Virgin Sex With An Old Man

Hi, this is Vijayalakshmi, here with a story about an old man. I am 25 years old, fair skin, and my figure size is 32-28-30. I come from the middle-class family background.

I work as a cashier at the retail supermarket a mile away from my home. I usually prefer wearing a saree, and I wear it 3 inches below my navel. Men in my surroundings of all ages, especially men above 60 years, stare at my navel when I walk down the street.

Coming to the story, I got married to Kasi two years ago. Kasi is 55 years old dark guy, looks skinny and 5’11 tall. Kasi is thirty years older than me, but it didn’t bother me. I married Kasi against my parents’ wishes as they disapproved of my relationship with an old guy.

After marrying him, my personal and sexual life is very good. We are leading a happy life. Our story started two years ago, one fine rainy day. I was passing by the mechanic shop where Kasi was working. Suddenly a teenage boy was riding a bike hit me from behind, and I fell.

As I fell, the teenage boy left the place without helping me. But Kasi saw the incident from the mechanic’s shop and ran towards me and took me into his shop. Luckily I was not much injured. But there was a slight swell in my leg. Kasi gave first aid immediately.

From that day onwards, I started talking and became close with him. I enquired about his family. Kasi said he was married for twenty years and got no kids. His marriage life was like hell as his wife didn’t treat him properly. She died five years ago. Now he is a widower and living his life alone.

Listening to his story, I felt pity for him. We became so close that I was meeting him at his shop daily. On the day of Diwali, I wore a beautiful silk saree, and I wore it, exposing my navel. I prepared some sweets and lunch for Kasi, and I took them to the shop.

As I went, Kasi was staring at me from top to bottom. He replied, “Vijaya, you look so beautiful in this saree. I have never seen a gorgeous woman like you in my life.” Listening to his words, I was blushing with shyness.

He invited me to his home without any hesitation. I went along with him. The house was small but was quite good with a hall, one-bedroom and kitchen and a small garden around the surrounding. We had lunch together.

I was serving the food. I have seen him staring at me, especially at my navel, and I realized he is attracted to me. After lunch, he took me to his bedroom and hugged me tightly, and cried.

Me – Why are you crying? What happened?

Kasi- I love you so much, and I want to marry you. Please don’t leave me.

I also liked him a lot. He was a kind and genuine person, and I was looking for a life partner like him. So without any delay, I wiped his eyes and said, “I too love you, Kasi.” He was so much happy after hearing my confession.

We started kissing each other. He inserted his tongue into my mouth, and I sucked his saliva. After fifteen minutes of intense tongue kissing, he laid me on his bed. He removed his clothes and stood naked in front of me.

I was shocked to see his monster dick which was eleven inches and three inches thick. His eyes were filled with lust. He had been sexually starved for so many years. I realized he is going to fuck me hard and tear my virgin pussy.

Finally, he got an opportunity to fuck a hot woman like me, and he is not going to leave me. He jumped on me naked and started kissing me. While kissing, he put his hand on my left boobs on top of my blouse and pressed it hard. I moaned, “Aah.”

Now he started pressing both my breasts. He removed my blouse and bra and my 32size naked boobs exposed in front of him. Seeing the size of my boobs, he is gone crazy. He said he is lucky to have me and start sucking my boobs and pressing the other one simultaneously.

While sucking, he bit both my nipples. It pained a lot, and I moaned, ”Ahh.” I pleaded with him, but he didn’t listen to me and bit both my nipples like crazy.
He came down to the navel area and started kissing. He put his tongue into my navel and spit saliva into it. I just enjoyed the pleasure.

After few minutes of navel kissing, he pulled my saree up to my waist. Now he positioned his dick at the entrance of my vagina. I was a bit scared looking at his 11 inches dick. Since I am a virgin, my pussy is tight. He looked at me and gave a naughty smile.

He pushed his dick inside my pussy, and I screamed, “Ahh.” I started crying. His dick didn’t go much inside as my pussy was tight. Now he started pushing his dick harder deep inside me. It was so much that I screamed and cried. Tears were flowing through my eyes.

I screamed, but he was still pushing deep inside my pussy. Now he took his dick out and put it inside my mouth. He started fucking my mouth and pushed his dick deep inside my throat. I sucked the semen on his dick. After ten minutes of cock sucking, I was exhausted and tired.

My pussy was in so much pain from the damage, and blood was coming through my pussy. He got ready to fuck me again. I asked him to stop, but he insisted. He said he is not going to leave me as he has been sexually starved all these years.

Now he put his dick inside, deep inside, and fucked me like a crazy bull. I screamed like hell. After one hour of intense and brutal fucking I got relieved. We both slept on the bed naked for two hours.

Later I went to the bathroom, had a bath and wore my saree, and left home. At night I couldn’t sleep properly due to immense pain in my vagina.

Next month I got married to Kasi. After one year, I got pregnant and delivered a baby boy. After five months of post-delivery, we started fucking again. This time my boobs grew bigger, and I used to feed both my baby and Kasi.

I am leading a happy life, and my sexual life is satisfied. I hope you all enjoyed the story of the man who was a woman’s delight. Kindly share your feedback to this Email: – [email protected]

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