Virgin Swati Becomes A Nymphomaniac

I am Swati. This is a real experience of my life. The story starts when I was in the last year of my graduation. I used to live with my aunt as both my parents lived in Delhi for work.

I don’t want to brag about myself, but I was one of the sexiest girls in my college. I had fair skin and a slim figure of 32-28-36 and a height of 5’5″. I used to wear specs, and people used to call me the sexy nerd. I was 21 then and was still a virgin. Since my school days, I had been with a lot of boys but never did it with anyone.

During my 2nd year of college, I had for the first time seen a dick of the boy I was dating then, and even touched it, and gave him a hand-job. We used to make out a lot, but the relationship didn’t last long. When I reached my final year of college, I finally decided to fuck someone.

One day while scrolling through my Instagram, I saw a very sexy boy. His name was Rahul. He looked like something between 25-28. His location on Instagram was near my college.

I saw his pics. He was having a gym body, and a height of around 5’9″. I followed him and liked a few of his pics. He immediately followed me back and texted me, “Hi.”

Then we started chatting. After chatting for around 3 hours, we decided to meet the next day. On the next day, I reached the cafe near my college where we had decided to meet.

After 10 minutes, I saw a guy from the window, come out of a car. He was wearing sunglasses and a white t-shirt. I could literally see his abs from his t-shirt. He approached me, said, “Hi,” and sat in front of me.

He was 27 but looked younger than many of my mates. He was then working in a company near my college and I think was earning good money.

After coffee, he invited me to his flat. First, I hesitated then went with him. His abs were driving me crazy. And he was not making any move on me, and that was pissing me off.

When we reached his flat, he offered me a drink which was my first time drinking any alcohol or whatever it was I didn’t know. He came and sat close to me and started looking at me like he was going to eat me.

He said, “So, sexy nerd Swati, how are your studies going on?”

I asked him, “You don’t have anything better to talk about?”

He smiled and said, “If you were my girlfriend you would have been in great trouble now.”

I gave him a smile and asked, “Why? What would you have done?”

He then grabbed me by my waist, pulled me closer so that my boobs got pressed on his chest, and put his lips on mine, and started kissing me passionately. Then I climbed onto his lap, started kissing him and running my hands all over his body. I was feeling his already erect dick inside his pants on my ass.

His chest and abs were like steel plates. He was squeezing my ass and my boobs like crazy. After making out for 10 minutes he asked me if I wanted to do it. At that time, I was at my edge of horniness and my pussy was watering like a river. I said, “Yes! Yes! I want it.” He took me to his bedroom and turned on the romantic lighting of the bedroom.

Then he started undressing me. Seeing me completely naked made him go crazy. He said, “Tonight, you are mine, and I will do whatever I want with you.”

I said, “Then start doing what you want, what is stopping you?” He lifted me and threw me on the bed. He started getting naked while I was already lying on the bed naked. When he pulled out his dick, I lost my mind. It was 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. It was a white cock with small pubes around it.

He made me suck his dick and meanwhile, he was squeezing my ass and spanking me. It was the first time that I took someone’s dick inside my mouth.

“You suck cock like a whore, a cheap whore whom people don’t pay after fucking,” he said to me and then started moaning, “Aahhhhhhh.. ahhhhhhhh.. yes!!! yes!!!!.

This dirty talk was making me hornier. After giving him a blowjob for 15 minutes, he made me lay on the bed and climbed on me, and started rubbing his dick on my pussy mouth. I told him that I was a virgin so he should go softly.

He told me, “Today, I am going to make you my bitch, and I will do whatever I want and you can’t stop me.”

And then he pushed his dick inside my pussy. It was so painful that I screamed like crazy.

He told me, “Wait for some time my little princess, I will make you free from all the pain,” and with a hard stroke shoved his entire dick inside me.

It was so painful that I started crying and begging him to stop. But he continued to fuck me like a beast. He told me to stop crying, and he started kissing me and sucking and pressing my boobs.

After some time, I started enjoying it and cummed twice in 15 minutes. But Rahul was far from climaxing, he was fucking me like an animal.

My legs were going to break, so I begged him to stop for a while. But he didn’t listen. He said, ”I have never seen a pussy like yours, Swati. Don’t stop me now.”

“I will fuck your pussy until I am completely satisfied, and make you my bitch. Every day you will beg me to fuck you like a whore, and my cock will satisfy your every need.”

After fucking me for 45 minutes, he finally cummed, and dropped all his cum inside my pussy. I felt his hot lava flowing inside me.

After some time, he got up and went to make drinks for us and he was all naked. After ejaculation also, his dick was looking so big. He came and sat beside me on the bed, and handed me the drink.

