Loss Of Virginity In An Unexpected Situation

Hi there, I am Anuj and a frequent reader of this site. So this time, I just thought to share the story of my sexual encounter with my friend. It resulted in the loss of virginity for both of us.

To describe me, I am a 6’5” tall guy of 20 years with an average bo, somewhat round face, and normally a heavy beard.

The story is just some months earlier when the lockdown was relaxed, and students again started to gather in colleges. To my luck, my college was open but still running online. It allowed me to attend my coaching classes without losing attendance in my college.

Many of my friends were returning to the city in which the heroine of this story was also their Shresha. She is my classmate, and we both had a very different kind of bond.

Before the lockdown, we were just good friends. But after lockdown, when we reached Mumbai, it was all different. We used to talk and meet much more than earlier. Shresha was not an extrovert, and she had just a few friends. Maybe because she doesn’t hesitate to say anything to anyone.

Shresha was a bit on the darker side with assets 34-26-32. She was not that bubbly before. But during this lockdown, she put on some weight. We used to talk daily on call as she was in a single room in her hostel.

We had a good understanding, so sometimes we used to cross the limits and talk about sex or masturbation. As both were virgins, we just used to do premature kinds of talks. It was going well when suddenly Shresha rang me at 10 pm one night and was devasted with something.

I have seen her in such moods. Often she used to call me only when she was upset with her family or friends. But this time, she asked me about something weird. She asked me that can she come to my flat that night.

I was walking in the park after dinner, and those words stunned me. She has never asked for such a thing earlier. But with her voice so disturbed, I was just afraid. But I was alone in the rented flat. So I was scared to call a girl at night on my flat.

These thoughts were going in my mind when Shresha told “Anuj, are you there?” To which I replied, “Yes, yes.” She again requested me. I tried to explain that it would be very risky for me and tried to figure out the problem. But she refused to tell me and hung the phone.

I was worried about her and tried to call her. But she continuously hung my phone. After 2-3 calls, she picked the phone and said, “What is the issue now? Don’t call me if you are not ready to listen to my problem.”

I replied, “ I am ready to listen. But what will you do here (at my flat) the whole night?”

She said, “We will be talking the whole night. I don’t feel like staying in this room with such stress, due to which I want to come to your flat.” She added that “and you have no coaching tomorrow, so no need of sleeping early also.”

I was just wondering what to say. But at last after a half an hour talk I have to agree and let her come to the flat. But I requested her to come between 12-1 am because no one would see a girl coming into a boy’s flat at that time.

At 12:45 am, the bell rang. I saw that she was there with her college bag. I quickly got her in the room and checked whether anybody has seen her coming. I asked her about the bag. She replied that she has carried her pajamas and top in them with some eating stuff.

She went to the washroom and changed. She was not the kind of girl for which normally a guy would reach out or think bad. But in that attire and with that situation, I fluffed some of those dirty thoughts in my mind. She came and got settled.

I just asked her, “So, madam, what is the thing that has brought you here from your hostel?” Shresha replied, “See, I was really upset with my family. They are continuously forcing me on calls to go back home and leave my internships and all stuff. You tell me, Anuj, is it right to do so?”

I replied, “ No, it’s not right. But I don’t think this is the only reason for such kind of disturbing voice on the phone.”

Shresha, “Yes, actually (hesitantly ) I was feeling afraid alone in the room at the hostel, and it was a bit scary also there. So I decided to call you.”

Me, “Now that is the real reason. Now tell me, are you afraid of any kind of monster present there?”

Shresha, “Yes, kind off.” (hesitantly)

Me (in a comedy sense), “So don’t you know that where you are going has a much bigger monster? With a smaller monster inside my pajamas?”

Shresha (naughtily), “Hmm, ya, but you know I don’t think he can do anything to me.”

Listening to this, I was devasted. I just grabbed her and started to tickle her. She started to laugh loud and resisted. But I tickled her, and I accidentally pressed her boobs very hard through my chest. She could feel the pain and so just tried to throw me. But was unable to do so.

Then she shouted in pain with laughter, “Anuj, it hurts, please stop.” And at that time, I stopped. After coming to her senses, she slapped me on the shoulder and told me that I was hurting her. To which I asked where?

She replied in some anger, “My boobs, you idiot, you pressed them so hard.” After she said that, I naughtily tried to inspect, “Where? Let me check.” She hesitated and got embarrassed, and stood up. She ran to the kitchen, facing towards the other side and not looking at me.

