Fucked My Hot & Sexy Reader Saira – Part 1

A little about me: I am Neeraj, aged 33, from Kolkata. I have been writing sex stories for years now. I always craved to at least receive an appreciation from a female reader.

You may call me desperate. But it’s a fact that if a girl appreciates your work, you get highly motivated. I have heard a lot of guys boasting about meeting their internet reader in real and then breaking her bed. For me, it was merely fiction until I got a message from a female reader.

Her name was Saira.

Saira – I read your story on the Internet. I loved it. Good work.

Me – Thanks a lot, Saira. I am overwhelmed that you liked the story. I hope I will never disappoint you.

I wanted to keep it simple. I didn’t want to show her how desperate I became after receiving her message.

Saira – You write very well. Tell me, how did you write so well?

Me – Well, as a reader, it’s important to connect with the plot and characters. Once I am connected, I enjoy the scene.

Saira – I can’t explain how much I loved it. For the first time, I moaned crazily and came hard after reading a story.

Now that was something which I wasn’t expecting. A female reader appreciated your art with her loud moans. Who doesn’t like such appreciation?

Me – Well, thanks a lot. But I really can’t believe it. I guess I am dreaming about it.

I was trying to be modest. But in my mind, I imagined her fingering her while calling out my name.

Saira – I am not kidding. I loved your story, and I am looking forward to a more intimate plot. I can’t wait to see your next story. When are you writing the next?

Me – That means a lot to me, especially from a beautiful female reader like you. As of now, I do not have the plot to write. I am looking for one.

Saira – I am good with imagination. Who knows, I might help you.

Me – I am looking forward to your valuable suggestion.

Saira – Sure, I will catch up with you at night. I have got to work now. Bye.

Me – Bye. Hoping to hear from you at night.

The entire day was hard for me. I wasn’t able to concentrate on my work. I was anxiously waiting for the night to arrive. Probably, it was the first time I was waiting for someone’s ping.

Around 11, my phone beeped. I prayed it to be her message. It was Saira.

Saira – Hi, I am sorry for being late. It was a hectic day. If you have slept, we shall talk tomorrow.

Me (who was in a hurry to reply) – No. No. I am still very much awake. I was waiting for your message.

Saira – Hehehe. Nice. At least someone is there to wait for my pings. (wink)

Me – I would love to wait for every day if that brings a smile to your face.
(A bit of flirting works like masala for a curry.)

Saira – Oh, so Mister Writer also knows how to flirt. I thought you’d be some ‘Hawas ka Pujari.’ But you seem to be a very gentleman.

(In my mind, yes, I was a ‘hawas ka pujari.’ I imagined her in the best possible way.)

Me – I hope you are comfortable now.

Saira – Yup, very much. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about messaging you. I belong to a conservative family, and no one knows I read such materials. So, I didn’t want to create or invite any unnecessary trouble. Then, I followed your activities on the Internet for a few days.

Saira – Like, you were modestly appreciating others’ work and pointing out the flaws that could be corrected to better the plot. I felt you were a nice and sort of harmless guy. So I messaged you.

Me – Don’t worry, Saira. I am quite decent in real. However, I am quite wild when it’s about writing Literotica (wink).

We spoke to each other for the entire night. From Politics to High-end restaurants in the city, from favorite actors to favorite web series. We discussed several other matters. Finally, we bid good morning to each other and got up to get ready for the office.

The entire day I was yawning. Luckily, my boss was outstation, so I took a half-day leave and came back home. I slept the entire noon. In the evening, I woke up to find a message from Saira.

Saira – Hi Neeraj.

Me – Hi Saira.

Saira – In Office?

Me – Nope. I am actually at home. I took half day and came back home.

Saira – I am sorry for taking your sleep away last night. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t want to leave the chat in midway. You are so interesting and intriguing. You’re a perfect guy that a girl would ask for—wild behind the doors and gentleman in the world.

Me – I am really happy that you were comfortable with me last night. How about you? Did you complete your sleep?

Saira – No re. I am stuck at work. We have a fashion show the next week, and I work closely with the main designer. So, there is no scope for taking leave or a half-day. I am habituated to this lifestyle – staying up late and having less sleep. You say, got any plot?

Me – I was thinking of writing about you.

Saira – Me? Are you kidding?

Me – Nope, I guess once we know each other better, I could write even better.

Saira – Great idea. I would love to be with you when you write a story about us.

Wow, luckily, the girl didn’t say a stupid thing. She wanted me to write about ‘us’ and not someone else with her. What else do you need to hear after a long-awaited sleep?

