Servant Taught Me How To Please My Husband

Hey, this is Hashita back with another story. Last time I had sex with a beggar and a bus driver in a lonely bus. I returned home after that.

I tried having sex with my husband many times, but he was never pleased with my sex. I have given pleasure to many people, servants, garbage pickers, beggars, etc. But I could never please my husband, which was the biggest drawback of my sex life.

He got angry at me and left to his business for about a month as a punishment. I felt sad and deprived of sex. I wanted to learn to please a man. So I remembered my uncle, whom I had sex with long before my marriage. I called him over the phone.

Uncle: What happened, dear?

Me: Uncle, I need your help.

Uncle: Tell me, dear, what can I offer for you.

I explained the whole incident, all the sex I had with all low-class people, and the problem with my husband.

Uncle: Don’t worry, dear, I have a solution for this.

Me: What is it, uncle?

Uncle: I know a servant named Kamal. He taught my wife and daughter how to please a man. He will teach you the perfect sex, and you will enjoy it too. I shall send him over to your place.

Me: (being very happy) Thank you so much, uncle. Send him soon.

I was waiting for Kamal. He came the very same evening. I greeted him.

Me: Hello Kamal, thanks for coming. Please teach me how to be a perfect sex wife.

I begged him.

Kamal: Don’t worry, Hashita, you will learn it. But for that, you have to obey everything I say.

Me: Yes, I’m your slave. Do anything you want but make me a perfect wife.

Kamal: Your husband won’t return for a month, right?

Me: Yes. We have a month.

Kamal: That will do. Remove your dress, get naked.

I immediately removed my saree, blouse, bra, petticoat, and panty and threw it. I wasn’t nervous or shy as I have stripped before many men.

Kamal: The first thing is that you should not be shy at all. You should behave like a shameless slut. Take your dress, go out and throw it in the laundry bag outside the gate. I have brought one with me. Throw it there.

I was a little worried as my street was a busy slum street.

Kamal: See, this is what you have to overcome. Be brave, throw it and come.

Me: Okay, Kamal, as you say.

I went out. Every kid, man, and woman saw me coming towards the gate naked. I kept my head down.

Kamal: Hashita, keep your head up. Don’t be shy!

I said okay and quickly went to the laundry bag and threw all my dress into it, and came back inside. Everyone in the slum must have witnessed my nude show.

Kamal: Good. You have to strip outside near the laundry bag, throw it, and come inside from tomorrow onwards. This is to remove your shyness.

Me: Okay, Kamal, as you say.

Kamal: Now get me naked and bathe me.

I went and removed his shirt and pant. He was naked. He had nothing inside. A very hairy, dark dick which was very big, popped out. I took him to the bathroom and ran the shower, and started cleaning him. The bath was over.

Kamal: You have to bathe your husband daily. Bathe along with him. That will increase his interest in you. Now make me cum with your mouth.

I knelt before him like how we sit in an Indian toilet while shitting. I took his dick in my mouth and started to suck.

Kamal: Now piss on the floor while sucking my dick.

I started to piss shamelessly in front of someone I don’t even know properly. I finished my piss, and Kamal released his sperm into my mouth. We cleaned up and came out of the bathroom. We were still wet. Then Kamal told me to sleep on the floor. I did so

Kamal: Change into doggy style, Hashita, and stretch your ass cheeks wide.

I came into that position and stretched my ass cheeks wide, and exposed my anal hole. He put some shampoo into my anus and kept his moist and limp dick at the entrance.

As soon as he touched my hole, his dick got rock hard. And he pushed it in. It slipped in very easily. He kept fucking me for more than an hour.

Kamal: See, Hashita, every man would love to fuck a girl’s asshole. As it is very tight and nasty, every man would love to have a ride. So every time you have sex, invite him to fuck your asshole.

Kamal released his sperm on the floor.

