Losing My Virginity To Help My Bestie

Hello folks, this is Martin from Kerala. I am an IT professional who’s currently settled in Delhi. I was a regular reader of ISS since 2016. But this is the first time I’m going to share my experience. For the reader’s information, the names used in this post are altered/changed due to our privacy purposes.

Let’s get to the story now. I was born in a middle-class family and I studied at the local Govt School. Yes, I had affairs, although I wasn’t a hero to attract a lot of girls. The truth is, I was afraid to talk to girls. And till today I’m a bit hesitant to open a conversation with any women.

When I had selected Computer Science as my mainstream in my HSE, I joined a tuition center to get an extra push for Maths and Physics. I met Neha there. She was chubby, fair with curly hair and specs on full time. Eventually, we became friends and our friendship is still going strong.

We were allowed to talk anything between us. We had phone calls overnight and sometimes the limits were crossed. We were able to ignore the talks the next day since there was nothing sexual between us. After completing our courses we were able to jump into our careers.

She got hired into an MNC. I started my job as a trainee in a startup and was struggling to pick up the pace. After one year she resigned her job and came back home since her parents were looking for an alliance for her. They found the perfect guy for her and she was happy.

After her marriage, the calls between us were reduced. We were in touch via texts, about one or two times a month. Her husband was working in a private bank and she joined a PG course. It was about a year after her marriage. She called me and we started our conversation as usual.

But the call got longer and I understood that there is something wrong. I asked her what happened? What is it she worried about? On the other end of the phone, she started crying after I asked this. She told me that her husband was unable to get an erection.

She was still a virgin after 9 months of her marriage. I told her to consult with a doctor. He was almost 33 years old and she was just 23. The doctors prescribed him some medicines and exercises to get him active. I also know that she was an alpha female. So I told her to take some efforts to get things easier for him.

By this time I had moved to Bangalore for a better pay scale. After 3 months her husband was also transferred to Bangalore. They also moved to Bangalore. I was staying in a 1RK and they took a 2BHK close to his office. She was also relieved from the pressure for a baby from her in-laws and family members.

They thought it was her issue. On a weekend, I went to their apartment and he was not there. So I and Neha had a long conversation. She told me that she’s not a virgin anymore. Her husband was able to take her virginity after the treatment. But this leads to another issue that his sperm quality got lost.

And still, he wasn’t able to make her pregnant. In the evening he came back. we went for an outing and had some awesome food. She introduced me to him at her engagement and we were close enough. On the way to their apartment, he asked me to say at their place for a couple of days.

He had to go for some product launch training and he needed to stay there. Also, he wanted me to drop him off at the railway station in the morning. I agreed to that. The next day morning, I packed my bag and went to their apartment. I reached their apartment and he opened the door.

I left my bag there and we all went to the railway station. It was a 15 minutes drive. After he got into his train I and Neha started back to their apartment. On the way back she asked me to take a day off and stay with her. She wanted to go for some shopping.

I called my HR and informed her that I won’t be able to make it today since I’m not feeling well. After reaching the apartment she served me breakfast and we ate it together. By 11:00 we went shopping. On the way back she asked me to get her a beer and get something for me too.

I am not a beer guy. So I bought a Magic Moments full and two Tuborg Strong beers for her. We arrived at the apartment by 4:00 and we were hungry. She had not cooked anything. So she grabbed my phone and ordered some Chinese dishes. Then she went to her room for a shower.

I also went to the room that was arranged for me and took a shower. When I back the Zomato guy was on the calling bell. I received the delivery. I grabbed one espresso shot glass from the kitchen and I had three shots of the vodka. by this time she was back after her shower.

She was wearing light yellow leggings and a black low cut t-shirt which was also short-sleeved. We sat together and had our food. She took the remaining food and put it into the refrigerator. Then we went to the balcony. We started talking and stayed there until the sun went down.

After the sunset, we came back to the dining room. She took one beer bottle from the refrigerator and I took my vodka. We moved to the hall and sat there. She handed the beer bottle to me. I opened it with my tooth and give it back to her. She started sipping the beer slowly.

