – Part 1

Hi guys, the next day I bunked school saying I was not well. My friend Neha also wanted to bunk but since exams were near, her parents did not allow her. Her brother Ritvik had an off day so his parents told him to take care of me. He acted as if not interested but I knew he was happy inside.

Neha left for school and her parents went to work. My friend’s brother Ritvik came to the room where I was sleeping and jumped on me! He kissed me hungrily. He sucked my lips and then moved to my neck. He removed the blanket and my naked boobs surprised him. I was only in my shorts.

He asked me if he can use dirty language with me. I agreed and he was more horny after hearing this. He said, “Aaj tuje chod chod k bacchi se aurat banane ka time aa gaya h”.

I was embarrassed and blushed. My friend’s hunk brother lifted me up efortlessly as I was very tiny for him. Ritvik took me to his room and laid me on his bed. Before I knew it, my shorts and panties were off in one go.

I tried to cover myself with a blanket but he pulled it away saying, “Sharma maat aaj ek baar chudegi to baar baar nangi hoke chudne aayegi mere pass”. “Aur mai maze se tuje chodunga. Tu meri h aaj se.”

Ritvik was fully nude and his huge 8″ cock was fully erect and ready to tear my pussy apart. All I managed to say was, “Ritvik, muje dar lag raha h”.

He came close and pressed my boobs and said, “Daar maat tuje kuch ni hoga mai tuje ache se chodunga”. “Bohot dino se tadpa rahi thi muje aaj mere niche aayi h to aish karata hu tuje”.

He started fingering me and I was moaning. He got more excited and started squeezing my boobs. After 5 minutes of fingerfucking, he came between my legs. I had to spread my legs wide to accommodate him between my legs.

Now my friend’s brother started rubbing his cock on my pussy. I was very nervous and scared. He said, “Kuch ni hoga” and pushed his big cock in but slipped it out. He again positioned his cock at my hole and pushed with more force this time and I screamed.

My friend’s brother’s mushroom head was inside me now. Ritvik kissed me and calmed me down. “Acchi bacchi ki tarah apni cheekh ko control kar”.

I covered my mouth with my hands and as soon as I did that, he pushed his cock again and he was half inside me. I screamed again while he waited for a minute and pulled a little and slowly inserted it again. Slowly, my friend’s brother started in and out motion. I nearly passed out.

After a few strokes, he gave a mighty push and was fully inside me. I was in terrible pain and hence, I screamed. I think my scream was heard next door but since most people worked on this floor, Ritvik was cool.

He waited for about a minute as I was in pain. Then he started moving his cock in and out of my pussy. My friend’s brother’s thick cock had torn my pussy and hymen.

“Aab tu bacchi se aurat bangayi h baby. Enjoy kar is waqt ko.”

He started moving a bit faster and after 5 minutes, my pussy was a little loose and the pain decreased. Ritvik was at full speed, moving faster as if running to win the race.

My screams were turned into moans of pleasure. Suddenly, I felt my body tremble and sensing this, Ritvik slowed down and allowed me to experience my first orgasm. It took me a minute to recover from the orgasm.

He again increased the speed and held my legs wide in the air. His thighs were slapping against my ass. His cock was burning inside my cunt like a hot iron rod.

My friend’s brother continued to fuck me like this for 2 more minutes and then groaned loudly and removed his dick and sprayed his cum on my belly. I was exhausted. My pussy ached.

He moved beside me and then got up and went to the bathroom. In about 30 seconds, he came with a towel soaked in hot water and cleaned my pussy. I could see bloodstains.

He had kept juice on the bedside table which he gave me to regain my strength. “Chalo, ab bathroom me nahane”.

I got up and went to the bathroom. Ritvik followed me as I could barely walk. He started the shower and soaped me clean and then himself.

We came out and Ritvik said, “Teri chut maarke maza aa gaya mast tight h tu”. With that, he kissed me and started sucking my boobs. In no time, he was at full size.

“Chal jhook ja”, he said. “Nahi me thaak gayi hu”, I replied.

“Kuch ni hoga maza aayega”, he said and pushed me so that my hands were on the bed. He came behind me and pushed his cock in my pussy. I was still very tight for him but he still forced his cock in me and soon, he was fully inside.

Ritvik fucked me hard and the whole room was filled with the phat phat sounds. He was like a machine inside me – so fast and hard. He kept on fucking me for 10 minutes and I could not take it anymore. He sensed that and laid me on my tummy again. He was humping me from behind.

He continued fucking my cunt for 10 more minutes and then removed his cock. Then he came on my back and wiped it. Then I slept for about an hour.

When I woke up, I was in Neha’s room. I came out and saw my friend’s brother was watching TV. Although it was painful, I enjoyed getting fucked by my dream man.

Ritvik turned and smiled at me. I blushed and walked towards him. “Kaisa lagra h?”, he asked. I said, “Maza aaya.”

With that, I sat on his lap. He smiled and put his hand in my top and found my boobs. We sat for a while and then I started rubbing my ass on his cock.

He was hard instantly and fucked me on the couch. Then, with his cock buried inside me, he lifted me up and took me to his room. There he fucked me vigorously. By the time Neha was back, we had fucked at least 5 times. I could barely walk. So I bunked school the next day. He also called in sick and fucked me like an animal.

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