Kamal: Now lick it like a dog and clean my dick. Try to lick the remaining cum of your husband. That will show him how badly you want him, no matter wherever it falls.

I licked the cum and cleaned his dick. We had lunch. Then Kamal told me to dress up and taught me manners outside the house.

Kamal: You should care about every single thing of your husband when he’s out with you. Try to be as close as possible. Try praising him in front of your friends, family, and relatives.

We returned home with some groceries. He stopped me at the gate of our house.

Kamal: Hashita, strip right here in front of these slum people one by one facing them and throw the clothes in the laundry bag.

I felt a little nervous.

Kamal: Do it quick, Hashita. You have to get rid of this shyness.

I nodded and removed my saree and petticoat. All the people were coming out of the house and watching me. Kamal was standing beside them, so they all were surprised.

Kamal: Make it quick, Hashita.

I removed my blouse and bra and threw them in the bag. Then I removed my panty. I was stripping like a pornstar in front of these low-class slum people. I threw it.

Kamal threw all the grocery items down near the gate and told me to pick them and put them back in the bag. Throughout this process, I was getting bolder and bolder. I bent down, sometimes exposing my boobs, sometimes exposing my ass.

A juice can rolled over to a slum house. Older people and some kids were sitting there. I went out to the street naked, crossed the street, and went to that house bent and took the can. I ran back, showing my shaking ass.

We went in.

Kamal: So is your shyness gone? Don’t mind about the people. It’s your life, your body.

Me: Yes, it felt great. I loved it.

We had some evening snacks and had another sex session. He took me to the terrace and fucked me in my pussy.

Kamal: Now run around the terrace.

I ran all over the terrace. He told me to kneel under him. I did kneel, and people were all watching this act from their balcony and terrace. Kamal kept his dick on my head.

Kamal: Now I’m going to shower you with my piss. And yes, keep your mouth open but don’t drink it. Let it flow in and out.

He started to piss his golden shower on me. All the slum people were witnessing it. I just gave up all my shame for my husband.

Kamal: See Hashita, some husbands like to shower their wives with piss. It may sound weird and nasty to some but interesting to many. But you should not drink it. Just let it flow in your mouth and spit it out. And don’t wash immediately. Let it be there on your body for some time.

Kamal: Now stand up and face towards the slum, raise your arms and stand here until you’re completely dried up. And then return downstairs.

Me: okay, Kamal, as you say.

I felt quite thrilled to learn what a man expects from a wife. I obeyed everything and anything he said. I came down and hugged him tightly and thanked him.

Kamal: You have to be bold. You can be slutty in front of a stranger, but many wives feel shy when it comes to your husband. So it’s very important to lose your shyness. Be bold. Make dinner and then clean yourself.

I made dinner, and I went to the bath. I was going to close the door. Kamal stopped me.

Kamal: Don’t close the door when you are going to bathe. Let it be open. Invite your husband to join you. Try to create interest in him.

I said, “Okay,” and continued to bathe. I finished my bath and returned to the hall naked.

Kamal finished his dinner. I had mine too. After I have finished my dinner, Kamal came to me.

Kamal: Hashita, never eat along with your husband, serve him food with love and let him feed you food with his own hands. Create chemistry.

Then we were moving to the bed. Kamal again stopped me.

Kamal: Don’t always sleep in the bed. Try sleeping on the sofa or terrace sometimes. Change places, change the atmosphere. Sleep on the sofa. You both will stick to each other and sleep. Have some romance.

We both moved to the sofa, and we slept. Kamal removed his underwear and inserted his dick in my pussy and hugged me tightly, and started kissing me. I, too, co-operated nicely.

Kamal: Try to sleep as close as possible. Try to sleep with a sexy pose. Put his cock in your hole or your mouth, try 69 position and sleep, and sleep naked every day. But don’t try to have sex every day.

Kamal and I slept like that. His dick was inside me the whole night. It was such a great feeling. We woke up in the morning. My routine was to dress up, go out, strip and put it in the laundry bag, and come. So I opened the door.

