Green University – Part 4

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Aryan convinced Sam to get admission to the Green University as both were enjoying their coffee. Both Aryan and Sam start imagining all the fun they will probably have at Green University. On the other side of the café, Shruti and Manisha were enjoying their coffee.

Shruti and Sam were facing opposite each other, whereas Manisha and Aryan were facing each other. At first, Aryan did not notice Manisha. As soon as Aryan convinced Sam and both started having their coffee, Aryan takes his eyes around and stops when he sees two girls talking on the other side of the café.

Drinking their coffee, Aryan looks at Manisha and thinks, “Jeez, what an ugly girl.”

Manisha notices that Aryan was looking at her, so she rests her elbow on the table to expose her huge melons. She is wearing a red, short dress which is barely covering half of her thighs.

The dress has a low-cut neck and as soon as she rests her elbow on the table, half of her boobs are visible to everyone inside the café. Looking at Manisha’s big cleavage, Aryan says to Sam, “Damn bro, that girl has huge boobs. I am already getting a hard-on, haha.”

Sam turns around and looks at Manisha, but his eyes stopped at Shruti’s back. “I think the other girl is beautiful,” Sam says as he continues looking at Shruti’s back with the hope that she will turn around and show her face.

It doesn’t happen though, so Sam looks at Aryan, “She is so ugly, haha. Not my type.”

“Who cares about the face. Look at that melon bro, Mmmmmm,” Aryan laughs and licks his lips.

As Aryan keeps looking, Manisha gives him a smile and makes sure to expose some more of her cleavage.

Shruti feels embarrassed and says, “What are you doing, Manisha? Everyone is looking at your boobs.”

“Just look at that guy on the other side. He is so hot and he is staring at my boobs,” Manisha says and winks at Aryan.

Shruti wants to turn around and look at Aryan but she feels that will be too inappropriate and cheap.

While Aryan was staring and enjoying the view of Manisha’s cleavage, Sam calls Harry. Harry tells Sam he will be in town tonight and will visit him at his apartment. Sam tells the same thing to Aryan and says he has to leave now.

Aryan says, “Okay, I will meet you tomorrow at the office, bro. I will stay here for a while, let’s hope I will get to fuck that girl tonight.”

Sam laughs, “The bill is on you then, best of luck bro,” and leaves the café.

While leaving, he takes his eyes to Shruti and finally gets to look at her face. Sam cannot believe his eyes and all he says is, “Wow.”

Shruti is wearing a purple maxi-type dress with a deep, low-cut neck. Her cleavage is visible but what caught Sam’s eyes is her face. All of a sudden, Sam forgets about Sandhya and starts dreaming about Shruti. He leaves the café but keeps trying to look at her as much as he can. Shruti doesn’t notice him though.

Manisha and Aryan are still doing their thing. Aryan who is wearing black pants and a cotton shirt, already has a big hard-on inside his pant.

Mainsha, also feels her pussy itching, and she cannot take it anymore.

“I will pee and come,” she says and walks towards the restroom. Aryan looks at her as she leaves for the restroom. On the way, Manisha gives him a sign to meet her at the restroom.

Aryan gets up and follows Manisha. Manisha is already inside the toilet and as Aryan is about to pass through the door, Manisha holds his hand and pulls him inside. Both of them don’t think much and started kissing.

For about five minutes, they stay inside the toilet and do everything they can do in those five minutes. Kissing each other lips, they make sure to touch each other’s private parts. Aryan also manages to suck Manisha’s huge melons.

But, as they hear someone approaching the toilet, Aryan gives her the address of his apartment and tells her to meet him tonight.

Manisha says, “Okay,” and leaves the toilet.

She joins Shruti and winks at her. Looking at Manisha’s messy dress and sweat all over her face, she understands by then that Manisha had some fun inside the restroom.

“You kissed a guy inside the restroom? Are you insane?” Shruti asks in a rather disgusted tone.

Manisha laughs and explains, “Not just a kiss, he sucked my boobs and I am all wet down here babe. I also rubbed his cock and oh god, his cock is no less than 8 inches long..and you know what? He gave me his address and we will fuck tonight.”

Shruti gets tempted hearing of that 8 inches long cock, but she controls her feelings, “So you will fuck him tonight?”

“Why not? When will I get this opportunity again? To fuck such a handsome hunk? You can join us if you want, babe.”

