Unexpected Encounter With Hot PG At Home

Hey, I am from south India. My family consists of me my parents and my elder brother. My elder brother is working in abroad.

I was 25 years old when this incident took place. I finished my engineering and I was working away from my home. I used to visit home once a month.

Due to some heavy rains, my project got postponed and I got an opportunity to take a leave of 10-15 days. Without wasting any time, I packed my bags and left my workplace. I didn’t inform my parents about my visit as I wanted to give them a surprise.

It was early morning around 5:00 when I reached my home. I knocked on the door. I was shocked to see a beautiful girl around 23-25 years in front of me in my house. I stood there like a dumb without knowing who she was, what was she doing in my house.

I politely asked her who she was. She must have seen me in our family pic at our house, so without any hesitation, she replied, “I am your distant relative and I am here staying as a pg for a year”.

I asked where my parents were. She replied they went to my native as one of our relatives was not keeping well and they will be back after a few days.

I was totally surprised hearing what I heard from her which means for a few days I will be staying alone with her. As I was wet from the rain, she prepared tea. We sat there and chatted for some time.

It was 8:00 in the morning and she had to leave for her class. Normally she comes home in the afternoon and prepares lunch herself as she has got only half-day class.

After she left, I had my bath and thought of impressing her. I am a pretty good cook, so I started to prepare some good lunch. It was around 12 and she reached home, changed her dress and asked, “What would you like to have? I will be preparing food for myself and you”.

With a smile on my face, I told her that I had already prepared lunch for both of us. She was happy as I could see the tiredness in her face. She said, “Thanks a lot. Actually, I was very tired today as I strained my ankle”.

“Well, if you let me take a look at it, I might be able to fix your pain in minutes. But, first, let’s have our lunch”.

We had our lunch and then I brought some oil and asked her to keep her leg on my lap. At first, she was not comfortable. So I took her leg and placed it on my lap telling her no need for any formalities.

She had a smile on her face. Trust me guys, that smile must be the “thing” that attracted me towards her.

I started massaging her ankle. In between, the devil inside me woke up. Due to her presence of leg on my lap, my dick started to rise. She noticed it. I was embarrassed and tried to move her leg a bit far from my dick.

She was staring at the bulge of my dick. Our eyes met for some 30 seconds or so. During that time, I noticed some shyness, lust, and love on her face.

Without uttering a word, I finished the massage and left her leg. We sat there for some time. Then I broke the ice.

“I liked you the moment I saw you in the morning near the door. But I didn’t know how to express it”.

She kept quiet. I looked at her, she was facing away from me. I took her hand and said, “Asha, please forgive me if what I said was wrong. Still, I didn’t see any response”.

I gathered some more courage and sat beside her. I put my arms around her shoulder and bought her closer to me. Still, no response.

Politely, I whispered in her ears, “If you don’t like me, you can stop me anytime”. Then I kissed her cheeks and touched her soft lips. I turned her face towards me and kissed her lips. To my surprise, she started responding this time.

I started caressing her boobies. By then, she too was aroused. She started searching for my dick. She slid her hands inside my trousers, got hold of my dick and started stroking slowly.

Meanwhile, I slowly took off her t-shirt and bra. I was caressing her boobs with my bare hands. Her boobs were very soft and her black nipples were erect. I started sucking her nipples while my hands went to her sweet spot, unlacing her pants and sliding my hands on her pussy. She started moaning deeply.

Her pussy was well-trimmed. She took off her pants and panty. I too became naked. We both then saw each other for some time without exchanging any words. This time, she broke the ice – “This is my first time and I am scared. But I think I want it too”.

I kissed her on her forehead and stood to get a condom. Immediately, she grabbed my dick and stopped me. She said, “I have watched porn videos and I have seen doing oral to the guy, shall we try that first?”

I was like, “Sure! I thought you won’t be comfortable to do that”.

She slid my foreskin back and took my dick in her mouth. Ahhh! That was a great feeling. She sucked it like a lollipop. I stopped her when I was about to cum.

Then I made her spread her legs, kissed her pussy which was already oozing out juices. I licked her clitoris for some time. She was breathing heavily, holding my head down to her pussy. I could taste her juices, they were bitter and salty.

She then pulled my head towards her lips and kissed for some time. She tasted her own juices. That moment she said, “I wanna try the taste of your cum as mine is bitter and salty”.

Then I grabbed a condom and was ready for the rollercoaster ride. She placed my dick at her opening, requesting me every now and then to go slow as it was her first time.

I was prepared to see some blood and started to push it in slowly. Inch by inch and then a sudden push.

I saw her mouth opening wide and her eyes almost popping out. I stopped and waited for my next move. I couldn’t find any blood down there. Then she said her seal might have got broken long back as she was an athlete during her school days.

I started my move very carefully so that I didn’t hurt her. In and out, in and out. She then grabbed my waist and I started to pump harder. She was enjoying and so was me.

I stopped my movement whenever I felt like I was gonna cum. Once the pressure went down, I started pumping again. It lasted for some 15-20 minutes.

My pressure was building up and I told her about it. She asked me to cum on her face.

I took out my dick, came near to her face and unloaded it on her lovely face. As she said, she wanted to taste my cum and she did it by slightly opening her mouth and licking the tip of my shaft.

This encounter happened on the second day. Still, lots to come in her one-year stay which I will be writing in my next part. If you like my story please reply to [email protected]

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