First Orgasm Of My Bestie

Hello everyone, you can call me dr bang. I am here to share one of my real experiences about my bestie’s first orgasm. Guys, this is my first story, so apologies for any mistake.

Let me first describe to you the heroine of the story. She is none other than my childhood best friend, Swati. Now you all can visualize her as Emma Watson. She looks not less than her, the whitish creamy body which everyone is dying to taste.

If she passes, her aroma is enough to erect the dicks. She has stats of 32-28-30 height 5.5 with a highly innocent nature. At present, she is of my age 22, but this story belongs to January 2020 and fulfilling my bestie’s needs.

Since childhood, we were classmates. I didn’t have any feelings for her till last year. But as we say, when we lack something, we try harder to get it, so I did.

After our school, I came to Bhopal to pursue my medical degree. She went to Indore to continue her BTech. And as we separated, video calls and chats were the only options to contact. We did lots of chats and class and talked about all the rubbish and nonsense as best friends do.

During one of the video call sessions, she was wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts. Girls might know it’s the most comfortable outfit for girls. I was half lying on the bed, and she was lying upside down. But she took care nothing was visible.

Then suddenly, she sneezed 3-4 times continuously. Her t-shirt jerked, and I saw the most valuable treasure that was her mountains.

Guys, some intimate scenes or moments make us more excited than having actual sex. Similar was my condition. Before this incident, I wasn’t having any sexual feelings towards her, but I began craving for her from this.

Since childhood, I had seen so many guys proposing to her. But she rejected all as she belongs to a typical Indian conservative family. I was known to her parents as her only best friend.

So coming back. I saw two lavish ripen mangoes covered in a black bra, which was giving it additional beauty. Believe it or not, but a woman’s body looks more desirable in clothing than seeing her nude, and so on. My hormones started to strike.

And to tease her, I said.

Me – Black jamta to hai tujhpe. (laughingly) (Black suits you)

Swati – Kya bol raha hai, aankhe khol ke dekh maine red pehna hai aabhi bewakoof. (What are you saying? Just open your eyes and see that it is red, you idiot.)

Me – (laughingly) Par mujhe to black dikhai diya kuch. (But I saw something black.)

Then she got it and made an awkward face full of shyness. We ended the chats with lots of laughs. But still, that scene was striking my mind again and again. Somehow I was craving to eat the juicy boobs of Swati.

Whenever I had a conversation with her, I purposely tried to do a double-meaning discussion or some naughty chat that looked normal as besties. And slowly, my level of flirting increased day by day. Her response was usual, she used to laugh at such things, and I continued.

A day came when I made a plan to visit Indore. I told her to make a plan for the day. I met her at morning 11 with a handshake. The plan was that first, we will roam till 1 pm, then from 1 pm, we will go for a movie. I have purposely chosen ‘Dabang 3’ to make sure the theatre remains less crowded.

In morning 11 we went to a garden to spend some time. After lots of double meaning jokes, I asked her.

Me – Swati, tune kabhi porn dekhi hai? (Have you ever watched a porn film?)

Swati – (hesitantly) Nahi, kabhi nahi, aur mujhe dekhni bhi nahi hai. (Not, never, and I don’t wish to watch it.)

Me – Omg, seriously! Tu apni life mein porn kaise miss kar sakti hai? Tujhe dekhni chahiye (Omg, seriously! How can you miss porn in your life)

She strictly refused it then I tried to hurt her ego.

Me – I hope you are not a lesbian. (laughingly)

Swasti – No way, I am straight, and I very well know it.

Me – Chal prove kar fir. Ruk me abhi porn play karta hun aur apan dono dekhenge. (Then prove it. Wait, let me play porn right now, and we will watch it)

Guys, these conversations went between us very fast. She didn’t get much time to think. We were sitting in the corner of a garden where was no one was present at that time. It made my way clear.

I played porn on my phone put up the earphones. She was on my right, one into her left ear and one into my right. She resisted a bit while watching, but I shouted and got angry.

Me – What the hell, Swati? You are 21, and you can’t watch even a porn film. What you will do in the future with your husband?

