Friend’s Daughter’s Crush Leads To Questions And Sex!

This is a recent experience which I am sharing with you all. This happened a couple of months back during the Covid-19 period. I will describe in sequence how it happened. However, there is a pleasant surprise in this story which will be liked by you too.

I received a chat message, “Hello” on my hangouts from one girl named Priya. She said she was from Pune and she does not know me. She said she was a student and was getting thoroughly bored, so looking for a chat friend, etc. I said, “Ok, we can chat.”

I told her that I was a married man, working in the IT industry in Bangalore. She said, “Age does not matter. I am just looking for someone to talk to like a friend.” So, like this, our interaction started.

Priya started messaging me almost daily multiple times and I started responding when I got time. She said she was a teenage girl but an adult. She started asking me some curious queries such as what is the right age for a girl to get into romance, what is a crush, what is the difference between a friend and a lover? what is dating and finally, what is sex?

I responded to her queries. She started liking my answers. She asked me, “Can we have chats at night also?” I said, “Okay, sometimes we can.” She said, “I will be waiting for you after dinner.” I said, “Fine.”

Then, at night, we started chatting. Priya said that she wanted to ask me something and get my guidance. I said, “Ok.” Then she said she had a crush on one married man who was a friend of her dad.

I asked her, “Why do you like him?” She said, “He is handsome, has a good personality, is cheerful, caring and somehow, I like him very much.”

She also said, “Whenever I see some kissing scenes in movies and sometimes see something on the internet, I suddenly remember him, and I like to be in the dreams with him.”

I asked her, “Are you in love with him?” She said, “I do not know.”

I asked, “Does your father’s friend know that you like him?”

Priya said, “He does not know.”

I said, “You have a crush on him. This is common at this age.”

She said, “I want to get closer to him. So, please give me some ideas.”

I said, “He is your dad’s friend. What if your family comes to know?”

Priya said, “That is why I am asking for your guidance. You have all the experience, so you can guide me.”

Then I gave her some tips. She said that she will try them on him.

During the chat, she said to me, “Now tell me more about romance and sex. I have a desire to have sex with my dad’s friend just to get an idea of how it feels.”

I said, “Why sex so early?”

She said, “My classmate girls have already done it with their boyfriends or someone else. I do not want a boyfriend. I like him only. So, I want to get closer to him. I also dream about him at nights sometimes.”

Priya said, “Tell me more about sex. How does it happen? How it feels and so on?”

Then I shared a few porn video-clips where breaking virginity was shown of a 19-year-old teen girl. She watched them and asked me a few queries,

“Why are they doing like that? Is it necessary to remove all the clothes? Why are they making such a sound? What is that white liquid? Does this give pain? Will I get pregnant?” And many more such queries.

She said, “I am feeling incredibly good by seeing these clips and talking openly with you on this topic. You are a superb guide! Can you please do the same thing in a chat with me, assuming that you are my friend?”

Then we did the role-play of virginity-breaking. Finally, she said that her panty had got wet and some liquid came out of her pussy.

She said, “Oh God, this is completely an unusual feeling. I love you, my love guru!”

The next day, she sent me a message saying, “We will chat again at night.” I agreed.

We started chatting again at night. She said, “After last night’s porn videos and sexy chat with you, now I am getting a strong urge to have sex. Is it possible for you to give me a real demo?”

I said, “I am in Bangalore, you are in Pune and this is Covid-19 time. So, we cannot meet.”

Then she said, “I am currently in Bangalore only. Is it possible to meet you?”

I said, “Are you kidding?”

She said, “I am serious. Please give me one demo. Then I will not bother you.”

We decided to meet on the coming Friday at 11 am, at my other vacant furnished flat from where I work for my office (work from home). I have full privacy there.

On Friday at 10.45 am, one girl by the name of Jyotsna came to meet me in that flat. She was my friend’s daughter. She was also a teenage girl (19 years old) and a student.

I was surprised and did not know why she came at this time when I was expecting another girl. I welcomed her. I had a general talk with my friend’s daughter about herself, her family, etc.

She said, “Uncle, I was getting bored and so I came here.”

I offered her some juice and started closing the talks with her because I was waiting for the girl Priya to arrive soon. I did not want Jyotsna to meet Priya.

Then I said, “Jyo, now I have an office meeting. So, let’s meet again some other time.” I knew my friend’s daughter Jyo since her childhood. I always treated her like a daughter or niece. When I said, “let’s meet again later,” she smiled and said, “Uncle, but Priya from Pune told me to meet you today.”

