Becoming My Project Leader’s Travel Slut – Part 2

This is another new story of a hot Mumbai reader who shared her 1st experience.


Hey, I am Stella, a 23-year-old Mumbai hot chick. Though having a boyfriend for many years I was a virgin until I joined as a summer intern in an MNC. Read ‘Becoming My Project Leader’s Travel Slut’ to know how I got in the hands of my sex-hungry project leader, Anil.

Coming back to the story, I was under him, covered in his white-hot cum. For 10 minutes he was lying over my body tired and naked. Then he moved over and I got up to clean. I was tired but felt some raw energy pulsating through my body. I felt sexually open for the first time

I stood under the shower for 5 minutes with hot water running through my sex-filled naked body. Then I felt a spank on my ass. I turned around and there he was, naked and smiling without any shame.

He was almost ready for the next round. I smiled back and moved aside to let him under the shower. He came and grabbed me with his strong hands.

Anil- “I won’t let you go anywhere tonight. I have been fantasizing about your wet body for so long.”

He kissed me hard. My hands were covering my boobs. He moved them aside with force pulling me into a tight hug while our lips were still locked. He turned me around. I could now see our naked bodies in the life-size mirror.

He whispered in my ears, “It is great to fuck when you can see yourself in the mirror. It’s like watching your porn movie.”

He was standing behind me and planted a kiss on my neck. This was highly arousing. I could not believe it this guy was ready to go for the next round. I could see the stuff he was doing to my body in the mirror. Massaging my melons, pinching my nipples.

Anil-“With tits like this how could you be still a virgin. I don’t think your boyfriend tried enough. If I was in his place I would have made you my randi long back.”

Saying this he bit me on my neck. I was moaning so loud. my eyes voluntarily closed in pleasure. He made me open them and stood in front of me. His dick was hard again. I could not believe it. He was down by 3 beers and two orgasms but how the fuck was he so hard again.

He came close to me but I tried pushing him away. I was sore down there.

Anil- ” Ungli se manunga nahi. Ab toh start kiya hai.”

He slapped me and pushed me against the wall. Held me with my hair and started to rub his tool on my ass. I tried shouting asking him to not fuck me in the ass. Nothing was reaching his wild ears. He bent me over and started to slap my ass.

Every time he slapped I could feel his middle and ring finger touching my pussy. Suddenly that fear of anal bang disappeared. He bent over and started licking my asshole. Ohh! That was so hot.

Anil then made me lie on the wet floor and came on top of me. He took my nipples in his mouth and also started to finger my pussy again. I closed my eyes and was feeling his fingers assault my pussy.

Suddenly he inserted his 8 inches huge dick in my pussy and started to ram into me. He went super hard super fast and so deep. I screamed so loud out of pain. Anyone listening would have thought he was raping me.

He had to close my mouth with his hand and continue playing with my pink titties. Sucking them and biting the nipples. In 5 minutes we both came heavily. He wasn’t wearing any condom and I felt his warm cum flowing in my vagina. He kept it in and pushed it deeper while orgasming.

Anil-“Yeah, take my cum slut. You are a true randi born to get fucked by my dick. Take my cum in you, bitch.”

We were all fucked up by then and tired. I could barely even stand. We stepped out for dinner at a restaurant in the hotel only. We were sitting next to each other in a booth like a table at a far end corner. No one could see us unless they came there all the way.

We placed our orders. He kept his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to kiss. It was really deep and he slipped his tongue in my mouth. He kissed me on my lips, cheeks nibble my ear lobs. He touched or squeezed my boobs over my top.

It was long foreplay. Our food came and we ate it up in a matter of a few minutes. We were not able to keep our hands off each other. I touch his groin area while eating my last bite and It was hard. I started to wonder how can it be so hard so quickly.

We quickly walked up to our rooms like adults only to turn into fucking animals again. As soon as we reached he started to kiss me deeply. His hands were all over me grabbing my ass and pulling me closer. I pushed him away and asked him to sit on the bed for an erotic treat. He obeyed like a kid and waited eagerly.

I slowly unbuttoned my shirt but kept it on. Slowly pulling my skirt down I left my heels on. I wore a skimpy thong that barely covered my hairless pussy. It gave an ample view of my ass when I bent down with my ass facing him. I sat on a sofa opposite to the bed and pulled my left boob out of my bra cup.

I licked my finger and started to play with my nipple moaning like a slut. Then I used my other hand to slip into my thong to rub my wet juicy cunt. By now Anil could not hold his dick in his pants anymore. I could see his erection which was arousing me.

He took his dick out and started to rub it talking dirty to me in Hindi. I never thought such words would turn me on so bad. When I sensed his speed to rub his cock increased, I stepped over and climbed on his legs placing my self right over his dick, “Ohh. ”

Slowly lowering my self Inch by inch feeling his 8-inch dick fill me up.  He used his hands to tear my shirt off and undo my bra. He wanted to see it bounce while getting fucked in a cowgirl position. I could barely even take all his dick in. He bit me on my boobs and took my nipples in his mouth.

His tongue played with my big tits and erect nipples. While he tried taking my entire boob in his mouth, I tried to increase my pace but in vain. He was so hard by now. He held my ass and started to move his pelvis to fuck me. Every deep thrust was vibrating through me.

My boobs were out of control and bounced like football. He kept looking at them like a demon. The entire room was filled by our flesh clashing and our moaning. I held him by his shoulder to balance myself. My nails were digging in his flesh and leaving marks.

He fucked me like he was possessed and showed no mercy. His plowing made me cum very soon but he went on fucking. Finally, when we came in me he moved me under him so that when he slid out he could see his cum in my vagina.

We were tired by now that we didn’t bother to clean up and cuddled up with cum all over our bodies We slept off naked fucked sore and raw. After that Lucknow’s sexcapade, I got to fuck Anil at his apartment every day until I was done with my internship.

I hope you all had an amazing experience reading about my fuck with the project leader and jerked off well. Happy jerking.


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