I went back to the room to pick the Firestick from my bag to plug into the TV. When I was back she was on the phone and it was her hubby. I plugged the Firestick dongle into the TV and turned it on. Suddenly she took the TV remote and put it on mute and showed me the gesture to keep silence.

So I went to the dining room and picked my Vodka and the short glass and came back to the hall. In this time she has finished the conversation and put the phone down. So I grabbed the remote and turned the TV on again. I started playing my favorite series on Prime Videos.

When the episode was over, I was on my shot number 5 (8 in total). She was about to finish her beer. So she went back to the dining room and came back with the second beer and two packs of Dairy Milk Silk and Dates. She finished the beer and gave the second bottle to me.

Once again I opened the bottle and give it back to her. She asked me to open the Dairy Milk packets and I did that too. She moved her position close to me and our bodies were touching each other. I was able to feel the heat from her body. I put on the next episode and we continued our drinking.

I stopped at 11 shots in total and she was at the half of her second beer. She then gave it to me to sip and I took 2 – 3 sips and give it back to her. I took the Dairy Milk. I put my hands in the packet and started sucking my fingers since it was melted already. Her 34 sized boobs were already touching on my back arm.

She then grabbed my hands and started sucking the fingers for the chocolate. So I took my hand and put it into the packet again and give it to her. She was about to reach her limit on alcohol. So I grabbed the bottle and finished it. After the chocolates and the beers are out, my eyes are over the vodka again.

I took two more shots and she grabbed my third one. We sat there for another hour and she vomited on my lap and fell into it. I was also on the ridge, but I managed not to vomit. I tried to make her stand and get her to the washroom. But that wasn’t happening.

Her t-shirt was fully drenched and her nipples were pointing out. I realized that she wasn’t wearing any bras. Since she wasn’t able to walk, I took her on my shoulder and went to the bathroom in my room. I managed to make her sit on a chair in the bathroom and started cleaning her face.

I told her to sit there and went back to clean up the mess in the hall. When I came back she managed to turn on the shower and made her fully drenched. I also wanted to change my shorts and clean myself up. Since she was in the washroom fully drenched, I was hesitating to enter the bathroom.

I gave her a towel from my bag and asked her to dry herself up. She replied back to me to help her to dry up. I entered the bathroom and looked at her. I could still see the remains of the vomiting on her t-shirt and leggings. I turned on the shower once again.

I made her stand properly under the shower to make sure that water is falling properly on her. She then dragged me into her and hugged me tightly from my back and started to clean up my shorts. My cock was already wakened when I saw her drenched under the shower.

Now her hands were running over my shorts. I asked her to stop. But she refused and continued the same. I grabbed her to my front and asked her, “Have you lost your mind?”

Neha: No, I want you to help me. He (her Hubby) can’t fulfill my desire. He can’t give me a baby. I don’t want to go to any stranger for this.

She hugged me tight and put her face over my chest. She was shivering due to the cold water on her body and drenched clothes. I told her that we can discuss this. We need to get dried and change our clothes. I don’t want to catch a cold. Without waiting for her response I turned off the shower and grabbed the towel.

I started to dry her hair and mine first. I noticed that she was crying. To give her a relief I kissed her forehead. I told her that we have to change the cloths. She just nodded for that. So once again I took her on my shoulders and got back to the room. I pulled her t-shirt up and she made it easy for me by holding her hands up.

For the first time in my life, a woman was topless in my front. The towel was still in my hand. I started to clean the water drops on her body. She looked at my eyes and I continued to do the drying. Her underarms are a bit hairy with pure black hair and mine was brown.

When drying her 34 sized white melons I couldn’t take my eyes from those fully erected nipples. So she took the charge and removed my t-shirt and grab the towel from me. She started to dry my hairy chest and back. Then she pushed me to the wall-mounted mirror, attached to a shelf in the corner of the room.

She faced against the mirror and placed my left hand on her left nipples. She placed her hands over my mine and started to press her tits over my palm. By seeing this my dick was fully erect and touching her ass crack. With her right arm, she pulled my hair down.

