Virgin Guy’s Amateur Sex With Lady From Tinder

Guys, this is my first story (real as fuck) here. My name is Ajay (name changed). I am 22 years old, very shy and introvert guy working in an IT company in Bangalore having average looks and above-average size thick dick.

This incident happened in Pune when I was about to graduate. I always wanted to have sex (who doesn’t?) and get my dick a mouth-bath but didn’t get a chance. I was very eager to know how real sex feels like as it is different from what they show us in porn movies.

I used to masturbate watching porn and by applying conditioner on my dick (try it guys, it feels really really good!). I never liked the idea of losing virginity to a prostitute so I never went to a prostitute.

Sex is really difficult to find especially in India for average looking guys. Good looking guys are banging girls every day. So, let us continue to the story.

During my graduation days, I was very frustrated and depressed as I didn’t get campus placement. But I had to cope with it.

My roommate used to bring girls from Tinder to our flat regularly on weekends and bang them for hours. He once brought an air hostess too and damn, she was dead gorgeous! I was a little jealous too. Good looks can take you to places. (he was a model).

I too tried my hand on Tinder dating app for a few days but didn’t have any luck. I had many matches but girls were telling me that they were not on Tinder for hookups but only for friendship (come on girls, it’s a hookup app).

As I was a bit into mature women, I changed the age range on tinder to 26-40 and started swiping vigorously. Soon after, I was matched with a 32-year-old lady named Mehak (name changed). She was unmarried back then (still unmarried) and had her priorities clear. She was an average looking lady with fair skin and a good figure.

I started the conversation with a simple ‘hey’ but she didn’t reply for like 24 hours. Then I messaged her again, “You are so beautiful”. She replied immediately, “thank you” with a heart icon. (Compliments can get you everywhere!)

Then the basic boring conversation started.

Me: How are you?
Her: Kinda tired. Wbu?

Me: Pretty good.
Me: What do you do?
Her: Marketing head in XYZ company.

Blah blah blah.

Me: Are you single?
Her: Well, I am not in a monogamous relationship. So in that sense, I am single.

Me: Okayy. And what brings you to Tinder?
Her: Not looking for anything in particular. I like to take it as it comes. No expectations really.

Me: Alright. What are your views on hookups?
Her: lol. Entirely open to them. Is that what you are after? 😉

(I was like yesss)

Me: I am still a virgin haha. Never had a girlfriend due to my shy nature.
Her: Awww. I can help you out. 😉

(My apna time aa gaya hai moment!)

Me: Hahaha

Me: When was the last time you hooked up?
Her: A long time back. But you can help me revive my forgotten memories. 😉

(I had a boner by this time.)

Then we switched to WhatsApp and then calls. Soon those voice calls converted to video calls. We sexted many times and but she never sent me nudes and I respected it.

Mehak used to live alone in a 2BHK and one day, she invited me to her house for lunch in the coming weekend and gave me her address. Her flat was in Viman Nagar in a gated society which was quite far from where I was living.

I took a cab and reached her place. That morning I bathed for two hours and shaved my private area. I can clearly remember I was more nervous than excited.

I rang the doorbell with tons of nervousness and she opened the door. Damn, she was looking very pretty. I was awestruck.

She looked much hotter in person and greeted me very well. She asked me to come inside and I sat on the sofa.

We had a brief conversation while munching on some snacks and beer about each other’s life. Soon it was lunchtime and she had ordered food from Zomato.

I was staring at her cleavage whenever I was getting a chance while eating the food. She caught me staring at her cleavage multiple times but she didn’t say anything.

Now when the lunch was over and I was washing my hands in the kitchen, she held me from behind with her hands on my chest. I immediately turned back and we started kissing like there is no tomorrow.

Mehak guided me to her bedroom while we were kissing and she was constantly rubbing my dick from outside. She started removing my clothes while I was kissing and pressing her boobs.

Now I was completely nude and I was trying to hide my dick with my hands as I was feeling very shy. She was amazed to see my dick (I can tell by looking at her expressions). She made me lie on the bed and started kissing my dick.

The moment she took the head of the dick inside her mouth, my heart skipped a beat. I had the loudest moan ever!

It was a heavenly feeling and I was shivering from pleasure. My dream was coming true. I told the horny mature lady to stop when she started licking my balls as I was not able to handle it. I shot the biggest load of my life within 30 seconds! I was numb for a second but recovered soon.

Mehak cleaned the cum with tissues and we started kissing again. I helped her in getting naked and for the first time, I saw a naked woman standing right in front of me.

Mehak had the cleanest pussy I had ever seen and a perfect ass. She was very wet by then as some fluid was dripping out of her pussy. I started licking her pussy and tried to tongue-fuck her. I then applied oil on my finger and inserted it in her ass while licking her clitoris and fingering her. I licked her inner thighs (weakness of every woman).

Now Mehak was moaning madly and shivering like hell. But I didn’t stop. She reached her orgasm after a short while and asked me where I learned all this.

“Are you really a virgin? You are better the many experienced guys”.

(Guys, this the best way to make a woman cum, thanks to Perrie Woodman’s porn videos).

I was hard again and wanted to try 69 position. We came in 69 position and started pleasuring each other. I tongue fucked her again. (Foreplay is a must before sex).

Now she asked me to fuck her hard and

I quickly wore a condom and inserted my dick inside her pussy and started pumping my dick in and out slowly. We were both moaning, feeling each other’s body and fucking in missionary position.

We tried many positions but I knew women love to be fucked against the wall. I lasted for like 20 minutes this time and cummed inside the condom.

I was kinda tired by now (yes, sex is tiring at least for amateurs) and we both slept for a while.

In the evening, we went to watch a movie and had dinner outside. My tinder date insisted me to stay at her place for the night and I accepted the offer.

Again in the night, we fucked like rabbits in the shower, on the sofa and wherever we felt like. I had two rounds in the night. We were exhausted by then and slept naked in each other’s arms.

The next morning I had to leave and so, we decided to have a quick session. This time, I cummed inside her mouth but she didn’t swallow it.

I had cummed five times in less than 24 hours and made her cum a dozen times which was quite an achievement for me! 😉

We kissed each other for one last time and then I left.

Later, I got placed in a Bangalore based IT company and we never saw each other after that. We are still in touch though. I am planning to visit Pune soon and hopefully, we will have a wonderful time.

Never imagined I would lose my virginity this way! 😉

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