Wild, Hostel Sex With Dusky, Andhra Girl

I saw her in the kitchen. It was around 2 am and everyone was asleep. She was filling her water bottle. We had had a casual chat yesterday as she sat with me in the lobby while I waited for my cab; it was her that did most of the talking though.

She was a slim, tall, dusky Andhra girl with sharp features. Ever since I saw her the first day here in this Mangalore co-hostel, I have been irresistibly attracted to her. She would give out these flirtatious smiles when you made eye contact with her. She was this fun-loving, confident, and almost dominating kind of extrovert.

So, as I watched her filling her water bottle, I was ogling her body and her sexy figure in the dim light of the kitchen bulb.

The dusky Andhra girl was wearing a pair of tiny tight shorts that hardly reached her mid-thigh and a crop top with no shoulders and that exposed her bra straps. She looked extremely hot as she slightly bent over the platform to reach the filter.

The Andhra beauty’s perfectly shaped ass, her naked navel, and her high bun hairstyle made my cock stiff and throbbing for some attention. She turned sideways and saw me standing in the hallway. She could see hungry lust in my eyes and I stood struck by her enticingly erotic figure. She winked and gave a naughty smile.

She had noticed the tent my cock made in my loose boxers. By this time, she finished filling her bottle and was screwing the cap on. I knew it then that I just wanted to fuck the sexy Andhra girl at that very moment.

I swiftly walked towards her in quick strides, slipped my arms around her slim waist, placed them on her hips, and turned her to face me. There was a moment of complete silence as if the whole world had gone mum. With our faces barely inches apart, I could feel her heated breaths on my face and my heart in my throat.

We looked into each other’s eyes and could see insane lust and craving. My hard cock was poking her and her perky breasts pressed to my chest.

Without a word we kissed, breaking the silence with our lips pressed at each other. Not the slow romantic kind of kissing but the wild, passionate kind.

Our hands were exploring and caressing each other’s buttocks. I grabbed the dusky girl’s ass and squeezed, pulling her more closer to me while my cock slowly felt rubbed. The feeling was ecstatic.

With one hand, I reached up and pulled out the rubber band from her hair, allowing her short hair to fall till her shoulders.

Her left hand was holding the back of my neck lightly and her right hand was at the back of my head pulling me into her mouth as our tongues wrestled each other. Her long fingers ran through my hair and was grasping it firmly at times for an even wilder kiss.

For more than a couple of minutes, we kissed passionately and wildly. She suddenly broke the kiss and pushed me back with force. She gave me another flirtatious smile with a hint of ferocity to my completely surprised face.

The sexy Andhra girl pulled off her top with a smooth motion to reveal the thin black bra holding her breasts. She took a step towards me like a cat before pouncing on its prey. I sensed the vibe of her being the dominating and controlling sex partner.

I’ve usually been the controlling sex partner in all my previous sexual encounters. I was more of a ‘banging hard while watching bouncing tits’ kind of guy. But this tall dusky Andhra girl stepping towards me half-naked in her black bra and black tight shorts made me hornier than I’ve ever been awakening fetishes in me I’ve never known.

She took my right hand and put it on her right breast and my left hand on her ass. I squeezed both. Having his hands full of boobs and ass is every guy’s dream.

Her right knee slowly rubbed the inside of my thighs and lightly touched my ballsack. I had never experienced this. This was turning me even more horny and ecstatic.

Her left hand caught the back of my hair and pulled my head up and she kissed my neck and gave a hard bite. She right knee was running the shaft of my hard cock. As I pressed and caressed and squeezed her perfectly shaped ass, I slipped my fingers in below butt crack. She bit me again a little more fiercely this time.

Her kisses had worked their way to my now bare chest. She had opened my shirt and broke at least a couple of buttons in the process She stopped and pulled my head into her bosom, pushing her small breasts into my face.

I could feel her pointed nipples through her bra. In the dead silence, only our loud quick breathing and wet kisses could be heard.

