The New College Girl

Guys, this is my first story on this website. It is about a new college girl.

Let’s begin. This is my college story 3 years ago. My age was 21, with a decent body. A pretty girl as always joined the college. Everone1 had their eyes on her, but she was beyond anyone’s reach. Being the most handsome and popular boy in my friend circle, I noticed her but took no chance.

Her name was Riya, and her sexy figure 34-24-36 had driven everyone crazy. Her small boobs needed a lot of my hard work. But being popular in my college, I had to maintain my ego. So I had decided to make my move at the right time.

We had this fresher’s party and being a senior, I had to help do all the crazy work. On the day of the party, everyone tried their best to look hot. The party had just started with many games and songs.

There was this one game where a senior and a junior were paired for the dance. To my luck (my hard work), Riya and I were both paired together. We had this romantic song to which we danced so close. I could smell her amazing body. I had gripped her so tight that she too enjoyed that.

My every move made all the boys, including my friend, very jealous. The dance was insanely hot, and we won the first prize. We exchanged our numbers and started have late-night chats. Slowly we got to know each other and started sharing each other’s feelings.

She later told me she had a crush on me from day 1. I, too, told her how I, with my friends’ help, managed to pair myself with her for the dance. She was shocked but happy to know it was my idea as she was happy being with me. We slowly started having this wild talk of enjoying each other.

We even had our smooching practice in the college bathroom. But our lust to fuck each other was never fulfilled. So one day we decided to meet at my friend’s farmhouse. I planned everything for the first make-out experience with this college girl.

The day arrived, I picked her up from the college gate. OMG, she was fully prepared. She was wearing a red top stating, ‘I’m yours,’ and black jeans, which made her look so hot. We reached my friend’s house, and I closed the gate.

As soon as I turned back, I grabbed her from her waist and pushed her to the wall. I took off her top and started licking her back. She pushed me back and started kissing me. The kiss lasted for 15 minutes. We broke our kiss, and we could see the lust in each other’s eyes.

I carried her to the bedroom, made her open all her clothes, and started staring at her hot body. She, too, made me go naked. We started kissing again. I pushed her on the bed and started to squeeze both her boobs. She was enjoying it. I started licking her neck and slowly come down to her tits.

As I started to circle her tits, she was aroused. Then I went down to her stomach and then to her pussy. It was clean shaved. As I inserted my tongue inside, she could not resist and started moaning my name. After licking all the juice from her, it was her turn.

I did not know I was going to fuck a virgin. But the way she looked at my dick, I knew she will remember me forever. She was going to hold my dick. I got to see her nervousness. I kissed her again and took her hand to my cock. She grabbed it tight, which I liked.

I slowly started moving it. I was enjoying it and told her to lick it. I don’t know what happened to her, but this time she was not nervous and at once attacked my dick. She took it all in at once. My 9-inch dick was all inside her mouth, choking her. But the lust in her eyes wanted more.

After giving me the best blowjob in years, she was ready to lose her virginity. I laid her down and placed my dick right in front of her pussy. She was shouting at me to fuck her. But I teased her by just rubbing my cock to her pussy.

I told her it’s going to pain. But she said if I don’t fuck her now, she will give me the same pain. I laughed and started inserting into her pussy. It was very tight, and I couldn’t enter. I told her to lick my dick again.

Then without any warning, I gave a big push inside her pussy. It made her shout, but only one-fourth of my dick got it. As it was my friend’s farmhouse, no one could hear her. I stayed like that for a few minutes so that her pain decreased and gave her a second try.

This time I was successful. My dick went almost fully inside her, and blood started coming out f her pussy. She was crying. I had to kiss her to make her calm. I gave the third push, and my dick was fully in. I started fucking her like a wild dog, which she was enjoying.

After fucking her for 50 minutes, I made her sit on top of my dick. I grabbed both her boobs and fucked her like a bitch. She had 3 orgasms till then, but I was not yet satisfied. I turned her around and started fucking her again.

This time I was going to cum. But before she could say anything, I cummed inside her, which she didn’t mind. We went to the bathroom, cleaned each other, and slept.

After almost 7 hours, we woke up and got ready for 2nd session. In between, I hide all her clothes so that we roam the farmhouse all naked. We satisfied each other for 2 days with all her fantasies fulfilled.

Guys, this was my story. Later on, I will tell how we enjoyed the whole college year fucking each other almost at all places and even now after her marriage.

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