Garima Makes Me Hot (Garam) In Shimla Cold

My name is Ayush. I am 23 years old, having a height of 5.9 with a 6-inches dick, and a decent body. This incident which I am going to tell you happened last year in December 2019.

I along with my first fuck buddy Aditi (well, that’s a story for another day) with whom I planned a trip to Shimla, would visit one of her friends who was living there and owning a house.

We reached Shimla on 6th December and took a cab to the house where her friend was staying. We were very excited as it was snowing heavily and thinking of all the fun that we were going to have.

As we reached and went inside the house, her friend greeted us and Aditi introduced me to her. Her name was Garima. She had a dusky complex along with blonde hair.

Her height was 5.3. She was neither slim nor fat, she was in between having the perfect size and shape. Her assets were of the figure, 32-28-30 which makes the shape of an hourglass. Just by looking at her, I wanted to enjoy her to the fullest.

As the introduction was going on, I was stunned to see such a beauty in front of me. I was just staring at her. Aditi kicked me on my foot, after which I came back to my senses.

Then Garima showed us our respective rooms which were quite nice, but the only problem was that there was only one washroom.

Soon after that, I got freshened up and changed into comfortable clothes, and rested for a while. On waking up, I went into the drawing-room where Garima was sitting and watching a movie. She saw me and invited me to watch the movie, which I happily accepted and sat next to her.

The moment I sat next to her, I could get her body smell, which was so aromatic. I again lost my senses and kept trying to smell her for a while. My peace was disturbed by Aditi when she also joined us.

The first day went by, and we all chatted all day long. We decided to go somewhere out the next day that is on 7th December. Aditi also called her boyfriend to join us, on which I gave a naughty smile to her and she understood what I meant.

Even though it was my first-day meeting with Garima, we gelled up quite well up to that level where we were making double-meaning jokes and comments.

It was getting late, and we all were tired, so we had dinner and went into our respective bedrooms. Late at night, I was unable to sleep as I was thinking about Garima. I was thinking of her and the beautiful things that she was hiding under her clothes. I wanted to see and touch them badly. Just thinking of all this, gave me an instant hard-on.

In my imagination, she was looking like a queen and I wanted to worship her in every possible way. I was deep in my thoughts and running my hand on my dick. Suddenly, I heard something falling down. I rushed towards the noise and found that Garima had slipped and had fallen down.

I reached out to help her, but suddenly, my eyes got stuck on her cleavage which was looking so hot. And on top of it, there was a red mole on her upper left side of her right boob.

I got stuck in my thoughts for a few seconds and I again got hard. On realizing the situation, I tried to hide it and helped her get up, and made her sit on a nearby chair.

I asked her, “Garima, are you alright, and how did you slip?”

She replied, “iiiiiiii wokkeeee up to go to the washrooooomm and I don’t know how I slippppped.”

By her reply, I was confused about why she was talking like that until I noticed her staring at my hard dick with her big black eyes, and she was kind of drooling over it.

On seeing this, I showed responsiveness in the dick by moving it a bit. Soon, she came back to her senses and pretended like she saw nothing and started telling me in detail what happened.

Then I brought a balm and asked where it was paining, so I could apply the balm. She hesitated at first, but later accepted it and allowed me to apply.

She pulled her pajama upwards, revealing her smooth ankle which had a black string tied around it. Then I placed her leg on my thigh and I took gel in my hand and started applying it on that soft ankle gently.

Again I noticed that she was looking towards my crotch. And then, our eyes met and I gave a smile like I know what you were looking at. She also smiled and blushed awkwardly.

While applying the gel I said, “Garima, if you don’t mind, can I tell you something?”

She replied, “It’s okay. I won’t mind.”

I asked her, “Do you go to the gym or do yoga, as I have never seen such a fit and shapely body in real life? You have a body of a goddess with a perfect curve at the right places.”

She was shocked and stunned on hearing this, but she somehow managed to reply, “You are joking, na?”

I instantly replied, “Why would I be joking?”

I took her hand in my hand and said, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” Hearing this, she blushed and didn’t say anything.

After I applied the balm, I helped her to get up, making her hold my shoulder. I placed my hand on her waist from behind while taking her to her bedroom. I slid my hand under her boobs to which she gave me a look but didn’t say anything and smiled. I got the idea that it was a good thing.

In a few minutes, we reached her bedroom and while making her sit down, I intentionally placed my hand under her butt. She sat on my hand and on realizing that, she got up.

I removed my hand and said, “I should say sorry, but I won’t.” To which she asked, “Why?” in a puzzled manner.

I replied, “How can I be sorry for touching something so heavenly, and I want to touch it again and again?”

Hearing this, she was in shock and did not reply anything. Seeing this, my facial expression changed and I thought I had crossed the line this time and have messed up badly.

But she suddenly started laughing and joking about my facial expressions and what I had said.

I replied, “You are too good at this, and it’s a fact what I told you.” She blushed and told me to go and sleep as it was late.

I head back to my room and lay down thinking all about it and then all the dirty thoughts came running back in my mind. I started making a plan to fuck Garima. As I was exhausted, I decided to make a plan the next day and slept.

Some great person had said, “Nobody knows what the next day holds for us,” like that I too was unaware of what was going to happen and how it’s going to change my life. Would I fulfill my dream of sleeping with Garima.


Guys, I hope you loved the first part. I will share the second part soon. Please send your feedback and comments to [email protected]

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