Horrific Night With Strangers

Hello everyone. This is Vikram from Bangalore. I am 27 years old, good-looking guy. Handsome and fair with 5.8″ in height. I got a well built athletic body. I am working in a reputed MNC company in Bangalore. Today I am here to share my real experience which happened a couple of years back.

One morning when I had just finished my breakfast. My phone rang. I quickly grabbed it, hoping it was one of my clients. But it was my elder sister Swetha, who lives in Kundapur. She called us to say that she and her kids wanted to see us because it had been years we were all together.

Ever since my marriage, I hadn’t visited them. So after much persuasion, I gave in and promised to visit by the coming weekend. I knew I had to take a break from the hectic work in my office. That weekend I and my wife Sandhya packed enough clothes for a week.

Then we got into our car and headed straight to Kundapur to see my sister and her kids. The drive would take about eight to nine hours with one hour’s stop for refreshments and gas. I started playing my favorite Ilayaraja songs and concentrated on the road. The climate was quite pleasant.

It was about 12 midnight and the roads were almost deserted. The song was perfect for a nice drive. Both my wife and I were enjoying the drive in the car. Four hours into our journey I heard some sound coming from the engine. I was praying “Come on! Please don’t fail me.”

The flickering red light on the dashboard indicated there was an engine problem. Fear gripped me as I realized the nearest town was two hours away. I was in the middle of nowhere. Car’s engine did it’s best to keep me on the road. But when smoke started billowing from the bonnet, I knew I had to pull over.

I tried calling my friends for help. But due to a network problem, I couldn’t reach anyone. Now there was no one to help us. It was a deserted road and it was already 1.30 am. We need to get to nearby town Shimoga for any kind help. So the best option was to hitch a ride.

We knew it was dangerous but we needed to take a chance. So I and my wife Sandhya got out of our car and were looking for a lift. Though there was no street light nearby. But being a full moon night the light outside was quite romantic. After waiting for some 15 minutes a huge truck stopped.

I ran towards the truck leaving my wife behind. I saw the driver, aged in his late forties, with a cigarette in his mouth. He asked, “What is the problem?” I said, “My name is Vikram and she is my wife Sandhya. We are going to Kundapur.  But our car got broke down, so we are stranded here. Please help us.”

He looked at us and smiled. I also smiled at him. He then asked us to get in since he was heading the same way. I thanked him and I opened the truck door. I and my wife got in. As we got in, I saw that there was another guy in the truck. He was quite young. Both wore a sweaty shirt and lungi.

My gut feeling told me I could trust them. As he drove we got to know each other. They asked about us and from where we were coming etc. I explained the whole episode. While talking to them I could feel that they were eyeing at my wife.

She was looking so sexy as she was wearing a pink colored chiffon saree and a matching sleeveless blouse. She had tied her saree below the navel exposing her flat belly. She was wearing a high heel sandal and looking really gorgeous. Then after traveling some distance, the truck was stopped in an isolated place.

I asked, “Why? What is the matter?” But suddenly the young man Surjeeth, who sat next to us grabbed me and placed a knife next to my throat. Both my wife and I were terrified. My wife started screaming for help. Then Surjeeth told my wife, “Shut up. Or else I will kill your husband,” in a harsh voice.

I was terrified and asked, “What do you want? Why you have brought us here? If you want our ornaments or money please take them and leave us.”  He replied, “Look! We don’t want your ornaments or money. We want your wife. If you follow our instructions, we’ll not harm you. Otherwise, we don’t mind killing both of you.”

I was shocked and said, “No. You can’t do that.”

“Then you just watch how I kill you,” said Surjeeth holding the knife. My wife said in a trembling voice, “No, no. Please don’t harm him.”

“Then you co-operate with us. We’ll not harm your husband,” said Surjeeth. My wife kept silent. Then they ordered my wife to move to the back seat. She followed their instructions. Then later Surjeeth tied my hands with a rope and covered my mouth with a piece of cloth.

In the meantime, Thakur Singh, who was the truck driver, moved to the back seat from the driver’s seat and sat next to my wife. Now he placed his left hand across her shoulder and started caressing her bare arms. My wife showed some sign of resistance.

He got angry and started shouting at her by saying, “If you don’t co-operate with us. Then we don’t mind killing both of you after fulfilling our desires.” My wife was scared so she felt it is better not to do anything nonsense. So she started following their instructions.

Now again Thakur Singh started caressing her bare arms and started kissing her cheeks and neck. Surjeeth and I were watching his acts. Now Thakur Singh started kissing her lips and he was biting her lips. While he was kissing he started moving his hands through her saree and started caressing her boobs from above the blouse.

My wife though was showing some signs of resistance but knowing fully well that she is helpless. She started allowing the guy to fondle her. Now he held her saree and lowered it down. Immediately my wife tried covering her chest with her both hands. Now they both started staring at my wife.

Her cleavage was completely visible to everyone due to her low neck blouse. I saw the sexual desire on these guys’ eyes for my wife. Surjeeth said, “Whoa! She has a lovely pair of boobs. Remove her blouse too.” So my wife got up and wanted to move out of their hands.

