Friends With Benefit With Virgin School Friend

Hai everyone, I am Vijay. I am from Bangalore, working as a software engineer and having a 6-inch dick and 5’10” height and 68 kg weight.

Let’s come to the story. Basically, I’m not too fond of relationships and commitments. And I was looking for an FWB (friends with benefits). I tried many ways, and at last, I finally found one.

She was my school friend. She was having a figure 34-30-32 with a 5’7″ height, fair-looking girl. She was also working as a software engineer.

We used to talk nicely from our school days. I even had an infatuation with her and even she felt it too (I got to know about her later).

One day, while talking about something, we just came to the topic of sex, physical needs, etc. So I told my school friend that I was looking for friends with benefits relationship and suddenly, I asked her if she was interested. She said that she will think about it and later accepted it.

From that moment, we started sexting, exchanging sexual fantasies, everything. And you know what, she was a virgin too!

One fine day, we decided to go forward and booked a room for ourselves. And that was a day before the plan. So she hadn’t shaved her vagina. I even bought her shaving needs and a pack of condoms.

When we went inside, I gave her the shaving needs, and she went to the bathroom and cleaned herself. My school friend was so nervous as it was her first time.

Then she sat beside me. I slowly went near my friend with benefits, held her, made her feel comfortable and looked into her eyes. There was complete silence. Slowly, I went forward to her and started kissing her lips. My school friend responded so well, and we were both smooching and in side by side.

Slowly, I made her sleep on the bed and I lied beside her. She was so aroused by then and was making it so wild. And I liked it and went with her pace and made her more horny by kissing her neck. (Girls go crazy when boys kiss on their necks!)

I started pressing my school friend’s boobs and was kissing her continuously. She was wearing a t-shirt, and slowly, I tried lifting it. She helped to remove it. Wow, what perfect-shaped milky white boobs and those made me madder.

I then went down from the neck to her boobs and started sucking them. She started moaning so loudly. And then I removed her bra. With one hand, I was pressing her right boob and I was sucking her other boob. And she went crazy; those expressions were so seductive.

Then I removed my shirt and went on her. I hugged her and kissed her lips. I was kissing her neck and pressing her boobs. Then, I came down slowly and opened her pants, and removed her panties. She had made her pussy clean, and by looking at it, I couldn’t control. I immediately put my mouth there and started sucking my school friend’s pussy. She was in cloud 9.

She started sucking and rolling my tongue. She pushed my head and was shivering. With every stroke of my tongue, she released juices. Suddenly, my sexy friend with benefits had an orgasm. She got exhausted and slept on the bed with her legs wide open.

I could see her happiness in her eyes. I went near to her and said, “Now, it’s your turn. Let’s see if you can do better than me,” as she always wanted to be the best everywhere.

My school friend immediately got on me and removed my pants. She was looking at my dick for the first time. She examined my dick and asked for some tips like where exactly she should suck. I told her how to do it properly.

Oh, god, soon she was sucking my dick like a porn star. Those strokes were so satisfying, and she gave me a hard blowjob but couldn’t make me cum. When she was tired, I told her, “Okay, let’s see if your vagina can make me cum or not, ” and took out a condom and put it on my dick.

I started entering my dick into her vagina. It was wet, but only the tip of my penis went inside. She was feeling some pain. I just stopped and gave her some time to get comfortable and slowly, I pushed it inside again. This time, it went a little more, and she was closing her eyes and holding the bedsheet tightly, trying to control her pain.

I understood that my beautiful school friend was ready and gave her a full push with all my force. My whole 6-inch dick was completely inside her. Tears were rolling out from her eyes. She was closing her mouth tightly because of the pain. I opened it and gave her a nice smooch until all her pain vanished.

She slowly started moving up and down without breaking the kiss. She was good with that. I started fucking her fast and with every push, she was shouting with pleasure. After 10 minutes, we both had orgasms.

Then we both slept on the bed, cuddling for some time.

Later, another session was started as we again got horny and started kissing and hugging tightly. We got so horny that I wore another condom and made her sit on me in a cowgirl position. She had watched ‘Game of thrones’ and hence she was doing it like a pro!

After some time, I made her bend and went for the doggie style. After fucking for another 15 minutes or so, we took a break.

Then we decided to go for a hot, warm bath. We applied soap to each other. I hugged her totally nude body with the hot water falling on us and was rubbing my dick in her ass crack. And we also gave some poses in the mirror.

We were clear that we should not take pictures. So, we posed in the mirror, imagining that it as a selfie. And after bath, we dressed up. And we both decided this FWB can end for that day and started being as usual.

Thank you, guys.

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