Mom Hooked Up By A Stranger

Hey everyone, I am here with a real incident that changed my life forever. To start with, I am 19. I live with my mom Vidya who is 43 years old. I was raised with a broad ideology where men and women were treated equally.

My mom and dad have separated recently. They had regular fights, and finally, mom decided to leave him. After her divorce, she decided not to marry again. She was living her life on her terms.

She used to date men on Tinder and other dating apps. But all of them were casual dates. She didn’t want to end up in love as she did not want to marry again. We both used to go to a local club every Friday as she loved partying.

One Friday post her office, she called me and asked me to come to a local club for a party, and I reached the club in no time. I saw she was waiting for me. I hugged her, and we both entered the club and took our seats.

We started enjoying our drinks, and soon club started getting crowded. On the opposite of us was a bar counter where a group of young guys had their drinks. They would not be more than 24 or 25 years of age.

One of them was constantly looking at mom and giving her a stare. I noticed even mom was giving him an occasional look back. Soon mom got up and went for a smoke as she used to smoke with drinks.

I saw the same guy was standing there already. As soon as she reached there, he offered her a lighter and somehow started a conversation with her. I was standing just beside her and listening there conversation

Stranger – Hey, I am Sandy.

Mom – Hi, I am Vidya.

Stranger – You have a great figure, Vidya.

Mom – Oh, thanks.

Stranger – Give me some tips, sweety.

Mom – You too look fit, Sandy.

Stranger – You alone here?

Mom – No, with my son.

Stranger – Son? Seriously? You married?

Mom – I am divorced.

Stranger – You look so young.

Mom – Oh, thanks, but I am quite older than you. I am 43 years old.

Stranger – Then I must say you are a hot mommy.

Mom – Thanks, kiddo. (jokingly)

Stranger – I would like to have a drink with this kiddo.

Mom – Ok, sure.

They both headed to the bar counter, and I was looking at them from a distance. He would make mom blush with his wit. I could see soon mom had her hand on his shoulder. I knew what must be going on inside this pervert.

Soon the DJ started playing music. He took mom to the dance floor. They started enjoying dance and kept his hand on mom’s waist. I could see him moving his hand slowly on mom’s ass over her skirt.

Mom, too, was not moved by his move and had kept her hands on his shoulder. Soon he whispered something in her ears, and she blushed. Mom came to me and said, “Raj, you can go home. Sandy will drop me home.”

I had started getting wrong things in my mind. I knew what Sandy was up to.  I told mom that I knew what they were up to. I requested her to take him to our home and not go to the house of a stranger.

She smiled and said, “Thanks, sweety, for understanding me. I hope you don’t have any issue.”

I said, “No, mom, I understand.” She went to Sandy and whispered something in his ears. He smiled, and we three took a cab and headed to our flat. While we were in the cab, I could see Sandy was moving his hands on mom’s thighs.

Mom was giving him a wicked smile. We reached our flat. I made an excuse and said, “Mom, I am feeling sleepy, so I am going to my room.”

Mom kissed me on my cheek, and I left for my room. But inside, my heart was pumping very hard as I had never seen mom hooking up with someone so young. Though it was normal for Sandy as I know boys love milfs.

As soon as I went inside, Sandy whispered, “So Vidya, what are you expecting from me.”

Mom said, “Only good sex, Sandy, nothing else.”

“What about your son, Vidya?”

“Oh, don’t worry. He knows his mom wants to get laid tonight, and he respects my privacy,” said mom.

Sandy – Darling, you have a killer body.

Vidya – I have seen you fucking me with your eyes.

Sandy – Your tight ass in your skirt was making me mad.

Vidya – I could see that in your eyes.

Sandy – I have a fantasy for hot moms.

Vidya – Oh, take me now, Honey.

Sandy came close to mom and pulled her by her hair, and kissed her lips. Mom too pecked back with a lip kiss, and both were in long lip lock soon. He was quite tall, atleast 6 feet, and mom was 5″6. He lifted her in arms and kept on moving his tongue inside her mouth.

Mom opened up her shirt and threw it on the floor. This all was happening in our hall. They didn’t even bother going inside the bedroom.  Mom pulled out his belt from his pant and opened his pant, and it dropped on the floor.

He was standing in his jockey underwear, and his boner was visible. He pulled out mom’s top and opened the hook of her black bra. Her bra was now hanging midway. He removed it completely and threw it on the floor.

Mom’s 36 size boobs were free now, and so were her big nipples. He grabbed her boobs and started pressing them hard and pinching her nipples. Mom whispered, “Honey, suck my nipples, please.”

He took no time and took her nipples in his mouth and started sucking them like a pro. She was moaning with pleasure. He dropped mom’s skirt, and she was standing in her sexy black thong panty.

He inserted his finger inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy. She was moaning in pleasure.  He pulled her panty down. Oh, god, she was standing nude in front of this stranger.

She had slight pubic hairs, but her mature pussy could have any guy go mad. So was the case with him. He lifted mom in 69 position. It looked so sexy. Mom’s pussy was on his mouth. Mom pulled his underwear down, and his cock went inside mom’s mouth.

Both were into deep sucking of pussy and cock. Mom was enjoying more as I could hear moan. “Oh, honey, suck it more, please.” I noticed mom’s pussy was dripping with her juices, and her mouth was filled with his pre-cum.

They both were done with sucking. Now he took mom near the window, placed her in standing doggy style. He licked her pussy again a bit from the back. Then she got up, slapped her tight ass, and said, “Honey, you ready should I put it in.”

Mom whispered, “Yes, honey, please do it now.” He took out a condom from his pocket, wore it on his cock. He started rubbing his dick on her pussy. She begged him not to tease her and rather push it in, and so did he.

Within no time, his dick was inside her pussy. I could see a smile on her face as he started to bang her pussy from behind in the doggy style. He was banging her faster. I could hear the sounds of ‘thap-thap’ from my room.

She was saying, “You bastard tear my pussy make me your slut.”

He fucked her in that position for a few minutes.  Now he sat on the sofa and asked mom to come on top. She sat on his cock now and took it in. Now I could see her riding his manhood wildly with her boobs in his mouth.

Her ass was just too big.  I could feel she had squirted twice during penetration, but he was still hard. Mom was in heaven, and he now laid mom in missionary. He got on top of her, opened her legs apart, and started fucking her in missionary.

She was scratching his back hard as she looked in pain and pleasure as his dick was quite thick.  Suddenly he said, “Honey, are you ready? I am about to cum.” Just then, he took out his cock and splashed his load of cum on her face.

I could see her face covered in load. She rushed inside the washroom to clean her face. Here he was now taking a rest to regain energy. Mom came out in her towel.  Mom gave him water, and after a few minutes, he was getting hard again.

Mom could see his hardness again. Mom got on her knees again and started sucking his dick, and in no time, it was hard again and ready for round 2.  This time he wanted to do anal. So mom bought some vaseline and rubbed his dick with it and her pussy with some vaseline to open up her tight ass.

After a few fingering in her ass, he pushed his cock inside her ass hole. This made her scream with pain, “You bastard, my ass is hurting.”

He ignored her screams and stroked her ass hard in the doggy style. Soon her pain turned into pleasure. He kept on banging her ass for 10 minutes before finally cumming inside her tight ass.

Now they both looked tired. He wore his clothes pecked a kiss on her cheek and lips. He took her phone number and her bra and panty as a souvenir with him and left our flat. I could see mom had a satisfying look on her face.

Guys, this was just the beginning. I will tell you how this started happening every weekend and how they entered into a relationship in the next part. Mail me at [email protected]. You can also read my other stories here.

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