Giving In To My Carnal Desires

I sat up dazed from the previous night’s events.

The first light of dawn dimly lit my hostel room. The empty bed opposite to me indicated that my roommate was still out. There was a faint noise from the distance that I could hear. The programs must have been going on all night, well beyond the expected closing time.

I rubbed my eyes as my senses began to return and pulled off the blanket covering my morning wood. I sat at the edge of the bed. I looked beside me anxiously, where Neha was still fast asleep, happily devirginized.

I took a sip of water and started to recollect the events of the previous night. I remembered dancing with my friends when Neha joined in. We were already drunk and had a bottle of spiked water with us to keep the momentum going for the entire night.

One of my friends offered Neha the drink. She happily accepted, much to my surprise. She wasn’t someone you would expect to drink. It did seem like she lacked experience when she struggled with the taste. Neha managed to get a few sips in before giving it back, but that was adequate to give her a decent high.

I looked at Neha again. She was lying on her side facing me, and she almost had a smile on her face. The blanket had shifted when I got up, exposing her from the waist up. Her dark skin was radiant in the dim morning light. Her small boobs had a tinge of red to them from my last night’s efforts.

I felt a twitch between my legs as I reached out to cover her with the blanket again. I could make out that her nipples were erect, whether from the morning chill or not. I did not know. The blanket lay so teasingly close to revealing her pussy that I had to resist the urge to pull it down as I covered her.

Neha had been my classmate since the first year of college, certainly not a new college girl. She was very friendly and an average student, not into sports nor studies. She didn’t have many guys showing interest in her as she was quite short and skinny and lacked a feminine figure.

Her dusky complexion and tiny boobs didn’t help her cause either. But she was on friendly terms with everyone and not shy in any sense of it. Neha was average-looking at best, and my friends made a point of teasing her appearance in our private conversations.

It was an open secret that she had a crush on me. My friends would never miss an opportunity to pull my leg when they got the chance. I was quite average-looking myself, but everyone felt that I could do better. Neha wasn’t someone who would entice your lust. So a fling with her was off the table as well.

I got up as these thoughts started to flood my mind. Our clothes were littered on the ground. I pulled up my pants and paced the room. It was already 6:30 in the morning. I had to get Neha out of the hostel before someone caught us. Girls were, of course, not allowed inside.

But the thought of people finding out that I had spent the night with her worried me more. My friends would have a field day and would never let me forget it if they found out. Deciding to wake her up, I went and placed my palm on hers.

Neha and I had gotten separated from my friends in the crowd. I suspected that my friends slid away on purpose to tease me later. She took me by my arm and led me away from the programs between songs. We went into a nearby building where we went into separate washrooms.

I was pretty drunk, and it seemed like the spiked water had its effects on her as well. Our college fest raged on in all its glory. It was the final day, and all of us in the final year was trying to make it a night to remember.

The programs were slated to last all night. There was a band playing at that time, followed by a fashion show and performances from our batchmates. It was one of the few occasions where girls were allowed out of their hostel for the entire night.

Lovers were known to get comfortable in shady corners of the campus, and the rest would all be drunk, high, or both. I wasn’t exactly in a relationship at that point, so my friends and I fell into the second category. It was not my intention to hook up with anyone that night.

Neha walked out of the washroom as I stood waiting for her outside. She led me by the arm again and led me further away from all the commotion. We didn’t talk, and there was a definitive tension in the silence.

We startled a few couples who were having fun in dark corners as we passed them. We finally stopped at a place behind our classroom complex.

Neha awoke slowly as I shook her gently, still holding her hand. She smiled with great content on seeing me kneel beside her and stretched herself, exposing her breasts again. In that one moment, I could’ve fallen for her.

The blanket was completely off. She lay there with her back arched and arms outstretched, revealing her body in all its beauty. I felt at that moment that the best part of sleeping with someone is not during penetration but rather during the morning after, seeing them satisfied and semi-naked beside you.

I had to resist jumping on top of her again. Neha sat up and gave me a quick peck on the lips, followed by a “Good morning.” These were our first words to each other since last night.

“Morning,” I said in an undertone. “We need to get out.”

She got dressed quickly without protest. But left her panties on the bed with a coy smile and walked towards the door. I quickly slid the souvenir under the pillow to hide it in case my roommate walked in later.

But I noticed the visible bloodstains on the bedsheet where Neha’s maidenhood was taken. I quickly covered it up with the blanket and turned after Neha, hoping that my roommate would come in too tired to notice.

Neha and I were alone in that corner of the campus. The ground was grassy. The sound of our movements was easily masked by the songs playing in the background. I had my back to the wall, and she had both my hands in her arms. She was inching closer to me every moment.

In my intoxicated state, it was hard for me to push her away. She smelled nice, and my primal instincts were starting to take over. She leaned in, and in the heat of the moment, we kissed. Her lips were very soft and cold with nervousness. They quickly warmed as we started to make out passionately.

She was definitely new to this, and I took the lead. I cupped her face in my arms and pushed my tongue inside her mouth. She happily complemented my moves. She placed her arms on my chest, welcoming me to go further. Our saliva mixed, and the taste was incredible.

