Virgin Ex-Girlfriend Deepali Deflowered Inside Car

Hi all readers, I have been reading stories from this site. This is the first time am writing my own stories here.

Now, let me give a quick introduction of the characters in the story. I am(Vishal) with an athletic built body, brown complexion and 5’11 height having a firm and big dick. My ex-girlfriend’s name is Deepali (name changed) with body measurements of 34-28-36. She is simply a sex bomb.

This incident happened when we were on a trip to Ooty. At that time, I and my girlfriend had broken up. We were going to meet after a long time. So I was very interested and nervous about the trip.

It was early morning and I and my two friends reached the place by my car. My ex-girlfriend came there by bus. She reached there with my another set of friends.

Deepali was looking like a perfect bombshell after our breakup as she had decided to divert her focus to fitness. My ex-girlfriend had a very firm ass now and after seeing that, I decided I should take my chance during this trip.

On that day, we didn’t have any plans so we took complete rest. My friends understood our position and gave me and my ex-gf complete privacy. So we had a nice talk.

After speaking to her, I understood that she also wanted some ‘action’. So I purposefully talked about our good times such as the first time I kissed her and the first time we were naked.

In the evening, we decided to party. We had a few drinks and had a pretty nice fat joint. Everyone was quite high and tired after the dance. So we decided to sleep. It was a cottage so we all slept in the master bedroom. After sometime, suddenly my whatsapp beeped.

Deepali: Slept?
Me: Not yet. How can I sleep without tasting your pussy?

Deepali: 😛 Well, then come out. I wanna feel your hard dick.
Me: Sure, it is waiting for your warmth mouth.

We both met outside the cottage. It was so dark and the temperature was around 12 degree which was pretty cold for a Chennai guy.

Once we met outside, I and my ex-gf started to kiss passionately like anything. My hands started to explore Deepali’s top. I felt her erected nipples and started to pinch it. She was moaning while kissing me. We exchanged saliva for 10 minutes. As I had a joint earlier, I couldn’t control myself.

I started to explore my hot ex-girlfriend’s body. Deepali came to her sense and asked me to take her to some private spot. And then suddenly we had an idea of a car sex.

We stayed in a cottage which was in the middle of an estate. We had to walk a little to come to the parking space.

We both walked down over there in the dark by holding hands. Once we reached the car, I switched on the heater. Then I slowly kissed Deepali’s eyes and started to enjoy her wet lips. Slowly, I inserted my hand inside my ex-gf’s panties. It was so wet and partially drenched in her juices.

Deepali couldn’t control her feelings and started shouting, Fuck me, babe! I need it badly”.

I said, “Kandipa, I am gonna grind your pussy, honey”.

I slowly removed her t-shirt and pressed her boobs over her padded bra. Yes, Deepali was well prepared for the night.

I went down and planted a kiss on her pussy and removed her shorts and panties. I saw my heaven there. A pink color and clean shaved pussy. I sniffed my ex-girlfriend’s pussy, it smelled so intoxicating.

The next moment, I started to lick Deepali’s pussy and finger her at the same time. Her pussy was so tight as she didn’t have sex for a long time.

Deepali then removed my clothes and we both were completely naked. I took some Nutella from the car and applied it all over her pussy and my dick. We started the night with 69. We both usually have our orgasm in 69. After 15 minutes, we had the first orgasm and decided to fuck.

I had condoms inside my wallet as I knew we are going to meet. I asked my ex-gf, “with or without a condom?” She preferred to be fucked without a condom as she wanted to feel my manhood.

I started to fuck my ex-gf in the missionary position as she was a virgin. That will be less painful for her. (Deepali never allowed me to fuck her when we were in a relationship because she wanted to have that on a special night).

So I started inserting my cock into her. It was so tight to enter. I took time to enter and then started stroking. After many strokes, half of my dick went inside and Deepali started to feel both pleasure and pain. She closed her eyes and shut her mouth.

After some time, she couldn’t tolerate the pain and she asked me to stop. But I was not in the mood to stop. I kissed her and caressed her boobs to distract her. I also started playing with her boobs. Once she calmed down, I gave a hard push which broke my ex-girlfriend’s virgin seal. Her eyes were filled with tears and she let out a sharp scream.

I told her not to move her body. Then I slowly took my dick out, I saw a few drops of blood. I told her that it will be painful in the start but she will soon enjoy her first sex.

Then I slowly started fucking my ex-girlfriend’s pussy with some pace and she started to enjoy it. Her boobs were turning reddish color by the rush of blood.

Then I asked her where to cum and she told me to cum inside her as she was close to her periods.

After our first fuck, we slept for some time. Once we regained enough strength and consciousness, we had one more round of sex which was in cowgirl position. I wanted to see my ex-gf’s bouncing boobs while fucking and hence that position.

After two sessions, we were completely exhausted. We had a joint there and had a little bit of foreplay and then went to bed.


Sorry if I made any mistake as this was my first story. I will be eagerly waiting to hear from your side.

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