How I Turned Into A Sexy Cross-Dresser – Part 2

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Hello everyone, I am AJ. Here is the second part of my story about a sexy CD photo session. In case you missed the first part, read it here. Now let’s get back to the story. It’s been a month since our last meet. I got a message that Friday from him.

“Hey, let’s meet tomorrow. Plan to stay for the weekend. I have sexy plans for you, my slut.”

I was excited, and horny reading that, jerked twice went to bed. That morning I woke up early, cleaned myself, shaved my full body again. Applied lotion and got ready. Reached his place around 10. He was waiting for me at the door. Once I got in sat on the sofa, he came near me and caressing my thighs.

I asked, “What’s the plan?” He told me, “I am going to make you a sexy CD model. And do a sexy photo shoot.” I was so happy to hear that my long-time dream came true.

He gave me a transparent black saree, a red strapless bra, red thong, high heels, a leg anklet, and attachable nose studs. Seeing all those things make me very excited. After few minutes, got ready. I took two pair of handkerchief folded and kept inside my bra.

I looked into the mirror. I looked sexy as a girl. I can’t believe the transformation myself. My fair smooth skin is complimenting very well in that saree. I was looking like a fair smooth girl with a tomboy haircut.

Came out and asked him, “Well, how do I look?” He was excited to see me like that. He came to me, kissed me, and said, “You are a sexy girl, no doubt about that.”  Our lips locked for few minutes, exchanging saliva. Then he took me to the sofa make me sit in legs crossed one on another like girl.

Made my saree pallu slightly open to expose my red bra. I applied red lipstick. Asked me to pose like kissing. Took few snaps from different angles with his camera. Few more ideas, like standing close to the wall with my ass turned towards the camera.

And bend towards the camera so that my cleavage will be captured in the camera. I made sure the kerchief I stuffed inside didn’t show up in the camera. Seeing those sexy moves, his cock got hard while taking pictures. He came near me. I understood what he wants.

I opened his shorts, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I rolled my lips like slut by seeing his hard cock. He took that sexy pose. Slowly I started to kiss his cock, he started a video of that. I asked if it is safe. He said, “Don’t worry. I will delete it after finishing or give it to you only.”

So I continued taking his cock. I was giving head while he was taping the sexy blowjob of mine. Slowly I took his full cock and started to give a sloppy wet blowjob. The idea of me sucking a cock dressed like a complete girl (shemale) turned me on.

I licked his balls started to suck those, and jerked his cock at the same time. He let loud moans. He got so horny, started fucking my mouth gently. I closed my eyes and let him take charge. After few minutes, he said out loud, “ I am gonna cum. Drink it, my slut.”

He took his cock out and cummed on my face a few drops, and then put it inside my mouth. I drank his cum without wasting a single drop. After that cleaned his cock with my tongue. He took sexy snaps of me, having his cum on my face and his cock poking my face.

We cleaned ourselves. Watched the video and snaps he took. I was looking like a pornstar when I suck his cock and drinking his cum. With messed up lipstick and cum on my face, I was definitely looking like slutty bitch. I enjoyed that. He enjoyed that more than me.

We slept for few hours after lunch. That evening I woke up. Didn’t saw him. He went out somewhere. Called his phone, he said he will be back in an hour. So I went to take a shower, cleaned myself. Emptied my stomach because I knew sensual fucking action is waiting for me.

I had a nice shower, came out. By that time, he came back with a cover in his hand. He saw me came out of the shower with a towel. He came near and gently spanked my ass and kissed me. Said, “Wow, you smell nice and fresh.” He hugged me from back and kissed my ear lobes and neck.

I loosen my towel and getting horny. His cock inside the shorts was gently poking my ass. I can feel it’s getting hard. He suddenly moved back. I was confused. Understood my confusion, “I want you to get ready for the second photo session!” he said.

He gave me another pair of saree, this time is a red saree, black bra, and matching color thong. He took jasmine flowers and a curly black wig from the cover. I smiled by seeing that. He told me, “ I knew you will love it!”

I went to get ready. Got ready and came out in few minutes. He came close from the back and hugged me. He helped me to wear the wig and then the jasmine flowers. Now I went and look myself in the mirror. I was looking slutty hot.

We continued my second sexy photo session. This time it was with a wig and flowers, thick red lipstick applied to my lips, nose studs, leg anklets, and high heels. I was looking like a real crossdresser or transexual, you can say.

He made me do slutty poses like keeping banana in my mouth. He loosened my saree pallu and have it in my hands and show my bra. I was turned on by each pose. I can feel he is also getting hard and horny.

He made me turn back, my smooth fair back with a strapless bra and hip curves. He made me stretch my arms on the wall, exposing my smooth armpits. He captured all of these poses.

He kept the camera and aside and came close to me. Hugged me, gently kissed my cheek, took me to the bedroom. Made me lie down. Switched on the AC. Came on top of me. Kissed my cheek, “You look like the first-night bride.” he said. “I love to be like that for you,” I replied.

He kissed my lips passionately. I went with the flow. He slowly moved his hands over my bra and squeezed my boobs. Saw the kerchief inside, took it out, and winked at me, saying, “This is how your boobs got bigger,” and kissed my neck. He went down to my bra, gently adjusted it, and kissed my nipple.

I left a moan. He heard that started to kiss, lick my nipple more deeply. I was holding his head on my nipple. He switched to another nipple. I was in heaven. Loved the feeling of being a complete girl to a man who admired crossdressers and smooth guys.

I was moaning like a girl. And my moans made him hornier and encouraged him to eat my taste my body more. Went down to my navel, started licking with his tongue. And came down to my black thong on my clean-shaven fair hip. It looked sexy.

He moved it down and kissed my thighs started to play with my small cock. Kissed my ass and gently smelled it. Slowly turned me back and started to eat my asshole. His tongue was exploring my ass, and his fingers soon started to invade my ass. It was tight since it’s been a while after my virgin fuck.

Soon my ass hole is loose enough due to his finger’s continuous invasion. He came up and hugged me from the back, kissed my neck and ear lobes. He slowly moved his cock to my ass. Gently pushed it. It pained. He kissed my lips, making me slightly turn towards him, and started to play with my nipples.

After that, he pushed his full cock. A few minutes later, he started to fuck me from the backside. I was feeling horny and moaning like a slut. He increased the speed. His cock was fully inside my ass, continuously going in and out.

Then he made me in a doggy position and started to fuck me. Holding my wig, he was riding me. That felt good and continued for a few minutes. He stopped and took me to the sofa made me sit on his lap and ride his cock. In this position, my ass walls stretched wide even more.

Gently spank my ass while me riding his cock, jumping up and down. He kissed my lips and bite my nipples while fucking. He soon reached climax and took his cock out. He made me kneel down and cum on my face, lips, and nipples.

In that pose, he took few snaps. After that we had dinner. During dinner, we watched the video of my blowjob and sexy slutty poses on his TV. We had great fun again during the night. I was practically his slutty girl the whole weekend. We fucked in every corner of the home. He deleted the video and pics that he took for our safety.

Stay tuned for the next part, where he invited his close friend and made me dress like a slutty girl. We had an awesome threesome, my first threesome.

Meanwhile, any good-looking decent married top with a safe place in Bangalore that can offer me girly wear, make-up items, and accessories, connect me via mail [email protected] See you soon.

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