Manisha winks at Shruti. Shruti is tempted by the offer, but it is almost impossible for her to do all that inside the town because of her father.

While Manisha was explaining all that to Shruti, Aryan pays the bill and leaves the café. While leaving; he winks at Manisha and gives her a naughty smile.

After chatting for a while, Manisha and Shruti also leave the café. Now they are in Shruti’s room and Manisha is planning for her night with Aryan. Shruti is feeling jealous but she cannot do anything. So she just acts normal and helps Manisha choose a dress for her night with Aryan.

Shruti gives Manisha a sexy, orange-colored mini-dress and a pink G-string. Getting all naked in front of Shruti, Manisha puts on the G-string and turning around shows her ass to Shruti. Watching Manisha like that, Shruti feels itchy in her pussy but somehow, she controls it.

Manisha then put on the dress without wearing a bra. The short mini-dress is exposing half of her boobs and it barely covers her ass. The shape of her nipples are visible but she doesn’t hesitate and says, “This looks perfect. What do you think babe?”

Shruti pats Manisha’s ass and replies, “You look so sexy. I bet he will start leaking at the first look, haha.”

Manisha puts on simple makeup even though she is never a makeup kind of girl. She would rather flaunt her big ass and big boobs to get the attention of hot guys.

She looks at herself in the mirror turning around 3-4 times, admiring herself. She bends to look if her g-string is perfectly between her labia or not. When all set, she hugs Shruti and says, “Goodbye.”

Shruti who is feeling jealous and sad for herself gives Manisha a hug and grabs her ass while still hugging her.

Manisha does the same and whispers in Shruti’s ear, “You can still join us, babe.”

Shruti who desperately wants to join Manisha and Aryan still says, “No,” and pats Manisha’s ass, “Go now and enjoy. And don’t forget to tell me everything tomorrow, haha.”

Manisha sees sadness behind Shruti’s smile and gives her a smooch. Shruti sucks on Manisha’s lips and grabs her ass. Both the girls kiss each other for a while and Shruti finally tells Manisha to go. Manisha leaves as Shruti runs to the kitchen to help her mom.

Aryan is in his apartment and hoping for Manisha to join him for tonight. He readies himself wearing jeans with no underwear. He matches his jeans with a red and black checkered shirt and makes sure to fold the sleeves and leave it un-tucked.

He puts on perfume and patiently waits for Manisha to arrive. While Aryan is waiting for Manisha, Sandhya is joined by one of her colleagues, Ankita. Similarly, not so far away from Aryan’s apartment, Harry is already inside Sam’s apartment.

After 15 minutes of waiting, Aryan hears a knock on his door. Manisha is finally there, flaunting her curvy body with a tight, short, orange dress and wearing black pointed heels. She cannot wait to take Aryan’s fat cock inside her cunt and that feeling is already making her pussy itchy.

Aryan is feeling the same and he already has a hard-on. With a big bulge in his jeans, he walks towards the door and opens it. Both Manisha and Aryan look at each other for a while, and without saying a word, Manisha walks inside and throws herself into Aryan’s arms.

Aryan does the same and in no time, they are sucking each other’s lips. Aryan pushes the door and locks it as he sucks Manisha’s lips and moves her towards the couch. Manisha throws her handbag away and gives herself completely to Aryan. Both start breathing heavily and both get extremely horny.

Aryan already has a big bulge, and big wet spots on his jeans whereas Manisha’s nipples get erect and her G-string is dripping with her pussy juice. Manisha’s dress is already up and exposing her thick ass while her hard nipples are a few actions away from being exposed.

After kissing for a while, Manisha pushes Aryan on the sofa. Aryan sits in the soda stretching his legs and spreading them to give Manisha a full view of his bulge. They still don’t know each other’s names but who cares? They just want to fuck.

Manisha doesn’t hesitate and giving Aryan a naughty smile, takes off her dress. She is now standing there just wearing her G-string which is already dripping with her juice. Aryan breathes heavily and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

Meanwhile, Manisha is already down on his knees and rubbing her palm on Aryan’s bulge. “Finally a type of cock I have always dreamt of,” she says to herself before taking out her tongue and moving over Aryan’s big bulge.

While Manisha is teasing him with her tongue, Aryan finishes unbuttoning his shirt and sits there showing his toned chest and abs. Manisha looks at that with her tongue still on Aryan’s bulge and says, “Mmmmm..Hottie.”

