Fucked My Virgin Girlfriend At Her Home

Hi readers! This is the real story that happened between my virgin girlfriend and me. Later on, my girlfriend shared her married sex-hungry friend with me. Now, I am going to share the experience of what happened with my gf.

It happened to me in 2015. At that time, we both were virgins. My age was 22 and she was 21. My name is Kumar, and I am 5’10’ long and slim. My girlfriend’s name is Nandini, and she is 5’3″ slim with a medium figure of 32-26-30 but she has nice boobs.

She was a junior to me in college. When we are in college ,we usually go out and do all the stuff but never had sex. My virgin girlfriend feared it and did not allow me. We kissed many times and but did not have sex.

It was the time when I had just completed my bachelor’s degree and she was in her final year of college. After my graduation, I was searching for a job but was not able to find any good job, and I was very frustrated. I was completely involved in preparing for the interviews and going to different companies.

During that period, I neglected my girlfriend because of my situation. She asked me so many times that why I was not talking to her regularly like we were in college. At first, I avoided it many times and didn’t want to tell her, but finally, I said that I was stressed out in a job search.

My lover talked to me patiently and gave me some strength and motivation.

After some days, her parents were planning a trip. Since she was working on her college project, she denied going with them. And my girlfriend’s brother was accompanying her to the house. She informed me about that but I didn’t show much interest in her.

Her parents had gone for a long trip of two weeks to visit all holy pilgrimage. Her brother took that as a chance to hang out with his friends at night. But when my gf told me about the whole scenario, I asked her, “What I should do?” (Like a dumb guy)

She asked, “Why don’t you spend some time with me?” I said, “Okay.”

Then her brother informed her that he had a weekend plan and not coming back home until Sunday morning. It was Friday afternoon and she called me as she was alone at home and asked if I can give her company that night. I had no intentions of having sex with her on that day.

I reached her home at 8 pm. While going, I bought a vodka bottle because many times, we both used to drink together at the college parties. Before my arrival at her home, she had prepared the food for both of us and was watching TV.

When I reached there, I hugged my girlfriend and gave her the vodka bottle. She became very happy. We sat together, started drinking a few vodka shots, watching a movie, and talking.

After a couple of shots, we started kissing. It was very normal for us as we used to do when we were in college. When we finished the half bottle, then my mood was getting a bit horny. We continued watching the movie, and meanwhile, we were kissing. Then I asked her, “I want to see your boobs.”

She asked me surprisingly, “Why do you want to see them suddenly?”

I said, “I am feeling horny.” And then I kissed her and requested my gf to show me her boobs. She denied to show me but she kept kissing me very wildly, which I had never felt previously.

My virgin girlfriend was not allowing me to do anything more than kissing. But I took the chance and started rubbing her thighs and kissing her neck.

Now, the vodka started doing its job. We both were high and horny and she was not in the mood to stop me. So, I took a step forward and pressed her boobs from over the top. She liked it and hugged me very tightly. She was in her nightdress and I slowly opened her buttons. She was not stopping me from doing anything, and that was a green signal for me.

I opened her top and started kissing her upper body and squeezing her boobs from the bra. We were doing all that in the living room. I asked her, “Let’s go to the bedroom.” And she held my hand and took me to her bedroom, and again she started kissing me.

I was responding to her and pressing my college girlfriend’s boobs. My hand went to her back and opened the hook of her bra. I took them off. It was the first time I was seeing and holding my lover’s rounded boobs in my hand. Her boobs were perfectly round.

I licked her nipples and pour some saliva on them. Her nipples got erected. Then I started pressing one of them with my hand and sucking the other one with my mouth. She was in full mood now and allowed me to do anything I want. I took the chance and started rubbing her thighs inside her night pant.

I was licking my unfucked girlfriend’s boobs, navel, neck, and slowly came down and removed her night pant. She was in her inners, and I started licking her thighs and pussy over the inner. I asked her, “How are you feeling, baby? Good?” And she replied, “I am feeling something I have never experienced. Don’t talk, keep doing it.”

I asked her whether I can remove her inner but she didn’t reply. So I pulled it down. I was very happy to see her virgin pussy for the first time and she had some little hair on it which I liked. By seeing her pussy, I came to know that she was already wet and I started to lick it.

Then, he stopped me and said, “Don’t do it.” I said, “Just enjoy and feel the moment.” And then she didn’t say anything.

Now, I was licking her clitoris and making her mad. After licking her pussy for almost 10 minutes, she released her love juices on my face. I tasted them for the first time. I asked her to take my dick in her mouth. My virgin girlfriend resisted at first, but eventually, she took it.

I came in her mouth within 10 minutes. Since we both were doing it for the first time, I was so excited that I cummed very fast. After that, we again started kissing each other passionately. Within a moment my dick got hard. I removed all my dress and became naked now.

My drunk and horny gf started kissing my body. I was trying to enter my fingers in her pussy but it was not going. And then she asked me to put my dick in her pussy. My dick was 6 inches long. At first, I kept it on her virgin pussy door and rubbed over it. She scolded me for doing that and asked me to fuck her immediately.

She said, “I want to lose my virginity today.” It was very hard for me to enter, even 2 inches of my dick was not going inside. When I tried pushing it harder, she cried with a lot of pain and started bleeding. She asked me to stop and I did so.

After 5 minutes, her bleeding stopped. I tried to push my dick again in my gf’s pussy. She was in pain but I slowly pushed my dick inside her. My virgin girlfriend screamed in pain but I kept fucking her slowly and started kissing her. Then after some time, she started enjoying it and asked me to increase my pace.

We were doing it in missionary position and now her screaming became moaning. She asked me to do it faster. She was said, “I love you so much. Fuck me harder every day.” We fucked in the same position for 15 mins. I told her that I was about to cum, and she said, “Come inside me. I want to feel your hot load in my pussy.”

After that, I came inside her. This was my second time, and she told me that was her orgasm too. We are completely exhausted that we slept on the bed spooning each other.

We continued our fucking whenever we had a chance. After one year, I came to America for my higher studies. We are still in love and whenever I go to India, we do a lot of sex. We usually talk everyday on phone and she tells me everything about her.

One day my girlfriend explained me her close friend’s situation. One of her friends name was Priyanka. She was married and has a one-year-old son. She had a failure love story before marriage, and some how, her husband knows it. Now he avoids her.

She asked my girlfriend Nandini to satisfy her physically in a lesbian act but my my girlfriend denied. She told me everything about that. Then I got an idea and asked my girlfriend about if we can do threesome with her. Nandini got angry and stopped talking to me for a few days.

I suggested her that it would be nice to try. After many days of convincing her, she agreed. When I visited India in 2019, three of us had a wild threesome sex. It was a night to remember. I will explain you that in another story.

If you guys like my story, please give me suggestion about where I need to improve.

Comments are welcome and anyone interested, they can mail me at [email protected] Till now, I have experienced threesome twice. First one with my girlfriend and her friend Priyanka, and second one, with a couple in America.

Any women want to connect with me, can write an email and can be in touch with me on social media platforms like hangout, and can share their experiences, and much more.

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