She kissed me on my lips by turning her neck back. Also, whispered in my ears, “It’s okay. Just take your time.” My hesitation was turning into lust. She was waiting for my response. I put my other hand on her second boobs over her arms and started pressing gently. Those melons were not crushed yet.

She was moaning and closed her eyes in 3 minutes. Our clothes were still drenched. So I turned her around and started to pull her leggings down. It was a hard job since its fully drenched. I could see her white panties through the leggins. She grabbed my hair when I pulled the leggings fully down.

I took the towel and dried her thighs. She made me stand by grabbing my hair and pulled down my shorts in a flash. She made clear that she is in a hurry. I grabbed the towel and cleaned myself up and lead her to the bed. My dick is not a fancy 9′ monster, just 6.5 inches. But it noticeably thick.

I made her lie on the edge of the bed. I slowly pulled down her panties after placing a light kiss on her thighs. She placed her legs over my shoulder and raised her hips to make it easy for me. Her pussy was also hairy. I got into the bed and kissed her on her cheeks.

Once again I asked her in her ears, “Are you sure about this?” Her answer was a tight hug and kiss on my lips. We stayed in the same position for about 5 minutes and breathing heavily after the long kiss. She whispered in my ears “Make me yours.” I replied to her with a nod, “Not yet.”

I moved down and started sucking her nipples. I swapped my lips in between those two nipples every 2 minutes and pressed the other one. Her fingers were running all over my hair. I then moved into her pubic hair that covers that lovely pussy. I again started by kissing her thighs.

Then I spread her vertical lips using my fingers and kissed on her pussy. It was already wet and started dripping. I placed her legs on my shoulder to make her more comfortable. My tongue was rolling over her pussy. I was pushing slowly deep into her love hole. Her hips were going up and down.

She was moaning madly and pushing me into her pussy to go deeper. In three minutes she squirted over my face. I was able to collect some of her love juice in my mouth. I get into the bed to close to her and kissed her and let her taste her juice. I know that if I start to fuck her now I’m going to cum within minutes.

So I told her to take my dick in her mouth. She said she had never done that. I told her that I am a virgin. She was laughing and asked, “Really?” I nodded yes. I told her to sit on the floor on her knees and I sat on the edge of the bed. She slowly put my fully erect pre-cum dripping cock into her mouth.

I was sure that I’m going to cum in her mouth in no time. She was keeping the rhythm slow to avoid bites. I tried to push my dick into her deep throat and she choked. So I didn’t try it anymore. After 5 minutes of her sucking, I got the feeling that I’m going to cum. So I told her that I’m about to cum.

She didn’t want to spoil the pleasure. She took it all in her mouth till the last drop of the cum was off my dick. She jumped over me and kissed me on my lips. Now I got the chance to taste my cum with her saliva in the mouth. We stayed kissing for another 10 minutes. We continued our kissing passionately.

After 15 minutes my dick was ready for the war of its first time fuck. She already told me that my cock is bigger than her hubby, especially on the thickness. I again kissed her pussy and placed my dick on the gates of heaven. She directed him to the correct path.

Since her love hole was wet, it was easy for my boy to go in. I slowly started to push in and pull back. It took me 5 minutes to find a rhythm. Once I got the rhythm she asked me to treat her like my bitch. I was on full speed inside her. She was moaning heavily. I grabbed her tits and started crushing them.

In 10 minutes she had her second orgasm of the night. She was breathing heavily. After leaving a few minutes to catch her breath we started again. This time we were too aggressive. In the next 15 minutes, she told me that she’s about to cum again. I was also on the ridge.

I increased my speed and we both came together. Then I fell on her. She hugged me hard and kissed on on all over my face. Her cum-thirsty pussy walls were crushing my cock to get the last drop of my cum. It was already 9:30 and we both were hungry. The liquor has vanished from our veins.

She whispered in my ears take leave for the rest of the days till her hubby is back. She wanted to fuck me till he comes. We both woke up from bed and walked to the kitchen.

Hope you guys enjoyed my first sex experience with my best friend. Let me know your feedback at [email protected] on Hangouts about this story. And depending on that I may update the rest of the days of our encounter.

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