I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I wanted to fuck the horny Andhra girl. I wanted to thrust my cock into her. I wanted to bang her brains out. But she was in control. Surrendering to her control was just too exciting.

I undid the clasp of her bra and took it off, throwing it on the floor. I took her erect nipples in my mouth and sucked on them one by one. She let out soft moans as I played with her nipples with my tongue.

She walked me to the lobby without ever breaking our kisses and without letting me take my face off her breasts and pushed me down in the couch.

I watched her take off her tight back shorts and throw it behind the couch as I pulled off my boxers. My cock stood tall and erect, ready to serve her. I stroked my cock readying it to go where it has been wanting to go all this time.

She swung her right leg to sit on me. But she wasn’t sitting on my cock and her wet pussy landed on my face. I was surprised but obliged. I stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy occasionally hitting her hard clit with the tip of my tongue.

Her left hand was again in my hair holding my head in place as she moved her pelvis over my face in a rhythmic motion. She leaned back and with her right hand began stroking my cock. This was turning me on and I kept licking her pussy rigorously.

The dusky Andhra beauty let out a small gasp and a short moan and clenched my hair so tightly that it pained. And a flush of her pussy juices drained into my mouth. She then turned her body giving me a little room to take in a deep breath to full 360 degrees and bent over to take my cock in her mouth.

I had never tried the 69 position and this was just making me a loose sense of reality for every cell of my body was experiencing erotic ecstasy and knew nothing else.

She took the full length of my shaft into her mouth then slowly pulling it out and sucking on the tip just before taking it out of her mouth completely. This was making me want to cum but I wanted to last longer to enjoy this longer. The south Indian girl was a pro at this. I continued my licking and cleaning up of her pussy all the while trying not to cum.

She then stopped with the blowjob and moved her body from my mouth to sit on my cock. She took my cook d slowly was rubbing her clit with the tip. Her tiny clit had stiffened again. My throbbing cock was begging to fuck. She slowly sat on my cock, her love hole completely swallowing it.

I placed my hands on her hips and let her pussy lips run along the shaft of my cock. It slid in very smoothly into her wet love hole. We both let out a short moan as I entered her. She began her movements up and down my cock with her hips in a rhythm. I got hold of her breasts and pressed them, running my thumbs over her erect nipples.

Her movements were speeding up as my cock went in and out of her. The young Telugu girl let out another moan and caught my shirt collar to pull herself down and kiss me. Our tongues wrestling again in our mouths I kissed her even wildly as her hips went along faster and faster at her rhythmic motion.

She then suddenly broke the kiss and took my hand and placed my fingers at her clit, rubbing it. I obliged and began rubbing her clit. She straightened her body, held my shirt collar firmly, and started very fast thrusts. She was controlling the pace of the thrusts and it kept speeding up.

My hands were at her hips as they went on. She bent forward making her hard clit hit at the base of my cock on every thrust. I wasn’t fucking her, she was fucking me and I was loving it.

Her grip of my shirt collar tightened, her eyes closed, gave out a long moan and I could feel her love hole tighten around my cock. It felt ecstatic as her love hole milked my cock and I exploded in dusky Andhra girl, filling her up with my cum, feeling my balls emptying completely.

Our orgasm broke the rhythmic slapping music of two bodies banging each other with moans and gasps. She fell forward her, face towards my face. I held her head and kissed her lightly biting her lower, she in turn bit mine mischievously.

She then turned her lips near my ear and whispered something in Telugu and then kissed me on my cheek. She got up, picked up her shorts, her bra, her crop top, and her water bottle, and went into her room.

It had been a long time since I was a virgin, but it felt as if discovered sex only today.

As I lay there dazed and in sweats with the greatest sexual encounter of my life, I cursed myself for not knowing Telugu and prayed to all the Gods I suddenly believed in now, that she meant, “We will do this again sometime.”

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