Me – I would love to write about us, but I don’t have many details about you. However, I shall try to imagine you in the best possible way.

Saira – Oh, stupid me. How come this didn’t strike me? Ask me whatever you want to know. Get the plot ready, and we shall meet next week after my fashion show. Maybe I shall take a couple of days of leaves.

I was overwhelmed to hear this. My reader wants to write a story by being on my side. I was already running in the image, and this fueled it more. For the one whole week, we kept on talking about various topics and planned our meeting. I got to know a lot of secrets about her.

She was from a minority community, and her family was quite orthodox. Her dad was against her wish to do a job, but her mom is supportive of it. Before leaving the house, she covered her face completely, and hardly any person could recognize her on the road.

She is quite modern and open about her sexuality. She even discussed her fantasies with me. One of them was breaking virginity with a stranger. I was finding it hard to wait.

Finally, the day of her show arrived. I was at the office till late at night. Finally, the work was done, and I left for home. I checked her messages. It was like this:

Saira – Hey! Where are you, Mister Writer?

Saira – Dear, at least drop a reply.

Saira – I guess you must be busy tonight with other plans or maybe scared to meet me (Wink). Just kidding, dear. My show is done, and everybody likes it. I received a few good compliments on my work. I shall be free tomorrow. We can plan to meet up in some cafe. Tc, Bye dear.

I completely loved it. Your reader was waiting for you to meet. I replied her back

Me – I am sorry. I was stuck in some stupid work. I am sorry to keep you waiting.

Me – Tomorrow we may meet in Park Street and could go to any random cafe. I shall bring my laptop.

I waited for 10 minutes to see any response from her, but I guess she has slept. I kept my phone aside and waited for the night to end.

The next morning, she texted me about the time and location of the cafe. I got ready quickly and went to the cafe half an hour early. I was waiting for Saira to come. Neither we exchanged numbers, nor had we seen each other earlier.

She wanted to stay safe, and I didn’t bother much about this. Suddenly, a message popped up on my mobile.

Saira – Hi! Where are you? I have reached the cafe.

I saw a girl entering the cafe. She was wearing a yellow top with white jeans. She stood tall by 5’4″, I guess. Her eyes were glued to her phone, and her face was covered with a mask. Her long smooth wet hairs were enough to tell me that she had just come after taking a shower.

Me – Hi! (I waved at her)

Saira dropped me a message to confirm. “Is it you waving at me?”

Me – Yes.

She came and took her seat beside me.

Me – We have been chatting for a good long time, but you’re still shy to remove your mask (wink)

Saira – No, dumbo. It’s not that there is something to hide. I just try to avoid getting into any sort of trouble. One complaint at my house about me wandering with a guy, and my life will be hell.

Me – Then, why did you take the trouble to meet me? We could have spoken on chat. I would have written the story and mailed you. After reading it, you would have told me to make changes, if any. Then, I would have submitted it to the Internet. Why take so much risk?

Saira looked into my eyes and said – Because I wanted to meet the guy who is so lovely yet so naughty. I have never felt so weak between my legs as I felt after reading your chats and stories.

She held my hand under the table, and I could feel her soft, fair, thin palms in my hand.

Me – Let’s go to another place where we could spend 2-3 hours alone.

Saira – Where could we go for 2-3 hours, which is private? I can’t go to your place. I can’t invite you to my place. Friend’s places are not on my checklist.

Me – A room in a hotel for 2-3 hours?

Saira – Aha, so someone wants to take me to the hotel? My boy is getting bold day by day. But, why waste money for 2-3 hours? The hotel would charge you for an entire day unless you have visited the hotel regularly in the past (wink)

Me – Nope, it’s not like that. Nowadays, hotels are available on an hourly basis. We may check on the website and book one if you’re comfortable.

Saira (after thinking for a while) – Okay, book it.

I took no time to book a nearby Hotel Park Victoria. We took the room and went inside. Saira was now much comfortable. She removed her mask to unveil a beautiful face. She had thin lips, and her nose was sharp. Her cheeks were not fluffy, but I felt doing ‘googly-woogly woosh.’  She looked like a pretty doll.

Me – So, shall we write a story now?

Saira came close to me and put her arm around me and said, – Let’s make one first.

Saying this, she kissed me. I wasn’t ready for this surprise. I held her tight while she was sucking my upper lip. I held her ass cheeks and pressed them for a while till she let out a moan. Her hands were on my hair, roughing them. At the same time, I was squeezing her tight butt.

