Sex With Virgin Bangalore Girlfriend Riya

Hi all, I am a regular visitor of this site. I thought of sharing my story which happened a few years ago with my girlfriend then.

This is my first story here, so please corporate if there are any mistakes. Guys and girls, be ready to masturbate while reading this story. You will enjoy reading it.

Let me introduce myself first. I am working with an MNC in Bangalore now. I am 24 years old and this incident which I am sharing is from the last year.

Coming to the story now, my ex-girlfriend has a good figure. Her stats are 34-30-36. I got to know about her stats later. Her name is Riya (name changed). So we were in college at that time and we were in our final year. Until that day, we never tried or had sex. However, we used to cuddle whenever we got time.

We had our exams coming and we used to study together. So I went to her home to study. It was 10 am when I reached her place.

At her place, her mom, dad, and her sister were also present. We studied for a while in her room and then we started cuddling. Suddenly, we heard a knocking sound on the door and we stopped. We opened the door and saw her sister. She told us that she wants to study with us.

My girlfriend told her sister that we will study together after lunch. After lunch, everyone, including her sister, were taking rest in a different room. I and Riya came to a different room and locked the door. Riya was lying down and studying.

After a few minutes, I held her hands. Slowly, my girlfriend started leaning on me. Suddenly, I kissed her on her forehead. Riya quickly adjusted herself for a lip lock.

We kissed each other for around 10 minutes, passionately. Then my hands went to my girlfriend’s boobs and started pressing her boobs over the t-shirt. Riya started moaning. She gave me a love bite on my neck.

Slowly, I removed her t-shirt. My girlfriend was in a bra. I started playing with her nipples which made her breathe go heavier. I sucked Riya’s nipples while playing with the other. I could see that Riya was enjoying it.

Then she pulled me up and kissed me again. Now she said it’s her turn and she went down.

Riya was pressing my dick over my pants. Riya opened my pants and took my fully erect dick in her hand. When she touched my dick, I got a shock in my body. It was the first time a girl was touching my dick and it gave me an unexplainable feeling.

To my surprise, my girlfriend took my dick in her warm mouth and started giving me a blowjob. My girlfriend’s cock sucking skills were driving me crazy and I was enjoying it to the fullest. The way she was sucking my dick was the best.

Riya was treating my dick like a lollipop. Since my dick was huge, my virgin girlfriend was not able to take it completely inside her mouth. So I tried to deep throat her by holding her face firmly and I moved my dick in and out.

Soon, I was about to cum. But she didn’t want it inside in her mouth at that time as she was already choked by deep throating. Then I removed her pants and came into 69 position. She was sucking my dick and I was sucking her vagina. My girlfriend’s pussy was clean shaved. I put my tongue in her opening and kept licking her pussy.

(By the way, this position is very erotic. I would suggest every newbie go for this, it gives pleasure to both of the guys at the same time.)

Then I came down on her and started fingering her. She kept moaning. She closed her legs and was trapping my face in between her legs. She was already wet down there.

We didn’t have sex yet. So, she was a virgin. She was in the complete mood of losing her virginity at that moment. Riya asked me to insert my dick inside. She then put the condom on my dick (it seemed like she was prepared for that as she already had the condom) and asked me to lie down.

I obliged and Riya was on top of me. She tried to sit on my dick and insert my dick into her virgin pussy by herself. But it was painful for her. So I instructed her to lie down with legs open.

I was rubbing my dick over her vagina and suddenly, I pushed my dick into my girlfriend’s pussy. She cried and I quickly kissed her so that she was not able to scream. Else her family members would wake up.

Riya was crying in pain as my dick had broken her hymen. After a few minutes, she started enjoying it. It was a hard time to make her control her moans.

Gradually, I increased my pace and fucked my girlfriend hard. She was enjoying it. We ended this session in 2 hours.

Before ending the session, my girlfriend wanted to taste my cum as well. So she again gave me a blowjob and handjob and made me cum on her lovely face and boobs. I also cummed in her mouth.

She didn’t like the taste of my cum but her first sex experience was very good according to her. My girlfriend wanted to try threesome so when her sister came to our room later, after taking rest, we tried to trick her as well and involve her.

Riya was 22 when I broke her cherry. About how I fucked her sister in a threesome, I will let you know in another story. Stay tuned.

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