However, Thakur Singh held the saree. That made Sandhya lose her balance and fall back on him. He held her tightly from behind and started kissing her passionately all over her neck. He started caressing her. Then he placed his hand on the backside of her blouse and pulled it.

The blouse got torn and her boobs wearing red-colored bra were exposed. He was pulling down her torn blouse. And the other guy Surjeeth was enjoying the sight and laughed. Now Sandhya was only with her bra and loosened saree on her lower portion of her body.

Now Surjeeth, who was watching the action so far moved next to my wife. He took out his knife and put the sharp edge blade between her boobs and snapped her bra. The bra got cut between her boobs and exposed her huge boobs. This guys eyes bulged at the sight of my wife’s beautiful boobs.

I can see a huge bulge on Surjeeth’s lungi. My wife tried covering her voluptuous boobs by cupping her both hands. Both Thakur Singh and Surjeeth got excited by seeing my wife’s voluptuous boobs. They started caressing, kissing and fondling her both the boobs together.

They kept on squeezing those boobs and pinching her nipples. They both were enjoying by squeezing her huge boobs together. Now Thakur Singh pulled out my wife’s saree forcibly. While doing so, my wife’s petticoat moved up exposing her lovely thighs.

Surjeeth got excited by seeing her sexy thighs. So he got down on his knees between my wife’s legs and started caressing and kissing her legs and sexy thighs. Thakur Singh continuing undressing her dress. Then Surjeeth helped him by sliding down my wife’s panty to the ground.

That exposed her pussy which was clean without any hairs. Now she got completely naked in front of this guys. Their eyes got bulged at the sight of my wife’s beautiful naked body. Now Surjeeth spread her legs. He placed his hand over her pussy and he started caressing it.

Then he turned back to me and said, “Hey dude look she is all wet inside,” by showing me his finger glistening in Sandhya’s cum. Then he said, “Don’t think we are forcing her to do. She is doing it willingly.” I was dying of shame. I looked at Sandhya with complaining and betrayal in my eyes.

But she simply closed her eyes and lowered her head down. They started enjoying with a loud laugh. Now he placed his tongue over her wet pussy and started rolling his tongue all over her pussy. And on the other side, Thakur Singh was sucking and fondling her boobs.

He kept on squeezing those boobs and pinching her nipples. I can tell my wife was thoroughly enjoying it by closing her eyes and biting her lips. Now Surjeeth raised Sandhya’s legs wider, which exposed her asshole. He spat some saliva on her asshole and he started licking it with his tongue.

He was licking her asshole vigorously with his tongue. And he was rolling his tongue all over her asshole. This made her go wild and she started pushing her ass towards his face by screaming in pleasure. These guys were sucking and licking all over my wife’s body parts in front of me.

Sandhya was getting hot and she couldn’t control. So she started pulling Thakur Singh’s head towards her boobs and started pressing his head on her boobs. He got aroused by her move. So he grabbed her boobs and started to suck them like a hungry baby.

As they were sucking her boobs and pussy together, she gasped with loud moans. “Yes, keep sucking.” Now even Thakur Singh moved to her pussy. And they both started licking her pussy with their tongues. For every five or six strokes, they kept switching their tongues.

By now she was getting wilder and her body started to shiver. I knew she was about to cum and finally, she blasted all her cum on these guys mouth and face. Then Thakur Singh and Surjeeth licked all her dripping cums from her pussy. They cleaned her pussy with their tongues without leaving a single drop.

Now Sandhya was exhausted. She was closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. In the meantime, Thakur Singh and Surjeeth got up and started removing their clothes one by one. In no time they both got completely naked in front of my wife. Oh god, I was shocked to see Thakur Singh’s monster dick.

It was nothing less than 8 to 9 inches long and black in color. He was a huge tall muscular black man. I only wondered how Sandhya would get fucked by these barbarian. But Surjeeth was quite lean and his dick was quite small in size. It was just 4 to 5 inches long.

I looked at my wife and found her staring at Thakur Singh’s monster dick wide-eyed. Then both Surjeeth and Thakur Singh sat on the back seat and made Sandhya kneel in front of them. They held their dicks in their hands and started stroking it by pointing towards her face.

She was excited by looking at their rock hard dicks. Then Surjeeth ordered her to suck their dicks. So my wife looked at me. But I kept silent. So she understood that I don’t have any issue. She held their dicks with her both hands and started stroking their dicks slowly, one by one for a while.

Then she held Thakur Singh’s monster dick and started circling her tongue and licking all over his dick. At the same time, she was stroking Surjeeth’s dick. Then she took Thakur Singh’s huge dick into her mouth to suck. But she found difficult to fit it into her mouth. His dick was so huge.

But she again tried taking his whole dick into her mouth and started sucking harder like a professional whore. She was sucking and taking almost the whole dick inside her mouth. At the same time, she was fondling the balls of Surjeeth. Then she moved to Surjeeth.

She took his dick into her mouth and started sucking hard. Thakur Singh and Surjeeth were enjoying by closing their eyes while she was sucking and fondling their respective dicks. Whoa. It was an amazing feeling watching my wife giving blowjob to this roughs in front of me.

