Sherya, Suraj And Pooja – Part 1

Hello readers, I am a new writer on XIS. The story is almost real. Without wasting your time, let’s begin. I am Suraj, 20 years old, 5’11 height, average built with a 16 cm long dick which is good enough to satisfy any girl.

Coming to the heroines of the story. Her name is Sherya, she is 20 years old and is my neighbor. Sherya is a very sexy girl with a height of 5’7, fair complexion and a jaw-dropping curvy figure of 34-28-35. The second heroine of the story is Pooja.

Pooja is my cousin with height 5’8 and dusky complexion with the best curves at the right places and a figure of 32-28-34.

It all started when I was at my home after completing my first semester. Since me and Sherya were neighbors for almost 10 years, we were good friends too. She was a very frequent visitor at my house.

A few days went normal but suddenly, due to some property-related issue, my parents had to urgently go to our native village. As it was unplanned, I was not able to go with them. Now I was left all alone at the house. But, while leaving my mom did the best thing for me. She requested Sherya’s mom to take care of my food.

My parents left early evening. After my parents left, my neighbour girl Sherya came to my house to give me company. Sherya and I hadn’t talked to each other in the recent past so we started talking about college life, studies, politics, etc.

We were so indulged in chitchat that we forgot that it was already dinner time. Suddenly, Sherya’s mom called her and asked her to come to her house with me for dinner. So we both went to her house to have dinner.

After reaching her house, I got to know that Sherya’s mom was going to visit a hospital because of some emergency. So the situation now was that I was alone at my house and Sherya was alone too at her house.

So Sherya’s mom told Sherya to stay at my house till she came back. She also said that she might not be able to come back on the same night. (I was really happy to have Sherya at my house).

Then her mom left. Sherya and I went to my house and locked the door. We both sat on the sofa with an awkward silence between us for at least 5 minutes. Meanwhile, I noticed that Sherya was looking damn sexy in her white top and black sports shorts.

I started staring at my neighbour girl’s milky smooth thighs, forgetting everything. Suddenly, she realized where I was staring at and she broke the awkward silence.

Sherya: Suraj, what are you looking at? (with a small naughty smile) Don’t you think we should sleep?

Me: Oh, nothing. But it’s just 10 pm. I don’t sleep before midnight.

Sherya: So what should we do then until 12?

I was unable to control myself from staring at her sexy thighs.

Sherya: Umm, I see you are interested in something else.

Suraj: I am sorry but I didn’t mean to.

Sherya (laughing): You boys naa.. Sare ladke ek jaise hote h naughty!!

Me: Hahaha.

Sherya: Suraj, did you like them?

Me: What??

Sherya: Come on, don’t be silly.

Me: (taking it as a green signal) Yaaa, these are the best ones I ever saw.

Sherya started blushing. I didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity. I went closer to Sherya and opened her hair. She didn’t resist at all. Now I was 100% sure that I was going to fuck my sexy neighbour girl that night.

After opening her hair, I kept my hands on her bare thighs and started rubbing her smooth sliky thighs softly. Sherya had already lost her control and she had already closed her eyes and was enjoying my touch.

Then I started moving up. While squeezing her thighs, my other hand was already inside her sports shorts, rubbing softly around her love hole. She was getting wet down there and was bitting her lips.

Now I leaned forward towards Sherya to kiss and she too leaned towards me. The next moment, we were on the sofa kissing each other. The soft kiss slowly turned into a very intense kiss. We both started exploring each other’s mouth, exchanging saliva. We kept kissing for at least 5-10 minutes.

Then we broke the kiss. I looked in Sherya’s eyes and said,

Me: Sherya, we no longer are friends from now.
Sherya: Why?? What are we then?
Me: We are a couple now.

Sherya started blushing again. I jumped over her and started kissing her lips, cheeks, belly, and ears like a hungry dog. She was jumping on the sofa after each kiss along with making a very sexy moan, “Uuuuuuummm baby..”

Her moans were making me crazy. I lifted her top up to her boobs and there was a beautiful belly in front of me. Without wasting any time, I started licking and biting her soft belly. Simultaneously, my one hand was pressing her soft boobs while the other hand was inside her shorts rubbing her pussy over her wet panty.

After the super hot licking session, I lifted my angel in my arms and took her to my parents’ bedroom. As soon as we entered the bedroom, I made my young neighbor lie on the bed. I removed my tees and came over Sherya and kissed her forehead. Meanwhile, Sherya saw the big tent in my pants and she firmly caught my bulging tent and said,

Sherya: Suraj, mujhe iss tent k andar jana h, baby! (Baby, I want to go inside this tent!)

