Sex Lessons From Neighbour Aunty!


Hi, I am Hava, a 29-year-old guy. Today, I am bringing you my first sexperience which happened in the year 2012.

I was working as a design engineer with an engineering service firm in Bangalore. I was not much comfortable in PG accommodation and hence I moved to Kasthuri Nagar. It was a house.

There were two houses on the ground floor, side by side (2bhk and 1bhk). 2BHK was occupied by a family of 3 – Manjunath (42), Sailaja (37-40), and their kid Sampath (all names are changed). They were the caretakers of that building as the owners lived in Visakhapatnam.

On the second day evening after coming from the office, I introduced myself to Manjunath and came to know that he was also a mechanical engineer and was the quality head in an MNC.

Whenever we met, we used to discuss a lot of technical stuff that we both loves a lot. Sailaja aunty was working as a school teacher and she usually reached home by 6:00 pm.

Sampath used to spend time with me in the evening till Sailaja reached home. He became a good friend to me and we both used to play caroms, cricket on roof-top and sometimes, had outings to nearby places.

After 5 months, the summer holidays were declared for schools.

During a conversation, my neighbour Manjunath told me that he was going to Germany to attend a 45-days mandatory training and certification program by the company. Sampath and aunty will go to their home town (in North Karnataka) to spend the summer vacation. He asked me to take care of the house properly.

After a week, Manjunath left to Germany, Sailaja and Sampath left to Belgaum after 2 days. I was alone now.

After 10 days, to my surprise, my neighbour’s wife was back in Bangalore.

During the conversation, she told me that she was a member of the admissions team in the school and so she was back to work. Till then, our relationship was very casual with just chit-chats and smiles. I was also helpful to their family by going along with Sampath to bring vegetables and groceries occasionally.

Changing winds:

It was a Friday evening. Sailaja and I were just chit-chatting at the rooftop for almost 2-3 hours. Time passed and it was 9:00 pm. Then she suddenly started running to cook rice and curry. But, I convinced her and brought a parcel for both and had dinner in her house.

The next day morning, my neighbour’s wife asked me whether I can accompany her to the vegetable market as it will be very crowded. I said, yes.

Sailaja came in a saree. (By the way, her stats are 36-30-36 and she looks like a traditional school teacher with curves and fat at the right places.)

To our surprise, that day the market was crowded than usual and vendors were also not allowing us to pick the vegetables ourselves. But, Sailaja wants to pick vegetables on her own and started picking and bargaining one after the other by bending towards vendor (female).

I stood behind Sailaja holding a bag and looking here and there. Suddenly, a coolie with a huge load on his head started shouting, “Side-side-side.” He was making his way by pushing people in his way.

I didn’t have enough space or time to react and I was pushed forward by him. My semi-erect dick suddenly hit hard, exactly in between my neighbour’s wife’s butt-crack. Sailaja stood up suddenly with a loud, “iiiiisssaaaaahhhhh” sound!

The sound was so much that, all three vendors in front of us were staring at me especially the woman in front of me like I did some crime.

In the evening, my neighbour’s wife asked me about my weekend plan and I said, nothing much.

The next day morning around 10:00 am, she called me and I went to her house. She was in a light pink color nighty (low-neck) which was a little tight and sticking to her body. My eyes were glued to my neighbour’s beauty.

She requested my help in bringing the new cylinder to the kitchen and I did so. I pulled out the old cylinder and she bent in front of me to remove the regulator. Her huge milky boobs were hanging in front of me and my dick got instantly hard, saluting her beauty.

I was not wearing an underwear which made my erection inside the shorts clearly visible to her.

In order to hide that, I pressed my dick to the cylinder’s round-handle but I was not successful. Then, suddenly my neighbour aunty held my penis along with regulator as if she was fitting the regulator!! I took a step back and asked, “Aunty, shall I go now?”

She replied, “Keep it inside: in a stern voice and she left.

The beginning (foreplay):

I placed the cylinder and went to the hall. Seeing me, she went and locked the main door of the house, came to me, caught my dick, and asked, “What is this?”

I said, “Aunty, I am sorry. You are hot and beautiful”.

Sailaja then pulled me towards her and gave a smooch! I responded and hugged the horny Bangalore aunty tightly. She separated from me and said, “Slowly..slowly”.

Then, I said, “I love you, aunty” to which she laughed and took me to the bedroom.

I hugged and smooched her like crazy in the bedroom. Meanwhile, she started stroking my penis over my shorts.

After a few minutes, she moves away and said, “Let’s do slowly”.

“This is my first time, aunty,” I said.