This made her calm, and she agreed to watch it. In the beginning, she didn’t feel comfortable. But as the film proceeded, a small spark started to rise inside her. I was able to observe from her body language. She didn’t utter a single word in that film of 20 minutes. After it ended, I played the next one.

And during that period, I kept my right hand on her left hand. My god, she was burning like fire, a volcano that was ready to explode. While I kept my hand, she didn’t utter a single word and kept watching. It was porn of a teen girl going to be deflowered.

We spent a time of 40 minutes watching and after that breaking the silence, I saw the effect of porn videos on my innocent best friend.

Me – (laughingly) Aab bas bhi kar. Tu to yahi poori feeling lene lag gayi. (Now stop it, you started to take the whole feeling here itself.)

On hearing this, her face became full of redness and shyness. She was reluctant to speak anything. She started to beat me there itself like so many slaps on my back and shoulder. I continued teasing her.

Now it was time we should leave for the movie, for which I was eagerly waiting. I had purposely booked 2 last row corner seats. There was hardly any crowd for watching a movie like it. I knew one thing clearly that a spark has already lit and all I need to do is just let some airflow into it.

We went and took our seats. I sat in the left corner. She was on my right side. From her body language, I noticed she was still uncomfortable. The whole way to the theatre, she didn’t speak too much. All the way, my dick was also making itself comfortable in my jeans.

On that day, she was wearing jeans and a top that was not similar to a t-shirt. It was something fashionable. So as the movie started, I slowly kept my right hand on her left hand. I observed a slight jerk or current going into her body after getting my touch as I kept it. And that made me more excited.

Now for some time, I kept applying some pressure on her hand and rubbing it in between. From this act, I understood that she is not going to retreat. I hold her left palm with my right palm. I started to rub her other open side of the hand with my left hand.

I kept my left hand moving upwards slowly, and her uncomfortable behavior kept on increasing. Still, she was enjoying it to the extreme, so she was quiet. By rubbing my left hand reached her wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder. From above the top, I rubbed my hand above her boobs.

While this act, she holds the armrest on her right side and my hand on the left side very tightly. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was high. Anyone sitting around could observe the movement of her chest going in and out.

I was rubbing her chest, and her pressure on my right hand kept on increasing. She was lying back on the chair. As you all know, seats in theatres are slightly movable. Now I started moving my hand on her whole upper body, and her heavy breathing continued.

Now I put my right hand behind her, holding her, my left hand on her thighs, and started to liplock her. Our smooch was going wilder and wilder. She was having that much burning fire hidden inside her, I witnessed that day.

I kept rubbing my hand from her right underarm to her waist. My left hand was on her thighs and my lips on her face ear lobes, neck. I started giving slight pecks on her face. She has started to moan.

Now I brought my left hand above her vagina above her jeans. I started to apply slight pressure on it, and she was getting wilder. Her shyness was gone till now, and she was enjoying it to the fullest. She was reaching near her first orgasm.

Now I inserted my left hand into her top from her waist. Her navel was shivering on getting my touch. Guys, her body was very sensitive. She gets easily tickled in normal times. So in such a horny mood, you can understand her situation.

I kept rubbing my left hand on her tummy and started raising her top. Now I started moving my right hand downwards towards her bottom. I unbuttoned her jeans right there by using my both hands. I had wrapped my right hand around her from behind and left hand from the front.

Now what I felt was total heaven. Her pussy was oozing a lot of juices. Her panty was wet drenched. As I started touching her pussy over her panty, she started to have her first orgasm. She had a loud moan, and my left hand was pressing her boobs over her bra inside her top.

I kissed her suddenly to suppress her sound, and she relaxed. She was tired after having her first orgasm of life, which she told me later. I was happy to enjoy her, and she had a charming glow on her face after that.

Now interval was near, so she arranged her dress. After the interval, it was just little kissing. She didn’t allow me to do much, by which I was disappointed. But there is a proverb in Hindi, ‘Sabra ka fal meetha hota hai.’ Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. I hope to become her boyfriend from her best friend.

And so the same happened, which I will narrate to you in my next part. Till then, you can give your response to me at [email protected].

Suppose any girl or woman in Bhopal – Indore wishes to have secret pleasure can freely contact me. In that case, your privacy will be my first priority. Till then, save your cum for the next part in which I will get to cherish her.

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