I was shocked by this comment. I asked her, “Which Priya?”

She said, “Sorry but I am that Priya only, and I love you! I want you to be my real love guru! Please help me.”

I said, “Are you mad? You are my friend’s daughter.”

She said, “I have a crush on you for the last 2-3 years and now I love you. I liked the way you taught me many things in chat.”

“I want to try some of those things in real. Please help me, dear. Yesterday only my periods (MC) got over. So, I am in a safe zone now, as per your guidance.”

I could see a strong urge in my friend’s daughter’s eyes and body language.

I went inside the washroom to get some time to think over it. Finally, I decided to help her.

I came out of the washroom and told her, “Hey Jyo, let us celebrate our friendship day today.”

Jyotsna had a smile on her face.

I said, “Let’s have some drinks first.”

She said, “I have never taken drinks before, you know that.”

I said, “Many things you have not done, but now you want to do it right.

Then she smiled and said, “Okay, whatever you say, I will follow.”

Then we both had Vodka. Now my friend’s daughter was more open with me in our talks. She was wearing a skirt to her knees and a top. She had a good height, was fair and attractive. Her hair reached her shoulders. Her boobs size was maybe 32. She had a smiling face and an urge in her eyes.

Then I kept the empty drink glasses in the kitchen. I came and sat on the sofa and asked her to come closer. She stood next to me. I hinted to her to sit on my lap facing me. She sat on my lap.

I looked into her eyes and said, “Now tell me what you like about me?”

My friend’s daughter hugged me and said, “I like everything about you. Please treat me like a girl now. Do not treat me like your niece.”

I held my friend’s daughter’s face in my hands and gave her a nice juicy lip-kiss! She also responded with closed eyes. I asked her, “Do you like such things?” She nodded.

I again gave her lip-kisses 3-4 times. This time, I pressed her boobs also. She was okay with that.

I started praising her beauty. She was feeling good. She said, “You also look handsome and dashing. I always dream about you at night. I asked, “Since when have you started thinking about me like this?”

Jyotsna said, “You remember, on my previous birthday, you had hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks since then I have been dreaming of you.” Then I started caressing her boobs.

I asked, “Can I see them now? She blinked with one eye and with a smile, she said, “Who is stopping you?” Then I unbuttoned her top and hinted to her to take it out.

My friend’s daughter then removed her top. Then I pulled down the bra straps from her shoulders and freed her sexy round shaped boobs. Then I took out her bra too. Now she was feeling a little shy but keeping quiet.

I started caressing her naked sexy boobs and nipples. She was enjoying it. She said, “I love you Sanju.” Then she started unbuttoning my shirt and took it out.

Jyotsna hinted to me to take out my banian also. I did that. Then she also started touching my tiny nipples and started caressing my chest hair. She said, “I used to dream about you like this.” Now I am feeling too good and different.

Then I lifted her and took her to the bed. I put her on the bed and pulled her skirt and panty down. Now my friend’s daughter was fully nude and very shy. She was hairy too. She hid her pussy area with her hands.

I said, “Jyo darling, you are my girl friend now. No need to feel shy with me.” Then I took her hands out from her pussy. I started caressing my friend’s daughter ‘s pussy hair and started rubbing her pussy area to make her feel hot. She was liking it.

I said, “You are really a sex bomb.” She smiled and said, “You are going to teach me everything, right? I said, “Yes of course.”

Then I removed my pants also and got full nude. She looked at my hard monster and said, “Oh god, this is big! I never imagined it will be this big.”

I went close to her and said, “You can touch it and get a feel.” She touched it and said, “It is like a rod.” Then she kept looking at it from different angles. This was her first-time look at a real dick.

After the initial excitement and curiosity, she suddenly kept quiet. I asked her, “What happened baby?” She said, “I do not want to do sex. Rest you can do anything with me.”

I asked, “Why, what happened suddenly?” She said, “This is too big. I cannot take it inside. I will be torn. I have a very tiny pussy.” I said, “Darling, do not worry about all that.”

“The pussy is always flexible. It gets bigger based on penis size. I will do it slowly and I will take good care of you.” She asked, “Are you sure this big thing will go inside?”

I said, “Yes, but there will be little pain.” She asked, “Oh, will there be too much pain?”

