A Sleepless Night Spent On Instagram

Hi XIS readers, this is my first story about my few sex experiences. I hope you people like it.  To describe me, I am a normal guy, doing a job in Bangalore. Apart from my daily routine, I have a page on Instagram where I post romantic videos and photos.  This incident happened a few months ago.

Coming sorry coming to the story. It was a late night when I didn’t get sleep at all. So I was scrolling some random stuff on Instagram and posted some stories. After a while, I checked the list of people who saw my story and noticed a beautiful girl on that list. I went through her profile and messaged her.

Me: Hi!

Her: Who’s this?

Me: I am the admin of this page. Do you like my page?

Her: Yeah! It’s just awesome. Lovely videos and images.

Me: Thanks a lot. That’s a great compliment.

Her: Why are you up so late?

Me: Not sleepy. What about you?

Her: Same here. And it’s very boring too.

Me: Talk to your boyfriend

Her: He is busy in PubG.

Me: So sad. Why don’t we play truth or dare?

Her: Good idea. Let’s start!

Me: Ok. Truth or dare?

Her: Truth

Me: Are you happy in your relationship?

Her: No! He is just a dumb, he ignores me a lot.

Me: Ok.

Her: Truth or dare?

Me: Truth.

Her: Kissed someone?

Me: Nope. But want to!

Her: What’s your age? Single?

Me: 22

Her: 22 and single! And no relationship? I had my first relationship at 19. This is my second one.

Me: I don’t talk much. That’s the problem.

Her: You should.

Me: I am good at chatting. But if I left to talk with someone face to face and that too with a beautiful girl like you, I will remain mum.

Her: Oh! Am I so beautiful?

Me: Yeah. I just saw your posts.

Her: Will you not talk to me. If I am in front of you?

Me: No.

Her: Will you not kiss me?

This shocked me. I was struggling to type a reply to it.

Her: Hello? Will you not kiss me?

After getting a lot of courage. I replied

Me: I will.

She: Good! How you wanna kiss me?

Me: I will take you to a long drive. In a romantic climate. Empty road with trees fully covered. Slightly drizzling. I will hold your hand first and kiss it. I will come closer to you holding your cheeks. Fingers playing with your ears. I look deep into your eyes. Feel you and kiss your rosy lips.

After this message by me, there was no reply from her for a minute. I was afraid.

Me: Are you there?

Her: Lost in your imagination. I just loved it. It’s amazing. Every girl expects this type of kiss from her man. It’s too good.

Me: Thank you.

Her: I wish you were my boyfriend.

Me: Thank you.

Her: Ok, let’s start the game again.

Me: Ok.

In between, we both forgot that we were in the game.

Her: Truth or dare?

Me: Truth

Her: Where do you live?

Me: Bangalore

Her: WTF! Are you fucking serious?

Me: Yeah.

Her: I am too from Bangalore.

I was amazed

Me: That’s great. I think we should meet

Her: Only meet?

Me: Then?

Her: We should kiss!

My mind was blown.

Me: Really?

Her: Yeah. Do you have any problems?

Me: No but I am not your boyfriend. And you have a boyfriend too

Her: So what! He is just dumb. I wanna kiss you.

Me: Ok. Where shall we kiss?

Her: just like the same way you described. Let’s get a car and go to a long drive

Me: Sure. This Sunday I am totally free. We can go. Your number?

And we exchanged our numbers and chatted in WhatsApp for some time and slept. From then we had normal chats on WhatsApp. Finally, Sunday arrived.  As per the plan we booked a car for self-drive. I picked up the car and went to her address.  I called her on reaching her address.

She asked me about the color and model of the car. And she noticed it from a distance.  I had the first glimpse of her from the distance.  My god! She is more beautiful than in the pictures. I was stunned by her beauty. I was just looking at her as she walked towards the car. I was left with no words.