She cannot wait more and unbuttons Aryan’s jeans. She slowly unzips his pant and as soon as she does that, Aryan’s cock bounces in the air. That view makes Manisha more excited and in no time, Aryan’s cock is inside Manisha’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm.. take it all inside, babe,” Aryan moans hard as Manisha wriggles her tongue around the tip of his cock. Manisha strokes his cock slowly while playing with the tip of the cock with her tongue.

Aryan who is having such an awesome blowjob after 5-6 months cannot take it anymore, and with a loud moan shoots his cum all inside Manisha’s mouth. Manisha takes some of it inside her mouth while some drops around her face.

She sweeps them with her finger and puts it in her mouth, “Mmmmmmm..I never had so much cum, haha.”

Aryan had such an intense orgasm for the first time in the past year. He is tired but there is a satisfied look on his face.

Manisha gets up and moves over Aryan, rubbing her G-string on Aryan’s shrunk cock. “I need to go to the washroom to clean this, where is the washroom? You can join me if you want,” Manisha winks at him and gives him a kiss.

Aryan doesn’t say anything and just points towards the bathroom. She gets up and seductively takes off her G-string. She makes sure to bend her knees and shows her asshole and wet dark pussy to Aryan. Aryan who had an intense orgasm just a while ago feels horny again looking at Manisha’s ass and pussy.

Manisha walks towards the washroom giving Aryan a sign to follow her. As Manisha walks inside the bathroom, Aryan gets up and takes off his jeans. He then walks towards the bathroom and as he enters, he grabs Manisha from behind who is washing her face in the basin.

Manisha just laughs and continues cleaning herself while Aryan rubs his semi-hard cock on Manisha’s ass. He grabs her boobs from behind and whispers in her ear, “I don’t even know your name.”

Manisha still washing her face turns around and faces Aryan.

“We can do the introduction later,” she winks as she takes her hand down and grabs Aryan’s dick. She has become so wet that her juice now starts flowing down her thighs. Aryans get fully erect as Manisha grabs his cock.

Looking into her eyes, he also takes his hand between her legs to feel her moist pussy. Manisha trembles a little as Aryan touches her pussy. She starts stroking his cock slowly while Aryan slides his middle finger between Manisha’s labia.

The situation gets intense again and both of them start kissing each other. Manisha who is having fun with a guy after a long time cannot take it anymore and pulls Aryan’s cock near her pussy. Aryan who has been through the same obliges and slowly rubs his dick on Manisha’s wet cunt.

“Mmmmm,” Manisha moans and trembles as she feels the touch of Aryan’s cock on her cunt. She spreads her legs and sucks on Aryan’s lips. She takes her hands to Aryan’s ass and pulls it towards her. Aryan, in no time, pushes half of his cock inside Manisha’s cunt.

Both of them tremble in pleasure and slowly, Aryan pushes all his dick inside Manisha. Kissing each other’s lips, now they start fucking. The room fills with their moans. To make it easier, Aryan lifts Manisha’s left leg and moves his ass to go deep inside her pussy.

Meanwhile, Manisha stops kissing and puts her hand over Aryan’s shoulder. She starts moaning wildly and loudly, “Mmmmm..fuck me babe.. fuck me like a bitch.. make me your slut.. Mmmmmm aahhhhhhhhh yessssss.”

Aryan gets even more excited with her moans and increases his speed. After fucking in that position for a while, Manisha turns around and bends over putting her hands on the basin. Aryan spread her legs a little and starts fucking her from behind.

Manisha starts moaning like a wild slut with every stroke Aryan makes into her pussy. They then fuckin that position, for five minutes, before Aryan releases all his cum, inside Manisha’s pussy. Manisha also reaches her climax with continuous strokes from Aryan’s huge 8 inches cock.

Aryan rests himself over Manisha’s back with his dick still inside her. Manisha who is tired just stays there for a while. Cum starts oozing out from Manisha’s pussy and flows down her thighs. Both of them have a satisfied look on their faces.

Later, they take a shower together and clean themselves. They also introduce themselves to each other while preparing dinner. After knowing Manisha is already in Green University, Aryan tells her how he and Sam are planning to join the university in the new session.

Both of them get excited with the hope of being together at the Green University. After having dinner together, they head towards the bedroom where the remaining fun awaits them.

Green University – Part 5


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