Erotic Car Drive With Hot Housewife From Mumbai

This is Avinash Singh, age 40 years from Mumbai. I have been a regular reader of ISS and a fan of ISS as well. I have read many sex stories and enjoyed most of them and always wanted to pen down my story.

I have been married for about 10 years and was looking for some adventure in my sex life. I had an experience in cuckolding, so I had put a post on Facebook looking for a cuckold couple.

After a few days, a lady responded to this post. She said that she saw my post and wants to speak to me about it.

She started chatting with me and started to know about me. Even I asked her details. She said she was 30 years old and married for about 3 years.

Her name was Niharika. She said she was a housewife. Her husband had a very small penis and she was not satisfied sexually with him. And after a long discussion with her husband, she decided that she would not get a divorce, but would look for a new sex partner who can satisfy her sexually in bed.

Now, let me describe this Indian housewife. Niharika was a perfect bong babe, dusky, 5.6 in height with a figure of 36-30-36. By the way, I stand 6.2, medium-built and 7-inch penis.

So, we started chatting and knowing each other more like our likes, dislikes and most importantly – the kinks of each other. Niharika had an affair before marriage but her boyfriend did not do much. She had high expectations from Vishal, her husband. Vishal was a good man but not good in the bed – that was a major problem in their marriage.

I like rough, abusive and kinky sex. It does not mean I don’t like romantic sex. When I am romantic, I ensure that the lady feels like a queen. But Niharika looked like an innocent Indian housewife but was a wild bitch inside – my kind of whore which I like the most!

After a few days of chat, we had our first voice chat. I loved Niharika’s husky voice. She was a bitch whom I wanted to be in bed with at any cost. We had voice chat for a few days where we discussed our kinky sexual desires and our fantasies.

The day came when we had to meet. We planned to meet on a Sunday evening at a nearby coffee shop. She had worn a hot pants and a t-shirt as desired by me. I had worn a jeans and t-shirt as desired by her.

Niharika was accompanied by her husband Vishal who wanted to meet me too and wanted to ensure that his wife was with the right man.

We met and had a discussion. Vishal was a smart man and knew his short comings. We had coffee and then Vishal let me and his wife for a drive as we had planned.

We started to drive towards the old Mumbai-Pune highway in my car. I had ensured that my car had black slits on it as I knew that things would go naughty in the beginning and wild later.

As we started, she was looking at me with a desire to make the first move. I held her hand and kissed her hand. “Ummmm”, so soft as expected. I then moved to her thighs, which is my weak point. I caressed them and smelt them. Man, they smelt nice!

Lust was very evident in Niharika’s eyes now. I could sense restlessness in her attitude. I took her hand and kept in on my dick. She licked, touched and caressed my dick over my pants. I asked her if she was ready to be my bitch, a wild bitch. She said yes and I asked her to open my jeans, unzip me and pull my dick out.

The horny housewife was waiting for this moment for so long. She just held the dick and felt it to her satisfaction. Even I enjoyed her soft hand on my dick.

“Aaaaaahhhhh”, a moan escaped my mouth. She started to play with my cock, pulled back the foreskin and felt it. I was enjoying the touch to the maximum.

Then I asked her, bitch hand over your panty to me right now, she did like I said, out came a black lacy panty she had used for the day. I took the panty and inhaled her smell. Uuuummmm what an erotic smell.

I had asked the whore not to wear a fresh bra and panty and come for the date. The bitch by now had gulped my dick. She was deep throating my cock. Uuuuuummm what a feeling that was. I was smelling her panty and she was giving me a blowjob that I liked.

By now, we had hit the old Mumbai-Pune highway and there were a few vehicles on the road. I was driving slow, enjoying the blowjob and smelling her pantie.

The time had come for the bitch to go to the next level. I asked her to remove her bra and hand it over to me. Man, those 36 size boobs with light brown nipples looked perfect.

The housewife handed me the bra and was excited to see what I was going to do. I pulled the bra to my nose and inhaled the angelic fragrance from those sexy cups. I touched her boobs and felt them to be hard the way I like them to be. She moaned, “Aaaahhhhhhhhhh”.

Now I started to maul the hot Indian married lady’s boobs hard, making it turn reddish. Niharika was enjoying it to the maximum. She was moaning and saying, “Harder please..”