My lust fuelled by the alcohol made sure that turning back was not possible anymore. My hands ventured down onto her chest and soon underneath her shirt. Besides trembling initially, Neha did nothing but encourage my advances.

The alcohol helped her as well. She gained some confidence, her hands slid down towards my belt. I had managed to expose her nipples from under her bra and played with them as she attempted to unbuckle my belt without breaking our kiss. We must’ve made out for at least half an hour before breaking off.

She instinctively got on her knees and finally managed to unbuckle my belt. She quickly got to work on my jeans and pulled them down, exposing my fully erect manhood. Neha paused for a second at the sight of it.

I wondered if she did it on instinct and decided to help out. I held the back of her neck and gently pulled her closer.

She almost instinctively opened her mouth. Not needing a further invitation, I pushed my dick straight in. She clumsily stroked my dick with her hands as I moved her head back and forth.

Her mouth was small, and her soft tongue graced my dick. Her lips were wrapped around my dick as she made a few slurpy sounds and then pulled out and gasped for air. Neha stood up and looked around, her hands still on my cock.

I realized that we were not even aware if someone was watching us. As she looked at me longingly, I realized that she was not experienced enough for a blowjob. I pulled my jeans back up and took her by the hand this time. She followed me happily as I sped towards my hostel without thinking.

The guard at the entrance was missing as I had hoped. The two of us sped inwards, praying that we do not run into anyone. We followed the deserted corridors, successfully reaching my room. I locked the door behind us and turned to find Neha waiting for me on my bed, beaming.

We got out of my hostel almost as easily as we got in. Luckily we didn’t run into anyone. It was getting much brighter. I saw a few sleepy heads returning towards the hostel as we walked away. Though we didn’t talk, Neha was clearly in a good mood.

It was probably the best day of her life, and I didn’t feel that it was the appropriate time to tell her to keep the previous night a secret. At the same time, a part of me lusted for another night with her. We kept walking towards the ladies’ hotel quietly as I started to get hard again.

Though mine was a single bed, Neha and I could fit on it comfortably. I gave her a kiss again and pulled off her shirt. She was wearing an embroidered padded bra underneath that she took herself off and lay back on the bed.

I took my shirt as well started to work on her boobs. They were small and round but very firm. I could easily squeeze them in my hands, and Neha enjoyed every moment of it.

I started to suck her nipples and moved my tongue in circles around them. Neha started to moan a bit more loudly. She was holding it in but was now at her limits. My hand ventured downward into her shorts and directly under her panties.

Her panties were already soaked, and I could feel the slippery wetness as I played with her pussy. Her moans were getting dangerously loud. Once I started to feel her body tighten, I sat up and undressed her completely. She was waxed completely and left me thinking for a moment if she had planned this all along.

I widened her legs and got closer to her slit. It revealed deep pink lips when parted. She was leaking with wetness, as it was Neha’s first time ever. At the touch of my tongue, she arched her back and gave out a short scream. I almost did not care at that moment if someone caught us and kept going.

She kept moaning, and her mouth was open as I worked in circles around her clit. Her back remained arched, and she gripped the bedsheet tight. I could sense that she was nearing her climax. At this point, I sat up, took off my jeans, and placed my erection at her entrance.

I teased her a bit by rubbing my dick on her pussy before penetrating her. Neha lay with her eyes closed, longing for me to enter her. I didn’t have a condom with me. But as she didn’t protest, I slid gently in, parting her virgin pussy lips.

She was very wet, and I was an inch or two into her before meeting some resistance. I moved back and forth a few times before thrusting with force, shattering her hymen, and entering her completely. Her grip on the bedsheet tightened as I thrust faster.

She was very tight, and her warm insides were cozy and inviting. The wetness helped me thrust faster, and we were both moaning uncontrollably. I pulled out and turned her on her belly. She seemed too tired to get up on her arms and could only manage to get on her knees.

I thrust hard from behind, holding her slender hips for support. She had a much figure that I had thought now that her clothes were off. I pulled out again as she collapsed to the bed and turned her on her back again. Neha was panting from the sexual activity, and the alcohol was starting to drain.

I entered her again and held up both her legs as I thurst. She bit her lips and left me impressed with her flexibility. She gripped the bedsheet tight and twisted it as her body tightened and neared a climax. I was almost there too, and her tight pussy gripped too tight for me to pull out, even if I had wanted to.

We climaxed together, with me finishing inside of her. I pulled out as a bit of cum and blood oozed out from her. Both of us were too tired to worry about it at the point, and I collapsed beside her. Both of us fell asleep almost instantly.

I bid farewell to Neha at the entrance of the ladies hostel as she went in cheerfully. I had a lot to figure out that day and would need to have a difficult conversation with Neha. If all went well, things could really work out in my favor! I walked back towards my room, trying to collect my thoughts about Neha’s erotic first sex in the hostel.

What if she got pregnant? Will someone find out about us? When would I sleep with her again? Thoughts of Neha’s petite body and the sensation of her tight pussy overcame me again. I hid my hard-on as I walked away fast.

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