She has a milky skin tone. Which makes everyone attracted to her. She was not so slim and not so chubby. She was just perfect. I don’t know why her boyfriend ignored such beauty. She unlocked the car door and sat beside me and I was just looking at her.

She waved her and I said, “Hope this is not a dream.” She laughed and said, “This is not at all a dream.” And we started our drive

She was in a white t-shirt and blue jeans. I noticed every part of her body as she was walking towards the car. Especially her good, firm boobs. Every boy does that.  On the drive, we talked about our jobs, education, family, friends, her relationships past and present, future goals and much more. On the journey.

Me: You look more beautiful than in the pictures.

Her: Thank you. And you are too cute. I liked your smile a lot.

Me: Thank you.

Now I was unable to control myself staying away from her. I just want to park the car.  But didn’t get a perfect place.  After a long drive, I found an empty green road. I parked the car. And looked into her eyes. Those were just awesome. She was blushing. Even me.

I took her right hand and placed it on my chest. My heart was beating at a very high rate. She was smiling. I kissed her hand. She closed her eyes. I put my hand on her cheeks played with her ears. She too started breathing faster than usual. I went closer to her and planted a sweet kiss on the sweetest lips.

I kissed them. She just stayed. I didn’t move my lips. Now she started kissing my lips back. Both of my hands were in a good position with her cheeks. Massaging them slightly. She was enjoying it. She started kissing passionately. Wow! What an amazing feeling.

She killed me with that kiss. It lasted for 12 minutes. And both were exploring our lips. And feeling the immense pleasure on the earth. I asked her to open her mouth wider and give me her tongue. I started sucking her tongue. Everyone should experience it.

Finally, my first kiss was done successfully at the age of 22. We got apart and started smiling at each other.

Her: The kiss was awesome. I loved it. And your lips too. So soft and tasty.

Me: Not as tasty as yours. Blessed to kiss those little rose petals.

Her: Want some more?

Me: why not?

Her: Push the seat back. I want to be on your lap.

I adjusted the seat. She got on top of me holding my head and playing with my hair. My hands were comforting her back. My god. She is so soft. She looked in my eyes. Looked around and started kissing again. This time she was dominating me.

She sucked my lower lip harder, pulling me, hugging me. She was doing everything but didn’t stop kissing. I believe it was about a 15 to 20 minutes kiss. I was just cooperating with her kiss. Holding my hands she directed them to my favorite part. Her boobs. What lovely boobs she has.

I guess it was 36. Round and firm boobs. Anyone will die for them. I understood her intentions. She wanted more than just a kiss. I started my game. I grabbed her boobs softly increasing my pace. I was pressing them hard. Her nipple got erected and I was squeezing them. She was breathing heavily.

I slid my hands into the top from the bottom to reach her bare boobs. I succeeded. Those very so soft, amazing boobs. I started lifting her top. She helped me. She was wearing a red bra. And those boobs were milky in color turned me on like hell.

Like a hungry wolf, I took her boobs in my mouth as much as possible. She was moaning a bit. I was pressing one boob and sucking the other. I wanted to kiss her neck. She adjusted her hairs and I started kissing her neck badly. She was out of control. She was moaning harder. She wanted my dick to clam her now.

She got back to her seat and removed my dick from the pant. It is seven inches long. And started stroking it. She gave a smile and start sucking my dick. Amazing is not a word to express that feeling. A beautiful girl is sucking my dick like a lollipop was a great experience for me.

She was an expert in sucking and stroking. I was in heaven and had an orgasm. which she swallowed completely. Now it was my turn to satisfy her. But to our surprise. Someone was coming on our way. We got our dresses back and started the drive. As it was very late we got back to our respective places.

We want to have real sex now. But we should wait for the perfect time.

Thank you for reading about my experience. Hope you like it. Please send the feedback to my mail id [email protected]. And you can follow and message me on Instagram @romantic_bae6969. Any interested girls, women can message me for fun and true friendship. Thank you all. If possible I will post the next part very soon. Bye-bye.

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