Fucked My Hot Neighbor Aunty

Hello friends, this is Arnav (obviously name changed) from Pune. I’ve been reading Indian sex stories for quite a time now. So I would like to share my 1st sex experience when I lost my virginity to a mature aunty. This is the first time I’m writing so please ignore my mistakes if any.

So, let’s move on to the story. This happened to me in my 3rd year of Engineering. I had just finished my exams, which were quite exhaustive. So I needed some time to relax and have fun, especially watching porn clips and masturbating. But it was very restricted for me as I used to live with my family.

From childhood, I had been a very intelligent guy getting good grades always and also topped many times in my school. So my mom’s friends would ask for tips like how I used to study.

They would also call me at their place to help their kids in studying. I would take this as an opportunity to check these mature women and wished to have sex with them. I always liked mature aunties.

I got holidays for nearly 2 months as any degree or other course starts in July-August. So during this time, I started working out maintaining a fit body. I had good looks as I had been taking care of my skin for a long time.

Let me come to the story. Now let me introduce the heroine of my story that is my neighbor aunty. Her name is Sakshi around 32 years old with eye-catching assets 36-30-34. Anyone could die for her asset and the same thing happened to me when I saw her. She is staying in the adjacent house to mine.

She is very jolly and she used to come to my house to talk with my mom. One day she came home to ask me something. She knocked on the door. I opened it and I was very happy to see my darling. I was staring at her for a second. She asked me for some milk.

I said my mom has gone out. I then asked her to come inside and get the milk. Then I gave the jar of milk to her. But while giving her the milk I intentionally touched her hand. She was a bit uncomfortable and she took off her hand saying thanks and left.

From that day my desire to fuck her started increasing. Whenever I see her, I used to dream of her and masturbate daily. I was enjoying it. Then slowly a few days passed and my darling sexy aunty started talking to me. We were becoming more friendly.

First, we started with a casual conversation like life talks, hobbies, interests, social activities, etc. I used to solve her daughter’s study-related queries and she was impressed by me to quite an extent. I also started visiting their house more frequently on the pretext of helping her daughter in studies.

Her husband worked in a private company. He used to go daily to the office for 12 hours of duty roughly. So I took it in my stride to impress my sexy aunty and fuck her whenever I get an opportunity with her consent. Since I was a regular visitor in their house, I managed to get her phone number.

She quickly gave her number and then we started chatting. I wanted her number to flirt with her. Now after a few days of regular chat, we opened up a little and started talking more. I used to flirt with her daily and used to tell her how beautiful she is and how lucky a man her husband is to have such a stunning wife.

She used to get high on listening to these comments about her and always used to respond to me saying, “Kuch bhi.” One day she invited me to her house for dinner. I was excited that today I can fuck her so I sprayed a beautiful perfume on me and set my hair with gel to get ready.

But to my surprise, her husband and daughter both were there already and they welcomed me. Her husband was a nice guy and told me, “Sakshi talks a lot about you saying. He’s very smart and intelligent.” I knew my sexy baby also loved me as she used to praise me on my back.

My baby was looking sexy today as she was wearing a black saree and a sexy blouse with red lipstick and some eyelashes. I was just bending again and again on the dining table so that I can see her sexy mouth-watering perfectly shaped belly button. I was dreaming about fingering her navel. Also, her big boobs were popping out of the blouse and her waist was also visible to some part.

Her red bra straps were also pinging out of the blouse from the backside. I was not able to control myself but somehow managed to finish the dinner. When I went inside the kitchen to wash my hands I told her you are looking very gorgeous today. She gave me a wicked smile.

I also understood the intention and without saying anything went home. Straightway I went inside the washroom and jerked off by ejaculating. My dick was hard as stone and as long as a stick. I was dreaming about fucking her and was looking for an opportunity.

I couldn’t sleep the entire night dreaming about her and fucking her hard in dreams. So finally after a week, my family went to our village to sort some family issues. I was all alone in the house. They said they will be back after 3 days. This was an excellent opportunity for me to fuck my sexy lady.

The next day I went to her house and luckily her husband was also not there. He had gone out for a company meeting and will be back in 2 days. Her daughter also went to her grandparent’s house and Sakshi was all alone. She invited me to lunch. We both had lunch together with some chat about our lives.

I asked her about her husband. Initially, she was reluctant but then she started opening up. She told that their married life was not going smoothly and probably her husband was having an affair. She got very emotional and I thought this is the right opportunity to chip in and fuck her.

She was wearing a pink saree that day and sarees are the sexiest way by which I get a boner. She was wearing a black bra (visible through her light color blouse) and her cleavage was visible with nipples being pointed sharp. Since she wore a saree little tight I was able to see her navel as well.

Now I couldn’t control myself and started consoling her that she should 1st confirm about her husband and then pass judgment. Now I started giving her emotional support and started giving her some warmth. I placed my hands around her like supporting her.

While giving her support, I also slid my 1 hand more inside her waist. My hand went through the saree and touched her waist and she slightly moaned. I was frightened. I thought I would be getting a beating tonight, and aunty will tell mom about this. But to my surprise, she didn’t say anything but kept quiet.

I took this as a green signal and moved my fingers over her navel which was mouth-watering. I moved my fingers to and fro over them and she was very deeply aroused. Then to my surprise, she said, “Itne mein man bhar gaya tumhara?” Hearing that I was shell shocked.

I said, “No, I want more,” and planted a kiss on her lips. I smooched her and was in deep pleasure as this was my first kiss. We started smooching and were enjoying a lot. We also french kissed and I started licking her tongue and took her tongue in my mouth.

While kissing I had both of my hands on her waist. I took them behind and tore her blouse with full force and threw away. I could see a sexy black bra with heaven within them. Big juicy round tits with watery nipples popping out and sexy cleavage were there.

I also removed her saree and now she was in black bra and black panty. She was looking like a sex bomb, she was so sexy I couldn’t believe. Perfect curves with sexy round navel and sexy pussy covered with panty. Now I unhooked her bra and her tits were hanging out with soft pink-red nipples on them.

I couldn’t control myself and sucked her nipples very hard. I started biting left one and played with the right one simultaneously. She was moaning in pleasure. Hearing that I was ecstatic and bite those nipples very hard while I simultaneously removed her panty and started fingering her.

She was wet below. I inserted my 2 fingers in her pussy and started playing while kissing her. Sometimes sucking milk from her breasts. Now the time came I threw her on the bed. I removed chocolate from my pocket and put it in her mouth. We started smooching with chocolate.

She spat her chocolate in my mouth. I removed some chocolate and applied it on her breasts and started sucking those like a chocolate shake. It was so yummy I couldn’t forget till the date that chocolate shake taste. Now after around 2 hours of foreplay, I removed my stick long cock and inserted in her pussy.

She was moaning in pleasure. I started drilling my cock and she got 2-3 orgasms. Then I removed and inserted it in her mouth. She gave me a blowjob for around 10 minutes. Then again we did in the doggy style position. She was all the time moaning, “Fuck me, fuck me.”

Indeed I lost my virginity that day to a sex Goddess. Then we continued this whenever we got privacy for the next 2 months. That was 1 of the best sex I had with a mature aunty.

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