She had longed for this a lot. I started manhandling her boobs, pulling her nipples, and pinching them as well. Niharika was enjoying the rough treatment and wanted me to take it to the next level.

I asked her to remove her hot pants and show me her cunt. The bitch did as told to her. I was amazed to see a clean shaved pussy waiting for me. I had asked her to shave her pussy before she came for the date.

I caressed the housewife’s pussy. I loved her smooth and soft pussy lips. They looked nice and felt like a shy flower which was closed and waiting to be deflowered by her master.

I was playing with her pussy lips. Then I slowly opened Niharika’s pussy lips and slid my finger inside the love hole. Man, it was burning hot! The bitch was on fire.

I just took the finger and tasted her nectar pot. It tasted a little salty and sour. But I liked the taste. I told her, “Bitch, you taste good”. She was happy to know that I liked it. She said even she liked the taste of my cock.

Niharika then said she had an idea. She said she wants to eat my dick and I should finger her cunt simultaneously while driving. The idea was kinky. I readily agreed and she came on her fours and started giving me a blowjob. I started pressing her head on my cock. She understood what I wanted and the whore was all business.

It was time I returned favours to her. I took my hand and started fingering her cunt with my one finger. Niharika started moaning as soon as my finger entered her hot waiting cunt.

“Uuuuummmm, Aaaahhhhhhhh…please finger me more..make me your bitch.. I am your keep…” such words started coming out of her mouth. It was becoming difficult to drive. So, I reduced the speed of the car and we kept doing what we had come there for.

Then I pushed my second finger in and felt Niharika’s tight cunt. She became mad as the second finger plunged into her cunt. I felt my cock getting more deep-throated as the second finger went in.

I slowly started fingering her even more rigorously. She got mad and started moaning more, “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, faster faster, more deeper more deeper..” and the next minute, she came on my hand.

My hand was now fully wet with my bitch’s love juices. She stopped giving blowjob and was gasping for breath. I pressed her head on my dick and didn’t allow her to take it out of her fucking hot mouth.

Ten minutes had passed and there were no signs of me cumming. She then asked, “When are you going to cum??”. I laughed out loud and said, “Not before the next 30 minutes!” She had this look, “What the fuck are you saying?!” I just laughed at her and pushed her head back where she had to be.

I then pulled out the hand from her cunt and tasted her love juices. I asked her to taste it too. Niharika did it a bit reluctantly but obeyed my orders like my obedient pet.

Then I pulled the car to the side and we smooched. I enjoyed tasting her love juices from her mouth mixed with her sweet saliva. This made the smooch erotic and kinky, the way I liked. Niharika said she too enjoyed this kinkiness to the maximum.

I then asked her to finish the work which she had left incomplete. Niharika again came back to the bitch’s position and started giving me a blowjob. This time, I decided to give my whore a kinky surprise.

So I pushed three fingers inside her hot and horny cunt. Her eyes almost popped out and she screamed, “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.. please pull out the third finger!!”. Her cunt was too tight for the third finger. But I kept ramming her cunt with the three fingers and the housewife bitch cummed in just two minutes.

I enjoyed the sight of the bitch cumming. I wiped her cum on her pantie and kept it with me. She asked me why I didn’t lick it. I said I am not gonna give her panty back and I will keep it with me so this erotic fragrance stays with me from now on. I will smell it whenever I want.

Then I pushed her panty in her cunt and soaked it with all her juices and smelled it. It was erotic!

Niharika was back to her business of blowing my cock and I was playing with her boobs – mauling and pulling them, pinching and pulling her nipples.

The bitch was enjoying the rough treatment. This continued for another 25 minutes and then I cummed in her mouth. She wanted to have my cum. She showed me my cum in her mouth and then gulped it down.

Niharika was not allowed to wear her hot pants and her t-shirt was raised up to show her boobs to me till she was with me. When we reached her place, she said she enjoyed to the maximum.

I hope the story was not too long and I hope you enjoyed the story.

We had a few more encounters later which I will narrate later.

If any ladies from Mumbai or nearby places are looking for a decent partner, can contact me at [email protected]

This is my first story, so if it was a little long, your suggestion is welcome so that I can incorporate it in the next story I write.

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