The story of A Real Gigolo

Hey, this is Ayaan from New Delhi. I’m 28 years old now. There is no doubt that you may find lots of fake Gigolo or male sex boys in the market. But finding the right one trusted one, most importantly, your dream one who fuck you the way you want, is not an easy task.

Did you know you are more wild, hot, passionate, and lustful than you thought? And surely, you may find it someday when you meet with the right person, the right fucking hot guy who’ll make you cry pain, lust, and most enjoyable tears of your life.

Luckily, one day I learned that I’m one of those persons who bring pleasure to the life of beautiful, unsatisfied girls and Bhabhis of India. Without further ado, I will share one of my stories of fucking a beautiful girl from Delhi.

She was married. But instead, I will call her the hottest girl, not Bhabhi. Because she was damm hot and sexy. She didn’t look like an Indian Bhabhi. Her name was Aliza. She was 26-year-old. She was married to a doctor at 20 years of age.

Her hubby is rich. He gives almost everything that she wants in a happy life except the most precious thing, i.e., sex – the way she wants.

One day she approached me through her friend Halen. She was my client for 5 years. Halen invited me to her birthday party and introduced Aliza, saying, “Meet the gorgeous girl of Delhi and my buddy.”

I will not go about her friendship in detail because I never ask them about it. So, that day at Halen’s Birthday party, I saw Aliza first time. Being a gigolo for many years, I can sense the hunger and craving for sex in girls. After cutting the cake, I went outside on the lawn and enjoyed the cold weather of December.

I like to roam outside at night in the cold weather of Delhi. Suddenly Aliza came there and asked me, “Hey handsome, go inside, it is cold here thand lag jayegi.”

I turned around and saw that Aliza was standing in a black saree just behind me. OMG, she was the goddess of beauty. She looks stunning and too sexy. I was blank for a few seconds. Because her figure was like, you know God made her for someone special.

She was about 5’8’’, just 3 inches shorter than me. Her boobs were silicon-packed. The exact size was 36 D. I will tell you later how I measure them. Her belly was shining due to his skin color. She was too fair that moonlight was looking dim to her.

She wears shoulder less blouse where I can see her beautiful hands. Her figure was perfect for masturbating to anyone just after seeing her for a few seconds. She smiled and asked me further. I think I disturb you!

I said, “No, not exactly. Yeah, it’s cold here, but I like the weather. I’m hot, that’s why. Just kidding,” I smiled at her. She said, “Oh, really!”

I said, “Yes, you can try someday.” I asked jokingly. “How? she said. I smile again and grab the drink in her beautiful hand and take a sip of her drink. “Now your drink is hot,” I asked her and continued to see deep into her beautiful eyes.

She said, “Flirting! I’m a married woman Mr.” I said, “I don’t mind.” And we started talking. We shared phone numbers and went again to the party inside. After that, the party was over around 2 am, and all guests left for their home.

I stayed with Halen as she booked me for rough sex that day. I fucked her the whole night very hard in three holes. Pussy, anal, mouth. Halen was crying in pain, but she enjoyed it a lot. I played 5 shots that night and left Halen home around 9 am. I have to attend my office in the second half.

Days are passed with hot fucking nights. One day after one month from Halen’s party and Aliza texted me on WhatsApp. “Hey handsome, how is your hotness?” I was thrilled with happiness that the goddess of beauty had messaged me.

I said, “You can try.” And send a joking smile.

She said, “How?” as she said earlier at the party. I said, “This time, you can try something large.” She said, “Oh really! And we started sexting and flirting. And finally, I told her about my Gigolo profession.

She was like she had been waiting for me for many years. In short, one day, she decided to meet me at my place. I cancel all bookings of that week and prepare myself completely to fuck that gorgeous beauty of God.

She knocked on my door around 11 am, and guess what, I saw? The dick standing machine. Yea, it’s Aliza. The beautiful girl of my hungry 8” dick. I opened the door and welcomed her. Offer water and tell yourself to make yourself home. And give the glass of water.

She wore a blue dress and lots of clothes because it was January. She said, “You could try the water?” I said after you. Once she finishes the glass of water, I attack her lips and suck the water droplets on her lips.

Her lips were too soft and juicy. I sucked her too hard till they appeared reddish. She closed her eyes and started kissing me like she was hungry and hadn’t eaten anything for many days.

Aliza, you are really hot. I feel your warmth from your body without opening your clothes. She was sweating. And I stared open her jacket and flew it away. And then the top, she wore a black color bra.

Oh, my goodness. Her boobs were fair in color. And I grabbed them in my hand. It was perfectly 34 D. I pressed hard from her bra. She moaned and was enjoying my hands.

I pulled her bra and was amazed after seeing her nipple. It was pink in color. I bit her and then sucked her nipples. I pressed her second boobs from my second hand and rubbed it, and squeezed it mercilessly.

I stand up and turn her around and start kissing her back. It was so clean and shining. White in color, I started licking her neck to back to her ass. And turn her again and open her jeans.

Wow, what a thigh she had. Completely clean and very fair. I open her jeans like we open the banana. She was in red color panty only now. I started licking her from top to toe.

And then I went to her wet pussy. I sucked in her deep vagina with my tongue. And insert one of my fingers into it. She moans like it is her first time. Her pussy was too tight.

I stand up and open my jeans. I put her beautiful naked hand on my 8-inch-long dick. And put it in her warm mouth.

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