The moment she said that, I turned and there she was, over me and sitting on my thighs.

Me: It’s all yours, my love.

The moment I said that, Sherya got up and removed my pants and underwear in one go. There I was lying naked in front of Sherya for the first time. She took control very soon.

Sherya then came over me and started feeling my dick with her soft hands. Her soft hands over my penis were sending electric shocks through my body.

She started with my balls, played and squeezed them and then she grabbed my shaft with her soft palms and started stroking back and forth. I was enjoying it and moaning, “Yaaaaa baby..ummm..ahhhh..”

Then I told her to suck it. She denied at first but after a few requests, my neighbour chick was ready to suck my dick.

I got up and removed her top and bra made her topless. Now, all she was wearing was a short shorts. Then she went down and started licking my dick. After a minute, she took my dick in her mouth and started blowing. I was loving her blowjob and she was really good at it.

I was moaning louder and louder now, “Faster baby…ummm yaa baby…eat me baby…ahhh…”

As I was about cum, she told me to cum inside her mouth as she wanted to taste my cum. I obliged and cummed inside her mouth after 2 more minutes. Sherya drank my cum without wasting even a single drop.

Now it was my turn to take charge and make her scream a little at least. So I made her lie on the bed and went down on her. I slowly removed her shorts and then her wet black panty. I smelled her panty and then kept it aside. Sherya was now naked and she was looking damn hot.

Also, it was the first time I was seeing a pussy this close. I can’t explain the beauty of Sherya’s pussy. It was cleanly shaved and pinkish.

Without wasting time, I started licking my neighbor’s pubic area. It was super smooth. I slowly licked all areas around her love hole. Sherya was unable to handle it and started moaning hard.

“Baby…fuck me na bass…Naa eat your Sherya..Ummm..ufffffffffff ahhhhhh…”

After teasing for a minute, I slowly kissed her pussy and inserted my tongue inside her love hole to lubricant it. Sherya literally jumped from the bed.

I made Sherya’s pussy totally wet and then positioned my dick over her love hole and pushed it inside with full force. Sherya wanted to scream out of pain but she couldn’t as I had already lip-locked her.

I kept myself in the same position for a minute or two and then slowly started stroking her in and out. My sexy babe soon started enjoying it, forgetting the pain. Her moans were making me hornier.

I started increasing my pace and Sherya kept moaning, “Ummmmm..ahhhhhhh.. I love uuuu Surajjj..ahhhhh..ummm… uffff faster….fuck me”.

The whole house was filled with our moans. And when I was about to cum, suddenly my cellphone started ringing. Sherya didn’t want me to stop but since we were alone, it was important to respond. So I kept stroking Sherya and checked my cellphone. It was my sexy distant cousin Pooja calling up.

I told Sherya that it was Pooja. Sherya asked me to keep fucking her and pick up the call and talk to Pooja at the same time. I picked up the call.

Me: Hello Pooja, how are you?? (in a trembling voice)

Pooja: Hi, Suraj. Are you okay na?

Me: Yaaa (Sherya moans at the same time, “Ahhhhh uummm..”)

Pooja: What was that?

Me: Nothing, I was watching TV.

Pooja: Really?

(Here pooja was thinking that I was masturbating watching porn.)

Me: What happened? Why did you call?

Pooja: Hold on, hold on! Why are you in a hurry? Did I disturb you? (in a laughing tone)

Me (still fucking Sherya): No, not at all. (Sherya moaned again, “Ummmm baby..come naa..”)

Pooja: Suraj, I think I am disturbing you. Tell me what’s going on or I will tell this to your mom.

Me: Please Pooja, samjho na I will tell you everything later.

Pooja: Okay, enjoy. But I won’t spare you. By the way, I called to tell you that I am visiting you tomorrow morning.

Me: Ohhh okay, welcome.

Pooja: Okay, enjoy the night.

Hangs up!

I again started stroking my Sherya’s pussy faster, “Ummmm aahh ohhhh ufff..”

And with a few more strokes, we both came together.

We slept the whole night naked in each other’s arms and in the morning, I woke after hearing the doorbell. I was terrified realizing it must be Pooja. I was sleeping naked with Sherya.

To be continued.

I hope you guys got a hard-on and all girls got wet after reading my story.

For any kind of feedback and suggestions or any girl interested in me can mail/hangout me at [email protected]

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