Surprisingly, everyone was eagerly waiting for me. They had mobiles this time ready to shoot my act. I feared and closed the door.

Kamal: What’s wrong, Hashita? Go out, do your task.

Me: They are shooting with mobiles. What if they show that to my husband?

Kamal: They don’t dare to do such things. Do it, and yes, don’t mind them.

I opened the door. They were all eagerly waiting for me to remove my dress. I went up to the gate. Now people were very close to the gate. But I didn’t care. They had phones all over, recording me.

I took a deep breath and started removing my saree. Then my blouse and then my bra. Then suddenly Kamal said

Kamal: Hashita, stay there like that for a while. Don’t move.

I was a little worried. But still, I was bold enough to showcase my naked breasts to the slum people. They were all taking pictures and videos. It’s been half an hour. There was no voice of Kamal. I shouted

Me: Kamal, are you there? It’s been a long time. Can I remove my remaining dress and come in?

There was no response from Kamal. The slum people were getting close to me and started asking me questions.

Slum people: Why are you coming out daily naked like this? Can I fuck you? Can I touch you? What are you doing here? Etc etc.

Me: Just mind your own business. Do your work. Get lost.

I was waiting for Kamal’s word. And it did come at last.

Kamal: Okay, Hashita, it’s enough. Remove your dress and enter in.

I immediately removed my petticoat and panty and ran inside.

Me: Kamal, I was scared that they would grope me there. Why did it take you this long to call me in?

Kamal: I slept off, Hashita. But you were brave enough to answer them. That’s great. Now you have passed the shyness test.

Me: Is it so? I’m feeling much confident about myself. But didn’t I expose too much to the slum people?

Kamal: It’s okay, Hashita. Just forget that incident.

I hugged him tightly and started to lick his dick. I was sucking him like a sexy slut. He started laughing and caressed my hair. He was a good guy, though. He released his cum soon. I spread it all over my breasts.

I was like a porn star telecasting my naked body to the slum people. But I did feel scared that they would blackmail me with the video or show it to my husband. But I don’t know why I didn’t mind it.

We had breakfast and then had a bath together. He then taught me various sex poses to try on my husband on the terrace. They were recording that too. We had intense sex for more than half of the day.

Then was the test I never thought Kamal would give me.

Kamal: Now it’s time to test your nasty nature.

Me: Okay, what should I do about that?

Kamal: It’s a very nasty task, very disgusting. Are you ready for that? Because once you agree to it, you cannot step back.

Me: Okay, Kamal, I will do anything you say.

With that, Kamal called in few slum men. I was shocked. They were five of them.

Kamal: These are my men. I know them very well. So now they haven’t had a bath for a month. So I chose them.

They all slept on the floor. I was confused.

Me: Kamal, what should I do?

Kamal: Lick them clean!

Me: Yuck, Kamal, how can I?

Kamal: I warned you before, no, you cannot step back. Go and lick them. Lick them everywhere.

I took a deep breath and moved forward. There was a lean guy with lots of hair all over his body. He was darker than I expected him to be. I started licking him. I licked his head, nose, mouth, ears, and armpits too. They smelled very bad. I came to his dick.

I couldn’t find his dick as it was covered with hair all over. It had cum too. I somehow separated the hair and located his dick. I couldn’t go any closer to it. I took it in my mouth. Here I’m, a loyal wife sucking a slum dick for the sake of my husband.

He came into my mouth. It was very salty. Then I licked his legs and toe and toe fingers. They were rough and dirty. I could smell slum from their feet. He turned around. I licked his back, and I came to his bums. It, too, had so many hairs.

I licked the bums like it was some buns. I forgot what I’m, where I’m and what I was doing and who and all were watching me. Just my husband, that’s it. I separated his ass cheeks. And he had some shit near his hole. I saw Kamal.

Kamal: Do it, Hashita. Go for it.

