Lost My Virginity To My Ex-Girlfriend

Hi, ISS readers, this is Nani. I live in Visakhapatnam. My height 5.8 ft. I want to share my experiences with you.

Coming to the story, in my college days, I had a lover. We entered into the final year. After the summer holidays we met in the college, she said let’s break up. I didn’t understand what happened. I just tried to figure it out.

One day, I heard small news from my friend that her parents were out of town she was alone in the house. I went to her home and rang the bell at the time of even 4 pm. She opened the door and shocked. She pulled me inside without saying any word. We talked for some time.

I got the conclusion that she was misguided by a girl in our class. Finally, I explained the situations and I convinced her. She hugged me and cried for what she did to me. The first hug of my life, it made something in me. I grabbed her and hugged tightly and planted a kiss on her lips for 5 minutes.

Our bodies became warmer. I lifted her and threw her on the sofa. I went on top of her and started kissing her madly. Slowly my hands moved towards her boobs and slowly started pressing, she pushed my hands. But, I tried to catch her boobs. I got up and tried to remove her top, but she hasn’t accepted to do it.

Again, I made her lay on the bed and just raised her top and watched her navel. Her navel is awesome. I started exploring her navel by licking. A few minutes later moved towards her boobs and bit her boobs. She pushed me again and covered her boobs with both hands.

Then I removed her pant knot and pulled her pant down. She was in shock and she tried to close it by hand in shy. Suddenly the doorbell rang, now I was in shock. We both were sweated heavily. She and I suddenly got up we dressed properly.

She pushed me into a room that is nearby and locked the door. She went to the main door with an act of courage to face the consequences, to our luck it’s a child. Sorry, I forgot to tell about her. She was running a tuition center as part-time work. Her skin tone is milk-white and with nice assets.

She took the child to the terrace and came back. She entered the room where I am, it’s too dark. I was in a nervous situation. She came towards me and I tried to ask who is it? But she locked my mouth with her lips and kissed me madly for 20 minutes.

This time she allowed me to touch her boobs. I started accessing her boobs from inside the top (dress). I touched her boobs and I got a joyous feeling in my hand. Pressing boobs and started kissing her on the neck, ear, shoulder, etc. one by one and finally moved towards her pant and removed it.

Again the bell rang. another child, I thought it was a bad time for us and not the correct time. It was almost 6 pm. I made up my mind to leave. Because her parents may return at any time. She was also sad about my decision and we decided to catch up later.

We never got a chance to meet again. A few days later, suddenly she got married.

2 years completed.

I contacted her and she was happy with my call. We talked for an hour. I said that I want to meet her. She accepted and told me she will say the day and time. One day she called me and said to pick up her from her office in the evening. I borrowed my friend’s car and picked her.

It takes a one-hour journey to reach her house. We started talking about my life and her married life. Suddenly I said that I want to kiss her. She doesn’t say anything, I asked again she accepted and asked but how? We are on the road how could it possibly?

I said we have to pass through the loop line. There are so many isolated areas, we can stop there. First, she hesitated, but she said yes. We found a safe, isolated area. She said that she may run out of time to reach home. We moved into an isolated area and parked my car.

We are looking into our eyes. I grabbed her face with my both hands and kissed on the forehead, later cheeks, next lip locked. We explored our mouths with the tongue. 10 minutes later I broke the kiss and grabbed her boobs. She laughed and said I know what you want.

You always tried to catch my boobs, do what you want to do, it’s your time. But, please don’t waste time doing it slowly. I removed her top and bra, for the first time I saw naked boobs in my life. Boobs were popped out and hanged like jelly balls. I grabbed them and started sucking with my mouth.

She started moaning, our bodies became warmer. I adjusted the car seat recline and made her lay on the seat and started exploring her body inch by inch. Her body smell made me mad. While licking boobs I slid my hand slowly into her pants. I observed that her pussy is covered with hair.

My hand reached the glory hole, suddenly she has shivered. Her action made me know that I reached her vagina entrance. I started fingering her pussy, it was already wet, I felt the hotness inside her pussy. I removed her pants and slept over her. I hugged her tightly my dick is rock hard.

My dick touched her hairy pussy. She asked me to enter her. I said I didn’t bring condoms. She thought for a while and said, no problem I will take care later, you please enter me. I removed my pant and stretched her legs, tried to enter the hole 5 times but unsuccessful.

She laughed at me and grabbed my rod and guided towards the hole, I started pushing inside. Even though she was married, but her pussy was tight. I felt a little difficult to enter her pussy. But in the next push I entered with full force, my dick went inside her. She was screaming in pain.

I said that her pussy was tight, she said that her husband was out of town from 8 months. He will return next week. I slowly fucked her, my dick was crushed between her pussy walls. My dick felt a thrilling experience. After a few minutes I suddenly removed my dick, she asked me what happened.

I said I want to do in the doggy position. We changed position and started to fuck in the doggy style. It was a little difficult to fuck in the doggy style in a car. Later moved to missionary. While fucking I found a fluid came (running) out of her pussy. She reached the climax.

I also reached the climax and I said to her that I am ready to cum, She said, do it inside my pussy. I want to feel the hotness of your sperm. I released all the fluid inside.

We rested for 5 minutes in the car and came out of the car naked. We cleaned our private parts. We peed outside and dressed up. Later I dropped her near to her home and I went to my home.

This is my real story guys, hope you enjoyed. Any suggestions or any doubts or you want to contact me. Please leave an mail to [email protected]

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