I took her lip and sucked it madly. We broke our smooch and saw it in the mirror. Her lipstick was gone, and her lip mark was visible on my lip. We looked at each other’s and smiled. I pulled her in my arms and kissed her. This time it was more of passion and love. We kissed each other for a while.

I looked at her, and she was all smiling.

Saira – You know my fantasy very well. I am sure you would love to do it.

Me – But Saira, I don’t have a condom. What if…?

Saira put her finger on my lips before I completed the ‘what if.’

Saira – Shhhh, I know you don’t have. And you know what, I am really happy about it. I am giving my virginity to someone whom I can trust. Now, don’t waste time, baby. Show me the way you love a girl in your story. I want the exact fuck. I want you to fuck my brains out. We have 3 hours in this room, and I want you to taste every inch of my body. It’s just for you.

I couldn’t believe what I heard. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity. I took her in my arms and threw her on the bed. I kissed her lips again. This time wildly. I was licking her lower lip and savoring her saliva. I put my hands on her soft boobs. I could make out. It was 36. My dick was getting hard.

I broke the kiss to take her top off. A black lacy bra with checks was blocking the beautiful sight of two mangoes. I opened the bra strap and didn’t waste a moment sucking them.

“Aah!” Saira let out a moan. I held her right boob while sucking her left boob hard. I sucked her nipple and bit them hard.

Saira – Ahh. Are you going to drink the entire milk of my left boobs today itself? Suck the other one, na, and don’t bite so hard.

Me – Lol. I am going to bite them even harder. So that when you go home and remove your bra, you could re-live the moment you are going to spend with me in these two hours.

I pushed her hard on the bed and came on top of her. I was sucking her right boob now. I was biting her light brown areole. Saira was moaning loudly.

“Aah. Fuck baby. Why are you so wild and hot? I am unable to control my moans?”

“Let the entire hotel hear your moans today, babe. They must know, you are having the best time.

I started kissing the navel and tongue-licking the entire navel. I kissed her belly button and licked it with my tongue. I sucked her navel. I wasted no time in removing her white jeans. I removed it one shot.

Her black lacy panties were waiting for me to give a drenched view of her pussy. I moved aside her panties and smelled the aroma of her pussy. It was neatly shaved.  There was not a single hair around the pubic. I kissed her, and soon, her wetness began overflowing.

I licked her pussy till she came on my face. She was wet. I checked her pussy. It was tight and small. I pulled out my dick and kept it near her face. For a while, she kept staring at my dick. I took the initiation and pushed it inside her mouth.

She was letting soft moans out while sucking my dick. My dick was damn hard, and I loved the wet lip touch of Saira.

“Saira, I am gonna fuck you like there is no tomorrow.”

I pulled out my dick from her mouth. I pushed her on the bed and tied her hands with my belt behind the bed. She was now bondage.

I pulled out a chocolate from my pocket and melted it. I rubbed the entire chocolate on her body, from her toe to her cheeks. I was licking every inch of her body. She was moaning heavily.

” Fuck, I never knew licking could give so much pleasure.”

“This is just a beginning, babe. Many more to come.”

I licked the chocolate over her pussy. She was damn wet. I pushed my finger, and it went in easily. I pushed another finger, and it was touching her hymen. I put my cock tip on her pussy lip and gave a hard stroke.

” Take it out, sweety. It is so hard. I shall die. Please remove it.”

I removed it instantly. She looked at me, puzzled.

“If something is going to hurt you, then I could wait for the pain to subside.”

“Really, babe?” She asked.

“Yes, Sweety,” I said.

“Now put your dick in my pussy and fuck me hard. I love you, and I want you to fuck me like there is no tomorrow.”

I put my cock on her pussy lips once again. I pushed my cock deep, hard inside her. I was fucking her pussy in missionary. She was moaning my name the entire time.

Then, we got into doggy style. I inserted from behind. Her tiny lovely asshole was my next target. I held her boobs from behind and stroked her hard. Her moans were encouraging me to fuck harder. I held her butt and slapped her ass cheeks hard. Those became quite reddish.

“Aah, Neeraj. You’re so hard. It’s better than what I expected. Thanks a lot, love. You’re so hard. Fuck me more. I am your bitch.”

I got her on the table and fucked her for nearly half an hour. I was feeling the strong urge to come inside her. I came deep inside her. I took a look at her pussy. My white semen was glistening in her pussy juice.

I had sexual fun with my reader for two more hours before we left with a promise to meet again.

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