I took out my tongue and licked it off. It was tasteless but had a strong smell. I ate it off and licked his ass clean. Then I licked his back leg, and he was done. The same way I repeated for the rest four people. It was very disgusting to do such acts. But Kamal did warn me, so it was my mistake.

Then when I was done, Kamal told me to kneel in the center with my mouth open. I understood that it’s shower time. All the five surrounded me and directed their dick towards me.

Kamal: As I said, Hashita, don’t drink, just let it pass through your mouth.

I took a deep breath and said, “Okay!” They all started to piss on me. It was very bad in taste, so was the smell. After the shower was over, they all thanked Kamal and left.

Kamal: You know what to do next.

Me: Yes, I know.

I stood with my arms raised till the piss dries off. Kamal left. I went downstairs after I was dried and asked Kamal,

Me: What was the use of all this? Is this in any way related to the lesson I want to learn? Who are they? I don’t think they are slum people. They were too dirty. I could smell drainage in them.

Kamal: It is related. You have to be as nasty as possible to please your husband’s desire. You have to do nasty things so that your husband gets interested in you.

Me: Okay, that sounds sensible, but who are they?

Kamal: They are the drainage cleaners. I asked him for this favor, and I gave them money.

I got the sensation of vomit immediately. But I controlled it. I was a little upset with Kamal for his cheap act and went off to my room. Kamal came in and tried to hug me. I did allow him but asked him.

Me: Why did you do such a thing, Kamal? You know how dirty it was.

Kamal: When those people clean our shit and piss daily? Why do you feel disgusted to lick them? This is the lesson you have to learn, don’t discriminate against anyone.

Kamal: The way you look at the slum people disappointed me. I wanted to make you realize that everyone is the same. So if you have this human character in you, your husband would love you even more. Treat everyone equally.

Me: I’m sorry, Kamal. I won’t question any of your lessons anymore.

With that, I hugged him, and I sat on his dick and gave him a ride. He came in my pussy. We slept hugging each other.

Things are repeated daily. And I was getting better and better. One day there was some function in the slum.

Kamal: Hashita, we will be attending it, and you have to be naked.

As I daily stripped in front of those people, I didn’t mind It. I agreed. But it was a function for only men. I don’t know what it was, but only men were allowed to participate in the function.

We went there. All eyes were glued to my fair naked body. More than 50 members were present, I suppose. All were heavily drunk. I was passing through. They were rubbing my ass cheeks and boobs.

One guy pulled me suddenly and kissed me on my lips. It was all of a sudden. And then another guy inserted his dick into my pussy and started to fuck me. Everyone gathered around me. I was searching for Kamal. I saw him. He winked at me and left.

I knew that he wants me to get fucked by these drunken slum people. So it be. I let them use my fair and sexy body. They kept me fucking till evening. All holes rammed and released cum into the three holes and also on my body. My body was heavily shivering. Then Kamal came and saw me shivering badly.

Kamal pulled me to the center of the ground and made me sleep. Then he called everyone and told them to piss on me. Everyone started to piss on me. The warm piss reduced the shivering. I was feeling better.

All the slum people who just fucked me mercilessly are now pissing on me. Then Kamal and I left for home. We had another sex session.

Kamal: It’s all done, Hashita. Your lesson is over, and I have to leave tomorrow. So try all these tricks with your hubby. He will definitely love you.

With that, he hugged me and kissed me.

Kamal: Also, Hashita, keep your daily routine going. Although your husband is there, keep it going. And yes, once in a while, have sex with the slum people. Wake up your husband with your naked body and hot coffee. He will love you madly.

Me: Thank you so much, Kamal. I’m really grateful for everything you have done for me.

With that, I knelt before him, pulled his pants down, and sucked his dick for the one last time. He released his sperm and left.

My husband returned and was very happy to see a drastic change in me. We had a happy sex life after that. I thanked my uncle later.

This is my story hope you liked it.

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