For every five or six strokes, she switched their dicks. Now she started getting wilder and she was so hungry to have their balls. So she held their balls together and she took into her warm mouth and started sucking. Now she started to show off her deep-throat skills like a professional whore.

She made them so high and crazy. They both were pressing her head towards their dicks to take it totally inside her mouth. She was getting choked and her saliva was dripping from all over her mouth and on their dicks. Sandhya was enjoying sucking their dicks together vigorously.

After some hard blowjob, all their bodies started shivering and they were about to cum. So they held her hairs and started pushing their dick deeper into her mouth. And finally, they lost their control. With great force, they both exploded all their cum into Sandhya’s mouth.

Her mouth was filled with there loads of cums. She swallowed all the cum without leaving a single drop. She cleaned their dicks with her tongue. Then she wiped all the cum from her boobs and she started licking it like a pornstar. Then they both got down from the truck and started smoking cigarette.

I looked at my wife with complaining and betrayal in my eyes. But she simply closed her eyes and lowered her head down. Then after some 10 minutes, they asked us to get down from the truck. So my wife got up and started dressing. But they stopped her getting dressed and asked us to get down immediately.

So my wife just covered her body with petticoat and we both got down. Once we got down from the truck. Surjeeth held me from behind and guided us behind the truck. Then they opened the truck container door and asked us to get in. So we followed their instructions.

Then even they moved into the container and closed the container door. Now Thakur Singh switched on the light inside the container and he pushed me down to the corner. Then Surjeeth rolled down some old dirty floor bed and they removed their lungis. Now both their dick was rock hard again.

So Surjeeth pulled my wife towards him on the bed and he started kissing her passionately. Then he broke the kiss and spread my wife’s legs. He got between her thighs and started rubbing his dick over her pussy. She was going mad with shivering and shouting.

She was moaning, “Please put your dick into my pussy. I can’t wait anymore.” So he obliged her and started pushing his dick into her pussy. She bit her lips and gave a jerk with a loud moan. He pushed his dick deeper into her pussy and started banging her pussy.

She was lifting her ass for his every stroke in excitement. She was enjoying getting fucked by biting her lips and closing her eyes. He then rested her legs together on his shoulder and started to bang her pussy harder. She was getting wild and was moaning louder.

While he was fucking her pussy. He was caressing her boobs. By seeing all this Thakur Singh got a hard-on and started shagging his dick. Then he got up and ordered Surjeeth to leave her as now he wants to fuck her. Now he held his monster dick and slowly started guiding into my wife’s wet pussy.

She gave a jerk and moaned. But he kept pushing his dick more into her pussy and his monster dick was stretching the walls of her pussy. Then he gave one mighty push and his complete monster dick disappeared into her pussy. Sandhya’s eyes popped out and she let out a wild and loud scream.

It was too big for her but without any emotion, Thakur Singh started ramming her pussy with all his power. And my poor wife was screaming like hell. She was spreading her legs further apart to give more access to her pussy. While he was fucking her pussy hard, she took Surjeeth’s dick in her mouth and started sucking it like a real slut.

Then he positioned her in the doggy position and he pushed his dick into her pussy and started fucking her. She was moaning. I was looking at my wife. She was enjoying his fucking by closing her eyes and opening her mouth for every thrust.

Then Surjeeth moved towards her face and pointed his dick towards her mouth. She immediately took his dick into her mouth and started sucking it like a slut. I was enjoying seeing her sucking his dick while she is getting fucked by Thakur Singh. He was fucking her pussy hard and deep from behind.

She started enjoying it and she yelled at him. Her words were making him wild. So he pulled her hairs and started to ride her hard like a horse. While he was riding her pussy he was slapping her ass chicks frequently. The excitement was getting too much for Thakur Singh.

He was not able to control his pleasure, it was so high. So with a couple of hard pushes, he blasted all his cum deep into my wife’s pussy. She was moaning. Thakur Singh got exhausted and he literally collapsed. But Surjeeth’s dick was still rock hard.

So he got up and pulled Sandhya towards him and started kissing her hard. He was biting and sucking her lips. She was getting really hot. She pushed him down on the bed and she got over him. Then she held his dick with her hand and started rubbing over her pussy for a while.

Then she guided his dick into her pussy hole. Surjeeth’s dick completely disappeared inside her hot pussy and she began to ride on his dick.  Oh God, she was a real bitch. Sandhya was so hot. She was getting wild and started moving her hips up and down to absorb his dick.

She was screaming and jumping on his dick full of lust. She rode his dick like a professional whore. I was looking at her boobs swinging each time while she was riding on Surjeeth’s dick. It was an amazing feeling of watching my wife’s sluttiness.

Finally, she was about to cum. She yelled out. And at last, she hugged Surjeeth tightly and cummed over his dick. And even Surjeeth lost his control and shot a big load of cum inside her pussy. I can see his hot juice was flowing from her pussy. They both fully got exhausted and collapsed down on the bed.

Later that whole night they both fucked my wife in all her holes one by one and filled her all holes. She literally got drenched with their cum for the whole night.

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