Virgin Student Deflowered By Her Trainer

Hi everyone, this is a real story that happened with one of my students – Sunita.

I am 40+, married with kids. I train students at a private educational institute. As it normally happens in middle age, sex life becomes monotonous and one seeks little excitement and adventure. That is the time when my student Sunita entered my erotic world.

She is in her early 20s and stands 5.5 ft. She is extremely hot with a dusky complexion. Although she had normal-sized boobs, she has a very sexy body. I never had my eyes on her and used to treat her normally like other students. She was very fond of me and used to be active in the class.

My family went out for summer vacations and I was alone. During that time, one day after the class, Sunita came to me to clarify a doubt. She was bending very close to me and showing the book. I could smell her perfume mixed with her body odor which aroused me. At that moment, her tits touched my hand!

The feeling was electrical and I had an instant boner. She saw the bulge in my pants. She looked at my crotch continuously without blinking. I too stared at her melons so closely. Soon we came back to our senses.

Both of us felt a little awkward and gave each other a vague smile. Immediately she said, “Sorry, sir” and rushed. But that moment spoilt the sanctity of our relationship.

From that moment, I fantasized about my hot student and wanted to enjoy her. I was excited to think if it happens, I would be lucky to have sex outside marriage with a young Indian girl. I used to make plans every day how to do it.

From the next day, she was not the usual. During the classes, I observed that she used to ogle at my dick whenever possible! I too used to admire her assets covertly.

Whenever I used to interact with her, she gave me vibes that things are not normal between us and I was sure what was running in my mind was also running in hers too. I couldn’t resist the feeling anymore and wanted to take it forward.

One day after the class, I asked her to stay back, which she did. After everyone left, I asked her what was her plan for the next day as it was Sunday.

She said her PG roommate went to her native so she will be alone and was wondering what to do. So, I enquired if she would be interested to have lunch with me outside. I told her that my family is out and I needed company. But she understood the real reason behind the plan but agreed.

As decided, we met a hotel nearby and lunched together. Sunita was dressed up like a sexy siren. I have never seen her before like that. She wore a sleeveless salwar kameez which was exposing the bulge of her tits and ass. Her top was low-cut and I could see the line between her breasts. I couldn’t help but stare at them whenever possible.

My junior was very busy trying to free from my pants and reach her cunt. I also noticed that she kept an eye on my super active dick. I was waiting to go home and jerk her off.

We finished our lunch and she asked me what was my plan. I told her I was heading home and asked her if she wants to accompany me. She understood the reason for asking that and she didn’t know what to say. I said I’ll drop her near her room before evening. She finally agreed. I took her to my house.

After entering my house, I showed her a bedroom and asked her to freshen up. In the meanwhile, I went to the loo in the other bedroom and had a wild shag. My young student too came to the drawing room after freshening up. I took her around my house and showed the entire house. Finally, I brought her to the master bedroom.

She sensed the reason for entering this room. I decided to make the first move. I thanked her for coming and said that I developed sexual feelings towards her in the last couple of days after the touch in the class and enquired how she felt. She too admitted that she too had similar feelings towards me.

She shocked me when she told me how she noticed me staring at her tits and she deliberately exposed her body to me. That gave me a huge high. I thought I shouldn’t waste any time.

I went close to her and put my hands on her hips. I was wondering how she would react. She was very quiet and was expecting my next move. I pulled her close to me and gave a kiss on the cheek. She looked into my eyes very deeply and then looked at my lips. Then I kissed her on the lips to gauge her reaction. She kissed me back.

The animal in me woke up after that. I hugged her tightly and our tongues were playing wildly. We started kissing each other passionately. I stroked my penis hard on her. I moved my hands on to her back and slid them down. I started squeezing her ass and groped her tightly. The kissing continued. I started kissing on her cheeks and neck.

I removed Sunita’s chunni and pushed her to the wall. I couldn’t control with the sight of my hot student’s bulging boobs. So, I started kissing and caressing them. I felt super amazed to touch and kiss tits other than my wife’s. I never dreamt in my wildest dreams this would happen. That very thought pushed my sexual energy to the hilt.

I quickly undressed her. Sunita was in her bra and pantie and I was in my underwear. Her knockers were popping out of her bra. I couldn’t control myself and removed her bra from the sides. Her boobs were out in the open and they were bigger than I expected.

Her nipples were dead erect and invited me to suck them. I immediately put her nipples in my mouth one after another and started sucking and licking them. I used my tongue to play on her areola. The young girl went crazy and moaned with her eyes closed. She pressed my head hard towards her tits.

I raised her arms and kissed her armpits. The scent of her underarms made me crazy. I persuaded both her pits passionately. She was enjoying the sniffing and licking.

I carried her and made her sit on the bed. I then removed my underwear to expose my erect manhood to her. I told her that this is how much I want her. As it was her first sexual encounter, she had no idea how to react and what to do with it. I made her touch it with her hands. She couldn’t hold it with one hand so she used her other hand to hold.

Sunita then kissed on the tip of my penis. That sent me shock waves all over my body. I tried putting my willy inside her mouth. As it was her first time, she was reluctant to take it inside and give a blowjob.

I made her lie on the bed. I removed her pantie and I kissed all over her sexy thighs. Then I spread her legs. The area was bushy. I couldn’t resist the feeling that I was fucking a virgin girl.

I separated the hair and started to kiss, lick, and suck her cunt. She exulted in pleasure. Her pussy was wet already and juices started flowing. It is understandable as it is her first time. I cleaned the juice using my tongue.

I buried my head in her pussy and started to dig deeper with my tongue. Her body was shaking with pleasure. I then put my finger inside her vagina started to push and pull. She screamed with pleasure with her head tilted towards her side.

I opened her cunt with my fingers and inserted my tongue inside. Her moaning increased. I felt her juices flowed out on to my tongue. I was the first to break her hymen.

I then rolled her over and made her bend in doggy style. I separated the walls of her ass and licked her asshole. My tongue was busy licking and she was shouting in ecstasy.

“Sir, please.. aah”. I kissed her ass and bit it.

Then I made her lie in missionary position. I held my monster and played it over her cunt. She then put her hands on her vagina indicating not to enter as she got scared, she would get pregnant.

I quickly grabbed a condom which I purchased sensing I would need it someday. I put the condom but then too she was reluctant. I could not resist that I was entering a tight virgin hole.

I assured her that nothing would happen and, in a moment, I inserted my dick inside her vagina. She tried pushing me back as she wasn’t sure. But I raised her arms and held them tightly with my hands.

I started giving wild strokes as she screeched in pain. I felt that it was indeed a tight hole to enter. Sunita increased her wailing with each stroke. I kissed on her lips to control her shouts. Her hands were busy scratching my back and holding my ass to reduce the intensity.

I stroked harder and harder and she was moaning with pain and pleasure. She groaned, “Sir.. aaah, please..”

I couldn’t control myself and after a few wild pumps, I splashed my juice inside her. She howled in ecstasy as I slowly stopped my moves. Although she whimpered for a few seconds, she too fell silent. I remained on top of her for a few minutes until the heat subsided. I got down from her body and fell aside. We lied naked for some time.

My feelings knew no bounds as I fulfilled my fantasy and had intercourse with another female in my life.

Sunita got up to dress and I was gaping her body. I got turned on again. She observed my lecherous gaze. So, I caught hold of her from behind and started kissing her sexy back while my member was in full attendance. She was shocked and asked me what is my intention.

I told her I want to do it once again for which she replied in affirmation. We had sex two more times before my family returned from vacation.

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