“I know,” she said.

“Can you teach me?” I asked.

She nodded and kissed my forehead, eyes, ears, and cheeks.

The SEX: Part 1

I lied down on the bed. My neighbor aunty came on me and removed my t-shirt. She started kissing and licking my chest and was rubbing over my shorts. Slowly, she went down, removed my shorts, kissed my penis, stroked it for a while and kissed my thighs, groin and legs.

I was unable to control and closing my legs, then she pinched my thigh and commanded, “Spread your legs” like a teacher. She stroked my penis and gave a blowjob for about 10 minutes. I was about to cum out, then she came up and smooched me. I removed her nighty and said, “You don’t wear underwear?”

She replied, “Did you only realize it now? You need to learn a lot.”

I grabbed my neighbour’s wife’s boobs from behind and squeezed them very hard. After some time, she said, “Just do whatever I say and don’t do anything more”.

I lied down on the bed. She sat near my penis, kissed it. Then she got on top of me, sat on my penis, and started riding me. The room was reverberating with “thup thup thup” sounds. Meanwhile, my hands were exploring my neighbour aunty’s body (boobs, stomach, waist).

After 15 minutes, she sat aside and asked me to kiss her body. I started from the top and by the time I reached her waist, the Bangalore aunty was moaning and asking me to fuck her.

She then guided my penis into her vagina without waiting for my reply. I fucked the school teacher aunty for about 15-20 minutes. She was moaning heavily all the while.

I kept two fingers in her mouth and she started sucking them. That moment was really hot.

After 5 minutes, I released my cum inside aunty’s vagina. She hugged me tightly, smooched for a few minutes without a gap, and said, “Your energy is awesome”.

I hugged her tightly and said, “Thank you”.

The time was around 2:00 pm, she served lunch for both of us and I slept at my house. That night, I did not sleep and watched many porn movies (desi and international) till 4:30 am.

Part 2

The next day I didn’t saw my neighbour aunty till evening. In the evening around 7:00 pm, I saw Sailaja drying clothes in the small narrow lane on the backside of the house.

I went from behind, squeezed her waist and kissed her back and neck. She pushed me away and shouted, “Go inside”.

After 15 minutes, she called me and I went to her house. I saw her in the kitchen preparing something. I grabbed her boobs from behind and gave a strong push with my erect cock on her ass. She moaned, “aaahhh”.

My neighbor aunty turned towards me and said, “Never do these things outside”.

I gave a tight smooch and both our tongues were soon exploring and fighting with each other. She asked me to lock the house and I did so. I stood next to her in the kitchen, helping, kissing, chit-chatting romantically about sex, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc till she completed cooking.

It was around 9:30 pm, we finished our dinner and were ready for another sexcounter.

I removed her saree completely and she removed my clothes. I kissed her boobs, squeezed them, and pulled her blouse. One hook was broken and she slapped me gently and said, “Remove it with love and not by force.”

I started removing the hooks with my teeth while squeezing her boob simultaneously. She said, “good boy” and sat on the bed. I kissed her waist, licked the navel and belly button and untied the lehenga. Wow, she had shaved her juicy pussy and I started licking it. After 2-3 minutes, she told me to use two fingers also along with the tongue.

After 15 minutes, she released her juices. Then, the neighbour aunty asked me to bring ghee from the fridge which I did. I started applying it on the pussy. She asked me to come up and I did. She kissed me and asked to fuck her.

But, I went down again and started licking her pussy. She was making loud moans. Finally, she pulled me and asked me to fuck her.

I fucked aunty for about 10 minutes in missionary position by locking her shoulders tightly. Next, I was trying the side-by-side position. She adjusted herself, guided my penis, and asked me to do it slowly. I obeyed but I was giving very hard strokes. She complimented me saying I have a lot of energy.

After that, she came on me, applied ghee on my penis, and gave a wonderful blowjob. Finally, she rode on me for about 20 minutes like a cowgirl riding a horse.

We both were tired. We drank some water and slept semi-nude together.


My neighbour’s milf wife Sailaja and me had sex for about 9 times in those 35 days of summer. We continued hugging and kissing even after the holidays. But, we decided to part as her marriage life may come into trouble.

So, after 7 months, I decided to shift to another house. The day just before vacating the house, we met at a hotel in the morning around 11: 00 am. She came in a saree gifted by me and we had wonderful sex 3 times till 4:00 pm. After that, we never met each other.

Thus, my neighbour aunty taught me sex lessons and emphasized on secrecy.

Any women from Bangalore can reach me at [email protected]

My dating policy – “safety-secrecy-satisfaction.”

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