New York’s Unsatisfied Woman

Hi, this is Nav, back again with another story about an unsatisfied woman. Thanks a lot for the great response to my story, ‘Unexpected Fun With A Big Boobs Punjabi MILF’and all the messages I received from you guys.

So, I am back with another experience I had when I was in New York for some event. I am writing this after she encouraged me to share the experience with you guys.

Let’s get started with the story. I came to New York in late November 2018 and about to stay there for 1.5 months till the New Year. So, I decided while I am here, let us meet some ladies and have some fun.

So, I downloaded this famous app called Tinder. As I was told, this is the best way to meet new chicks in the US. So, I made a profile and started looking for new girls. Initially, it didn’t have that great luck.

But after a couple of days, I got a text from a desi girl named Preet (name changed). She was 35 years old, and she was very close to my location too and was damn pretty. So we started chatting like normal stuff.

She: So, are you new to New York?

Me: Yeah, you have been here for a while.

She: Yeah, been 10 years.

Me: Oh, that’s nice, you must be loving it.

She: Not bad, but too hectic out here.

Me: So you don’t enjoy life?

She: I do, but work is hectic too.

Me: You work on weekends too.

She: I got to take care of my family.

So, our conversation continued like this. I got to know she is married and has a couple of kids. I was disheartened that I won’t have much chance with her. But then I thought a lady won’t be on Tinder, especially a married one if she wasn’t lonely or she wasn’t unsatisfied.

So I thought this might not be a lost cause after all. So, I continued chatting regular stuff with her. We got to know each other more, and she was slowly getting more comfortable with me. We talk about how her day, family, and what she does, and all that stuff.

We talked about her married life. She told me that it’s not that good as her husband was very busy with work. He wasn’t paying that much attention towards her that was required. I told her that he must be a very big fool to not pay attention to one of the most beautiful women and be grateful for that.

She said, “Don’t flatter me like that.” I said, “I am really serious, and if I was her husband, I would 100% attention to her and make sure she is happy.” She said, “That’s so nice of you to say, but I am not that good.” I told her she doesn’t know her worth.

She said, “Thank you for being kind and making me feel special.” I asked if she would like to hang out sometime with me. She said she not sure about it as I was young and she has a family too. I told her, “Take it, you are going out with your friend, and good things come young these days.”

She didn’t reply after that. I thought it might be over, but after a couple of days, I received a text that her family is going to Canada except her. So if I wanted to hang out, she is down. I was so excited, and I knew if I play it right, I would be going home with her.

So, we decided to have dinner, and she picked me up. She looked even prettier than her pictures. I started flirting with her, and she said I am really good with words. We had dinner, and all I was staring at was her body and how it is inside her jeans.

She noticed me staring at her cleavage a couple of times. She just gave me a smile for that. She really liked it, as she told me later. By the way, I forgot to tell you her figure. She was 36D-32-38. I was losing my mind staring at her. We got up and got in the car. She asked me why I wanted to hang out.

I thought this is the time to cash in. So I told her I found her hot, and she was unsatisfied and not properly loved. I wanted you to feel special. She was shocked, but I saw the lust in her eyes, so I just kissed her. She didn’t resist that, and she kissed me back passionately.

We were in the car kissing for 5-10 minutes, and I was exploring her body. After that, she said she has been hungry for so long. She went straight to my cock and got it out. She was shocked to see such a big cock, and she put it directly in her mouth.

She was sucking like she was hungry for ages, and she was so good at it. I can’t even tell you that how good she was at it. After 15-20 minutes, I cummed straight into her mouth, and she was so happy to drink it. She said she can’t wait and let us go to her place as nobody was there.

It was just 15 minutes, and as soon as we got in, she went straight for my cock and started sucking it. She told me she hasn’t had sex in over 3 years and has been satisfying by just fingering. She made me hard again by sucking. I got her up and removed her dress.

She wasn’t wearing anything inside as she, too, wanted to get laid with someone who is not from the nearby area. She was desperate for that 7 inch dick to go inside. I laid her down on the bed and picked up her legs, and fucked her badly. She was moaning so loudly.

It was making me fuck her even harder and faster. I got down and made her sit on top. We fucked for 40 minutes, and I cummed in her mouth again. We laid down exhausted and started cuddling. After kissing for 10-15 minutes, I got hard again and started fucking her in doggy style this time.

We had 3-4 sessions that night till 4 am. I stayed there with her till her family wasn’t home. We stayed naked the whole time and fucked around. She told me she was so happy with me as I satisfied her as nobody else did. She wished that I was her husband.

I used to fuck her almost daily till I was there in New York and had the best time with her. She later encouraged me to share this experience with all of you guys. So I hope you like the story of my journey from Tinder hookup to bed.

I will be here in the USA till April. If any lady, girl, or aunty wants to get in touch, have some fun, and get satisfied, do let me know at [email protected]. Your privacy will be taken care of. And also, do text me about how you like my experience.

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