I said, “No, it will be bearable.” Then she became normal and said, “Okay, I am fine then.”

Then I engaged her in different kinds of foreplays. She also participated actively with my guidance. We also did 69. During 69, she started moaning.

My friend’s daughter said, “Sanju, now I am feeling too sexy, please do something.”

I asked, “Are you ready for breaking your virginity now?”

Jyotsna said, “Yes.” Then I went for pissing to the washroom. She also came.

We got back to bed. She lay down herself on the bed. Her face was pleasant. Then I got on top of her. I pointed my hard dick at her love hole and started rubbing my friend’s daughter ‘s pussy with my penis.

She said, “Sanju darling, I love you. Thanks for making my dream come true.”

I said, “I love you, Jyo baby. You are too cute and sexy.” I spread her legs apart and adjusted my dick on her love hole.

Then I gave her a lip-kiss and started trying to enter inside her pussy slowly. Obviously, it was not going inside. I kept doing it knowingly like that for some time.

My friend’s daughter asked me, “Sanju, did the sex happen already?”

I said, “No baby.”

Suddenly, I pushed my hard dick inside her tiny hole. She shouted, “Oh God, stop, stop!” But I continued oscillating in and out, giving her lip kisses to stop her from making noise.

I said, “Now, it is inside, let me fuck you to make your hole bigger.”

Jyotsna said, “Fuck me later, now please take it out, it is paining.” However, I continued for some more time.

Then she said, “Please Sanju, take it out, darling.”

Then I took it out and slept next to her. She sat down and started looking at her pussy.

Jyotsna said, “Oh God, it is red. Blood has come out.”

I said, “Yes, this is normal. This happens the first time. Now you are no longer a virgin girl.”

Then my friend’s daughter went to the washroom and cleaned her pussy and came back and slept next to me.

Jyotsna looked at my dick and said, “Sanju, your dick is also red. Go and clean it.”

I said, “Let it lie like that.”

Jyotsna cleaned it herself with a napkin. She gave me a nice, lip-kiss and said, “I really love you Sanju. I am too happy that now you are my real lover. My dream came true. Thank you.”

I prepared coffee for both of us. While having coffee she asked, “Why it pains so much? Does it pain every time?”

I told her that it pains like this only the first time. Later it reduces during every fuck. The more we do, the better you will feel.

Jyotsna asked, “How long will it take to stop the pain and I can feel good?”

I said, “In a day or two.”

Then she said, “I will come here daily for a few days this week and you can do it with me as many times as you want. I want to feel good, sooner and want to enjoy sex and see how it really feels.”

I said, “You are most welcome.”

After coffee, she said, “Let us try again now. Please do it slowly. I will try to control and not stop you.”

Then we went to the bed again. I got on top of her. My friend’s daughter closed her eyes, spread her legs and hands. Now I entered inside her pussy relatively easily but still, it was very tight. She said, “it is still paining but you continue.”

I continued fucking my friend’s teen daughter in a slow and steady mode to keep her in a normal state and sometimes used to increase the speed also to check her response.

After some more time of my oscillations, I felt her pussy wetter inside.

Jyotsna said, “Darling, I am feeling very good now, despite the pain.”

I understood that she might have released her cum and then I also released my cum inside her pussy and continued fucking. She hugged me tightly and said, “Sanju, please sleep like this on my body, do not take it out.”

I slept on her warm and sexy body while keeping my penis inside her pussy mixed with cum.

We later got up and looked at our dripped cum on the towel which we kept on the bedsheet.

Jyotsna asked me, “What is this Sanju?” I said, “This is called cum. Cum of yours and mine got mixed.”

She said, “Oh really, will I get pregnant now?”

I said, “No, you are in a safe zone. Do not worry. I will give you a separate pill also for your double protection.”

Then my friend’s daughter gave me a lovely smile. We went to the washroom and cleaned up again. That day I fucked her four times. She came to me for the next three days continuously. Every day we enjoyed foreplays and sex multiple times.

Then she said, “Darling, now I will take some break and meet you next week only.” We agreed to reduce the frequency for her safety.

Now she checks my availability upfront and then she comes. My friend’s daughter has promised herself to be my girl friend and lover till she gets married.

Jyotsna said, “I may give you a chance after my marriage also but that will be decided later.”

So friends, if you like this story and want to give me your feedback or need any guidance, you can reach out to me at [email protected]

Love you all.

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