I don’t know from where I grabbed the confidence. I stood up and went just behind her and grabbed her from behind. She first hesitated and tried to tell me, “What are you doing, Anuj? It’s not right.”

But I planted a soft kiss on her neck from behind. Her whole body shivered, and I just said softly, “If this is wrong, then coming at my flat so late at night was not an act of bravery,” in a sarcastic tone to which she has given a small smile. I immediately turned her and kept my lips on hers. We kissed very deeply.

It was the first kissing experience for both of us, but it felt like we will be submerged in each other. After a long 10-15 minute kiss, I lifted Shresha in my arms and marched towards the bedroom. When I put her on the bed, she was just looking down in embarrassment.

I raised her head from my hand, looked into her eyes deeply, and we kissed again deeply. And it went for more than 5-10 minutes. At this point in time, both of our hands were exploring each other’s back and hair. Here I took the move and slid my hand towards her boobs.

She became a little uncomfortable. But I just whispered in her ear softly,” each and every treasure of your body will be stolen tonight.” She smiled and winked. I was on the ninth cloud. I hugged Shresha hard and started lifting her top slowly. When it was fully off her body, I could see her boobs under a black bra.

I got so excited because it was the first time when I saw a woman in a bra. At that moment, she just tried to hide her exposure as it was her first time too. I slowly removed her hands and tried to suck her boobs above the bra.

Then I took it a step ahead and tried to remove her bra. But it was quite difficult for me. So Shresha helped me to unhook the bra. As the bra hook opened, it looked like her boobs just got rid of some cage, and they just bounced on my face.

I removed the bra completely, to which she was again hesitant. But I slowly drew her hands away and started slowly sucking boobs. She gave a little moan which was a sign that now even she has started to enjoy. I was licking each and every bit of her upper body.

She was responding with closed eyes and slow moans. Now I was licking her belly and was slowly dropping her pajamas. She said, “No, Anuj, please stop. Going further than this will be a problem.” I understood what she meant, but I requested her.

Me, “Shresha, don’t worry, nothing will go wrong. I will not insert my monster until you are ready.”

For some time, she hesitated. But after my some more request she nodded. After her approval, I took no time to remove her pajamas. She was just appearing to me like a sex goddess then. I started kissing her knees and coming slowly to her thighs.

Her black panty was wet. I removed her panty and then planted the first kiss on her vagina. She just shivered in pleasure. I kissed her hairy vagina and tried to tongue fuck her vagina, as I have seen in porn videos. Her vagina was very stiff. Finally, I was in her glory hole.

She was moaning quite heavily and kept saying, “Oh, Anuj, please don’t stop. Yes, baby, I am going to cum.”

With that very sentence, she just squirted all her juices at my face. She picked me up, removed my pajamas as the t-shirt was already off earlier. She hugged me with heavy breaths and said, “Thank you, Anuj it was the best feeling I have had until now. It’s my turn to return the favor.”

Listening to this, I removed my underwear, and my erect cock bounced out of it. Seeing this, Shresha was a little nervous. I consoled her that whenever she feels uncomfortable, we will stop. She nodded in agreement with a smile.

Now I came above her and slowly tried to insert my erect dick in her pussy. Her pussy was tight. So I tried to insert it with some force in response, of which Shresha was screaming. To stop her, I planted a kiss on her lips and continued the process.

Then, in one stroke, I pushed my whole dick inside her wet and hot pussy. There were tears in her eyes. When she got stable, I again started the too and fro motion and continuously kissed to avoid her scream. After one or two strokes, she was relaxed.

Now it was when I could be a little hard at her. So I started to stroke a little faster, to which she moaned. Shresha, “Anuj, you will tear my vagina in the first sex only.”

I just kept increasing my speed, as a result of which her moans were also louder. And after 10-20 minutes of stroking, I cummed outside her pussy as I was quite aware of the consequences. Meanwhile, she came twice, and all her hot juices made me fuck her harder.

After that, we fell asleep in each other’s arms and cuddled. When we woke up, it was almost 11 am. I told her to wait until 2 so that we could be together for some more time. Also, in the hot afternoon, there will be not many people who could see her going out.

After two days she left for her home town. But before that, we met at a cafe and promised to meet again after she returns.

That’s it, guys. I hope you all enjoyed my story about losing my virginity to help my best friend. Let me know if there could be any further suggestions. See you then.

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