My College Days In Udupi

Hi readers, this is Ajay from Bangalore. I am new to writing stories, but I hope you all will enjoy my stories. I will not drag much and say about me very briefly, I am an engineering graduate and have joined an MNC company this year. I am 22 years old at the present date.

I have many experiences but didn’t know where to share them. Now I have the right platform to share my experiences. I will entertain you all from now with my series of stories.

Let me start with my very first experience of my sex life. I was in 2nd PU, and I was 19 years old then. We had a very strict college, boys and girls were not allowed to speak with each other. So, we were speaking secretly in places where there were no CC cameras.

One of the most regular spots of our meeting would be the college clinic. This incident happened in our college clinic. Let me tell you about the clinic. The clinic had two rooms. The first room was for the nurse to treat.

The second room had two double cots, where students who are not feeling well are made to rest. The nurse (Priya) was pretty close to me. One day I was very bored in class. So, I made a fake reason, and with the help of Priya Akka, I skipped class and slept in the clinic.

That changed my luck. The cleaner came and took the bed and bedsheet on the other bed for wash and told me that he would be taking this the next day. Then we had our lunchtime. I told Priya Akka that I am not hungry.

After lunchtime, it was around 1.40 pm. One of our batchmates, Anusha from a different section, entered the clinic. She was suffering from a very high fever due to heavy rains outside. Since there was only one bed now, Priya Akka asked Anusha to sleep in my bed only.

All this time, I was acting like I was in a deep sleep. I was covered with a bedsheet which was the only bedsheet the cleaner left there. I could see that she was shivering with cold and afraid of lightning (The thunder and lightning are heavy in Udupi).

She tried to bear it, but she could not. She asked Priya Akka if there is an extra bedsheet. Priya said, Sorry Anu, all are given for washing.” She woke me and asked me to give her a bedsheet. I gave it without any hesitation, and I could see her relaxed face.

The cold breeze was flowing in. On Anu complaining about it, Priya asked us to close the door to reduce the chillness. Priya went into the other room. Anu closed the door and latched it, so it would not open due to air blow.

I was not sleeping now and was sitting and thinking about something. Anu called me and asked if I am not feeling cold. I said I am feeling very cold, but there is only one bedsheet and no other option.

She asked if it is ok for me to share her bedsheet. I was laughing inside and said to her, “I don’t mind if you don’t mind.” I jumped into her bedsheet. She was wearing a t-shirt and night pants. I was in my shorts and t-shirt. The bedsheet could not cover us both completely as we were not sleeping close.

We both were feeling colder. She suggested moving close to each other. I asked her what if anyone enters? She said. “Don’t worry, the door is latched, and I don’t want both of us to suffer.” I just moved close to her, so close that I can feel her breathing. I can feel the warmth in her breath.

Now I was getting aroused. Boys, you can imagine in what situation I was. Now my penis started growing slowly, and it was completely erect within no time. I know she must be feeling my hard-on on her stomach. She hesitantly turned the opposite direction such that her back was facing me.

This was the mistake she made in the first place. After turning, she realized that she made a mistake and had no option, so she lay the same way. Now my dick was on her ass, and I can feel the heat between us. I didn’t know what to do. I just asked her sorry, and I couldn’t help with it.

Also, I said to her from the time we moved close, our shivering has stopped. She said, “It’s ok. I know hugging reduces coldness.” I was shocked and just asked her if she is still feeling cold. She said yes. I asked her If I should hug her so it can feel warm. She thought a bit and just said yes.

This was enough for me. I grabbed her from her waist and pulled her closer to me. Now my penis was buried completely into her ass crack. I wanted to take things further and asked her if her fever is reduced. She said she doesn’t know. So I, without giving her a chance to say further, said, “Wait, let me check.”

I moved her t-shirt up and kept my hand on her bare stomach. It was too smooth and very warm. I said her fever had not reduced even a little. Due to these rains, I think our fever will not reduce naturally. We should release our heat ourselves. By this time, she was also in the mood and said it’s true what I said.

This was a chance for me, so I moved my hand and cupped her breast. She was feeling uncomfortable at the start. On fondling a bit, she got into the rhythm, and we removed our bedsheet. She put her hand on my penis and started rubbing it. I also started rubbing her pussy on her pants.

I pulled her pants and panty till her knee, and I could see the bush there. I started rubbing her vagina. She was completely wet, and I started fingering her slowly. She was enjoying it now, and she lowered my shorts and started shagging my dick.

I was a virgin and could not control it. So I pulled her on me and started kissing wildly and fingering her fast. She said, “Let’s become warmer,” and we got into 69 position. I was hesitant as she had more hair. But later, after I tasted her juices once, I wanted it more.

I was digging into her pussy with my tongue. Since it was my first time, I was released within 5-8 minutes. To my surprise, she swallowed it all. After that, I was exhausted and lay there like that only. She came to me and asked if it was my first time. I said yes.

She laughed and said, “You did great for your first time,” and started dressing up. It was around 4.00 pm, and it was time to leave for the hostel. So she opened the door, and she was only covered with a bedsheet. I just slept on the other half of the bed.

After 15 minutes, Priya Akka entered and asked if we wanted any tablets to take now and go to the hostel and rest. I said no. Anusha took a tablet and left. I winked at Priya Akka. She understood what happened inside and laughed with me.

I will tell you about what happened next. How I had my first fuck with whom I had. Stay tuned for more stories. You can review my story about the hot Udupi college girl by mailing me at [email protected] In Instagram – ajaystories (profile picture—Sunny Leone).

Don’t worry about your privacy. Trust is always guaranteed, and I will be professional. All reviews are welcomed.

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