Rajat’s First Time Sex With Girlfriend Sanha

Hi everyone, this is my first story here. Hope you all like it. The names will all be changed for security purposes.

This story is about a couple in Bangalore. Let’s call the girl Sanha and the boy Rajat. Sanha is a beautiful girl with an amazing figure of 32-28-34. Rajat is a well-built guy who is into athletics and has a well-shaped body.

It had been about 6 months since Sanha and Rajat had been dating. They had got to know each other quite well. They had a decent amount of sexual activity but had never gone beyond 2nd base (anything above the waist).

Sanha had a brother who used to stay in Bangalore but he had moved to Hyderabad after getting a new job. Since the lease on the apartment was still pending, Sanha moved into the apartment.

After having to stop at just 2nd base, both of them were very excited that they had a place to themselves to enjoy themselves with each other.

A week after she had finally settled into the house with Rajat’s help, she asked him to come over that weekend to spend the weekend with her. She had not realised that it was a long weekend and she was surprised when her boyfriend Rajat showed up at her doorstep on Thursday evening.

They had planned to watch a ton of movies and stay in, the whole weekend. Rajat had come with a lot of movies most of them being romantic or arousing.

After leaving his bag, they both went out to get some alcohol. They got a few bottles of whiskey and vodka and 3 or 4 packs of cigarettes. After getting back home, they both changed into something relaxing.

Sanha put on a pair of shorts, and a tank top, and Rajat changed into shorts and a t-shirt. They ordered food and started watching fifty shades of grey. It was obvious that these lovers wanted each other desperately after having just been getting foreplay for the past few months.

Soon after the movie started, Sanha started kissing her boyfriend. Rajat responded by putting both his hands on either side of her face and started kissing her back. Knowing where it was leading, they paused the movie and Sanha sat on Rajat with her legs on either side of his.

Their kissing started getting rougher and faster. Rajat moved from her lips to her cheeks and then her neck. He was giving light kisses and nibbling on his girlfriend’s neck when suddenly she started rubbing his dick over his shorts.

Rajat moved his hands which were now on her waist under her top. He then slowly lifted her top off and went down to her boobs.

He was fondling her left one over her bra and was kissing her right one. She was enjoying her boyfriend doing to her what she had been wanting for a very long time. She was letting out small moans while grabbing onto his hair.

Just as he was about to take her bra off, the bell of the house rang. It was the food.

Sanha got up and went into the room while Rajat collected the food. He left the food in the living room and went into the room where Sanha had removed her bra and was lying on the bed.

Rajat went to her and started kissing her again, and then went to her cleavage soon and then to her belly. He licked her belly button and gave a few small bites.

Rajat then went further down to his gf’s shorts and kissed between her legs over the cloth. He then took off her shorts and started kissing her thighs very slowly moving closer and closer to her panties.

Sanha couldn’t control it anymore and pulled his hair hard to move him closer to her hole. Rajat understood and took her panties off but before he could lick her, she pushed him over and took off her shirt and immediately after that his shirt.

Sanha then started teasing him just as he was teasing her by kissing his lips and then slowly moving to his chest and then his crotch but not touching his dick. She slowly took his underwear off and was overjoyed to see his dick completely erect and ready for her. She then gave it a long and slow lick and a small kiss.

Then she took his dick into her mouth and started blowing him. He was enjoying what his girlfriend was doing to him. She then started taking his cock deep into her mouth and it started hitting her deep in her throat which made her gag.

He grabbed her hair into a ponytail and let her do what she was doing so well. She spat on her dick and then again started deep throating his dick.

Sanha then started licking her boyfriend’s balls and thrusting his dick with her hands. Rajat was enjoying, her giving him the blowjob to the fullest. Just as he was about to cum, he stopped her and lay her on her back and gave her a kiss.

Rajat then went directly to her pussy and gave it a kiss. He then started licking her pussy and fingering her at the same time. He then spread her pussy lips and started licking her clitoris and slowly started licking it faster. She was enjoying him licking her and was pulling his head deeper into her pussy.

He kept on licking her and fingering her pussy with a different number of fingers. Before she was about to cum, she pulled him up to her face and kissed him.

He then put on the condom and slowly entered her pussy. He didn’t penetrate her completely. He took it out and slowly entered her again. In two or three times, he was completely inside her.

Rajat then started to move his hips and started increasing his pace. She also slowly adjusted to his dick and started to enjoy and scratch his back.

Rajat started fucking his girlfriend hard, and she started screaming in pleasure. She had never seen him be so rough. He was always very tender with her but she got an exciting feeling seeing him fucking her that way.

After fucking his lover in missionary for a while, Rajat turned her and asked her to come on all fours which she did. This time he penetrated her in one go and directly started fucking her hard.

Sanha was really enjoying being fucked that way that she put her face in a pillow and screamed in pleasure. Soon both of them came and lay next to each other.

What happened next is something Rajat would never have expected. Sanha told him that she wanted to taste her cum and removed the condom and started blowing him again, tasting the little cum that was on his dick. It was obvious that she loved it as she kept licking and sucking till his dick didn’t have a drop of his cum left.

They then lay next to each other for a while before going to eat food and then went to bed and slept with each other in their underwear.


I will write what happened for the rest of the weekend in future stories. How Rajat discovered his dominating side, and Sanha her submissive as well as slutty side.

Do let me know how you felt about the story and if I can improve on anything in these.
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