We drank and talked for a while. Then he made me call my aunt and tell her that I won’t be coming home tonight. I did what he told me. But, I also told him no more sex tonight. My vagina is paining. He agreed and then we had dinner.

I was only wearing my panties and Rahul’s white t-shirt. He was completely naked the whole time as I told him to be.

At 11 we went to sleep, he was still naked. We were smooching inside his blanket. He was pressing my boobs from above the t-shirt.

After some time, he rolled and climbed above me and started smooching and pressing my boobs hard. I could feel his hardened dick near my pussy.

I told him, “Please, let me sleep. I am so tired.” But he didn’t stop.

He told me, “Please Swati, one more time let me fuck you, then I will do whatever you command.”

Then he rolled me over and made me like a dog. He then started licking my pussy from behind. I was feeling both pain and pleasure.

He told me, “Your pussy is like a drug for me. I can never get enough of it. No man can sleep if you are with him.” Then he started rubbing his dick on my pussy mouth.

I was moaning in pain and pleasure. “Put it inside, please, I can’t control it anymore,” I shouted. He said, “Beg for it you little bitch, beg me to fuck you like a whore,” and then he spanked me so hard that tears rolled out of my eyes.

“Please, I beg you to fuck like a whore. I am your little bitch,” I cried. He then shoved his dick inside my pussy in one stroke. I screamed so loudly, that he had to shove my head inside the pillow.

Then he started fucking me in the doggy position like a crazy animal. He said, “I will never let you go, and will always keep you with me. I will fuck you every day, day and night, whenever I want and wherever I want.”

I was crying hard in pain. He was fucking me so hard that I felt my body will break into two. He said, ”Why are you crying baby?”

“I will fuck you so nicely, that you will not be able to live without my cock inside you, every day you will beg me to fuck you like this.”

He was moaning hard and calling my name. “Aahhhh..Aahhhhhh.. Swati yes! Yes! Ahhhhh..Swati! Yes, yes, yes!!”

And then after 30 minutes, he cummed. Meanwhile, I had cummed twice. He dropped all his cum inside my pussy and his cum was flowing out of my vagina.

It was now 1 am in the morning. I was lying on the bed and he was hugging me from behind. He said, “Don’t cry my princess, now I will not trouble you anymore.”

And then he kissed me, and we both lay on the bed in the same position completely naked. I was very tired, and wanted to sleep but couldn’t sleep in that position, as he was hugging me from behind.

I felt that Rahul is still awake. He was holding me from behind and his one hand was sometimes squeezing my right boob and sometimes rubbing my vagina.

I told him to stop and let me sleep. I am so tired. After some time I felt his hardened dick on my ass. He was rubbing his dick on my ass and was breathing heavily with a little moaning.

I tried to stop him, but he held both my hands behind me with one hand, and with the other hand he was squeezing my boobs and was pinching my nipples.

I cried and begged him to stop and told him that today I can’t take his dick anymore. I told him that whenever he calls me I will come but not anymore tonight.

He said, “Fucking a girl like you, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. How could I let it go by sleeping? Tonight I won’t let you sleep. Tonight I will fuck you like there is no tomorrow.”

Then he rolled me over and brought his dick near my face and hand put it inside my mouth. He held my head with both his hands and started fucking my mouth.

He was moaning loudly while choking me with his dick. It was so big that it was reaching my throat. He then made me sit on his face and he started licking my pussy and my butt hole.

He was so good at it, that I cummed in 10 minutes. All my fluid went into his mouth, and he drank most of it. I was so exhausted, that I lay down on the bed like a dead body.

Rahul then climbed on me and started fucking me. My condition was like that, that I couldn’t feel my legs and vagina. He was fucking me like a beast.

The sound of humping and his moaning was so loud. After 35 minutes with a hard stroke and a loud moan he climaxed. He was lying above me. His dick was still hard and was inside me.

I was feeling his hot cum flowing inside me. We stayed like this for a while. After 15 minutes, he woke up and again started to fuck me.

My virgin vagina has now become like a vagina of a cheap whore. I was not feeling any pain. The smile on Rahul’s face was showing how satisfied he is.

After 10 minutes he cummed again. He smiled and kissed me and said, “You are my little angel.” It was now 4 am in the morning.

He then lay down beside me and switched off the lights. Now there was complete darkness in the room. I don’t know when I went to sleep.

Rahul woke me up at 8.40 am. He was all ready for the office as he was wearing formals. I was still naked and my legs and vagina were paining.

He gave me some breakfast and contraceptive pills before leaving for the office. He kissed me on the lips before going out and told me not to go anywhere, as he will be home soon.

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