Sexy Bengali Receptionists Fucked In Puri – Part 1

Hello friends, I am Raj from Orissa and I am a regular reader here and writing my real story now. This is the best place where I can share my sex stories.

I am from Bhubaneswar and due to corona, I lost my job and at present, I am working as a male escort provider at Bhubaneswar, Konark, and Puri. The corona changed my total life and I have no choice except that. I don’t like to take borrow money from others and here I stay in a rented house.

I opened an account on Facebook and in the beginning, I received only a very few friend requests and that too from males. After one week, I received a friend request in the name of Arpita Banerjee, aged about 38 years from Kolkata and I accept the said request.

She sent me a message on Facebook saying, “Hi.”

Me – Hi, I am a male escort from Bhubaneswar and providing service at Bhubaneswar, Konark, and Puri.
AB – I know that.

Me – What do you do?
AB – I am divorced and working in a private company as a receptionist. I am planning to go to Konark and puri but I don’t know how to go. Can you guide me?

Me – How many persons are coming with you?
AB – Me and my friend.

Me – When are you planning to come?
AB – Next week. How can I contact you?

This incident happened in November 2020. I gave her my hangout ID.

Me – You can contact me or you can send a message on Facebook.

After a week, I received a message on Hangouts from the Bengali receptionist girl Arpita saying that they are coming and will be reaching Bhubaneswar at 11 am. She asked me for my contact number. I gave it and told them to call me 1 hour before reaching Bhubaneswar.

The Bengali girl called me and asked me to send her my location on WhatsApp from where they will pick me up. And I sent her my location. Before they reached the said location, I had reached there and was waiting for them.

One white color Hyundai Verna car came and stopped near me. And they called me and told me their car’s number. I found that she had come with her friend and her friend’s name was Arati.

Both Arpita and her friend (Arati) were working as receptionists in different companies. Arpita was fair in color, had a slim figure, chest size maybe 33, full makeup, and wore a green churidar. Arati had a medium figure in comparison with Arpita. She was just healthy. She wore a brown color churidar.

Arpita asked me for directions to Puri and we reached Puri at 1.30 pm. On driving, we had many normal chit-chats Arpita has booked two rooms on the beach road hotel.

We directly went to Arpita’s room and Arpita asked me whether I was hungry or not?

It was afternoon and I was hungry. I replied that I needed vegetarian food. She ordered lunch for three persons and it was delivered to her room.

Arati told me that for me she had booked another room which she wanted to see. I just went with her.

Arpita and Arati already decided that they will have sex here but they did not say anything to me. Arati took her luggage to the other room and told me that she wanted to get fresh. She wore a one-piece dress before going to the bathroom. She changed her dress and came after 10 minutes.

When she opened the bathroom, I found that she was in a pink color medium size long one-piece dress. The dress had a big neck where her red color bra was clearly visible and the chain was at the backside of the dress.

Arati told me that she had some back pain and needed a massage. So I just started to massage her over the dress but she told me that to open the chain and directly massage her backside.

As I was a male escort, I understood her intention. I opened the chain of the dress with my mouth slowly. I started licking the receptionist girl’s back with my tongue. Slowly, I lifted her dress from the bottom and I licked her left side toward her boobs. I did that for 5 to 10 minutes.

After that, I asked my client whether her back pain was gone or not. She replied to me saying that somehow gone but need some more massage. I asked her, “Which type of massage do you need?”

She told me that, “Whichever type ever you know.”

I put my hand from the backside of the chain and held the receptionist girl’s two breasts along with her bra and started squeezing them. After some time, I slowly went down and fully lifted her dress, and bit her hips. She was fully horny now.

Then Arati got up from the bed and undressed me. Then she sucked my penis for 5 minutes and showed me heaven. She made me so horny and wild that I tore her dress from the front side. The receptionist was now only in a red color bra and panty and was looking beautiful like a Bengali heroine.

After seeing my wild nature, she put my lip on her lip and started to suck it.

While she kissed me, I put my hand on her boobs and slowly squeezed them. Her nipple was a brown color. Everyone knows that Bengali women are very sexually active. This was my first time with a Bengali woman.

After 10 minutes of the lip sucking, she started sucking my penis again. Then I opened her bra and panty. Her panty was wet and she was moaning. The horny receptionist directed me to fuck her as soon as I can but my intention was to make her hotter and hotter.

She was very excited and wild. It was very difficult to manage her. I started to suck her boobs and nipples. After 10-15 minutes of sucking the Bengali receptionist’s boobs, I started to lick the lower part of her boobs to her navel and from her navel to the upper part of her panty. This type of foreplay continues for 15-20 minutes.

After 20 minutes of foreplay on her stomach, I moved toward her vagina and started to lick her vagina for nearly 5 minutes. While licking her vagina, she was moaning and wanted more and more to be licked. Thereafter I rubbed my penis on the receptionist girl’s pussy.

Her upper lip of the vagina was pink in color and it made her crazy. I put my middle finger in her pussy instead of my penis. When I put my finger, she started moaning, “AHHHHHHH FUCK MEEEE..”

I asked her, “How do you want me to fuck you?”

She said, “Fuck me from behind and give me salvation from this happiness.”

She stood up and spread her legs and told me to put my penis in her pussy. I held her two boobs and started squeezing both boobs. Our lip was locked and she was sucking my lip deeply.

After 10 minutes, the Bengali receptionist changed her position. I pushed her to the wall and started fucking her slowly from the front side for 10 minutes. Our lips were locked.

When she told me that she wanted a hard fuck, I told her to stand in the doggy position. I speeded up my strokes and after 5 minutes, she had a shivering orgasm. My sperms were fully discharged.

While my gun came out, I held her both boobs and put my mouth on hers, and slept on her naked for an hour.

While sleeping, Arpita came to the room and found us nude on the bed. The next part is about how I fucked the second receptionist Arpita.

If anyone needs this type of memorable experience, contact me. The best place in Orissa are Konark, Puri, Satapada, Chilika, and many more. If anyone needs a travel guide also contact me at my mail id – [email protected] (this is my hangout and Facebook ID).

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