Indian Aunty’s Affair With Virgin Teenager

Hello dear readers, I narrated how I had the most joyous years with Rajesh, my husband’s friend’s son. After he left abroad, I was lonely and felt devasted. Every spot in the house was reminding me of the fantastic sex we had in those unforgettable years. But everything comes to an end and my association with Rajesh was destined to end.

But that left highly depressed and a feeling of uselessness of my lonely life. It was at that moment that I got a call from one of my friends to attend a party at their house. It was an occasion to celebrate their silver jubilee year of marriage. I could not say no and decided to go as it would provide some chance to me for a change from routine life.

The party was on a Saturday, as they felt guests would be returning late and the next day being Sunday, it would be better for all to rest.

I went to a beauty parlor and got waxing, facial and hair done in a neat way. In the evening, I wore a black net saree with the same backless blouse which I had worn earlier to the hotel with Rajesh. Somehow, I liked it as it displayed my deep cleavage to the maximum extent. I felt proud of myself in that saree-blouse combination.

I wore a pearl choker necklace to go along with that saree. I redid my hair to display by whole bareback.

I remembered Rajesh at that time and felt what he would have done to me in that dress. Sure, he would have torn my saree and pounced on me pounding me to heaven. Alas, but he was not here. His very thought rushed adrenaline in my body!

I reached my friend, Simran by half-past seven. There was a big crowd and as expected, everyone started to look at me with appreciation. I gave a gift to the couple and wished them to celebrate golden jubilee too.

There were drinks and all were busy talking in small groups with some or the other drink in hand. I was standing to see for my familiar face for company. I could not find anyone who was known to me as I had not socialized since long.

A young boy came to me and asked me if I was fine and enjoying the evening. He was a big boy with wide shoulders, wearing a traditional dress. His smile brought me back the memory of Rajesh. Maybe he was a year or two younger.

He introduced himself as Hardik, son of my friend, Simran. I shook his hand and told him that I was really enjoying. He asked what I would like to have. I preferred Vodka and immediately, my friend’s son brought two glasses of Orange Vodka and giving me one, he said, cheers.

He stood by my side and spoke freely about the party, his college and asked a few questions about me. We were standing facing each other in some corner and with the drink in my left hand, I had not noticed that my saree pallu had fallen graciously on my arm displaying my assets to Hardik.

I was slowly enjoying drinking with him. As the first peg finished, he brought the second. We decided to sit somewhere as the effect of liquor was rising in me.

We sat in a secluded corner. My saree pallu rested squarely on my left arm and my friend’s young son’s eyes were feasting on my exposed breasts. At that time, Simran called me and I corrected my pallu and went to her. She introduced her husband and asked me to have dinner and help myself or ask Hardik if I wanted anything.

After an introduction to other friends of Simran, I came back to the corner place where I had kept my glass. Hardik joined me after a minute and we finished three pegs without our own knowledge. I was on top and rested for a while. Hardik, I am sure, must have had a complete view of my top assets.

Soon I recovered and finished my dinner. I returned soon and straight away went to the bed. In that morning, I had a bit hangover and got up late.

I was thinking about the events which happened the previous day and smiled to myself. Am I on the way to take away the virginity of a second boy? I didn’t know but just thought it was a good time spent and decided to forget it.

I prepared a hurried breakfast and then took, bath, and watched a few serials.

A few days went on without any major happenings. But what I was thinking in the back of mind happened soon. It was an evening, I was returning from a Hypermarket. I was pushing my trolley with groceries etc and waiting for a taxi. Suddenly, it started to rain cats and dogs. I was completely drenched.

From nowhere, a car haled near me and opening the window, the driver called me, “Aunty, just hop in; I will leave at your house”. I was surprised to see Hardik on the wheel.

Without further drenching in rain, I sat in the front seat, placing my groceries in the backseat. I could see that my friend’s son also was completely drenched in that heavy rain. He told that he was returning from the gym and wanted to buy gym shoes in from the Hyperacity market.

We reached my house in about ten minutes’ drive. I invited him inside the house and after parking his car, he came. I opened the lock and we entered the house.

Hardik was staring at me without blinking his eyelids. I realized that in that wet white saree and wet blouse (of course, without a bra), my breasts, belly, navel were all completely visible. The black areolas were clearly displayed with its peak prominently protruding from the wet blouse.

I stood near Hardik with some pretest of searching my bedroom key so that he can view me to his satisfaction. Even in that wet condition, I was getting hot with the thought of our mating!

Then I went to my bedroom and removed the wet saree and blouse. I wore my famous nightie which had a spaghetti strap and was backless. I decided not to wear a bra as straps would be visible in that backless gown.

I dried myself with a towel and put on perfume. I came out and still, Hardik was standing. I then noted that even he needed to remove his wet clothes. I apologized to him and asked him to remove his tee-shirt which was wet.

He could not move his stare from my exposed melons which were shaking side to side, up and down with each of my movements. He removed his tee-shirt and kept it aside.

I took and put in the washing machine drier. I gave one my husband’s lungis and asked him to change his pants also which I can put for drying. Obediently, he removed his jeans and put on the lungi in my presence itself giving me a faint glimpse of his huge bulge.

It was still raining. I asked him if he would like to enjoy some drinks for which he nodded. I poured two large pegs of Old monk and brought some fried cashew nuts. We sat on the sofa and started with cheers. By the time our second peg was finished, we had overcome all initial inhibitions.

As the cold breeze was coming from the window, I suggested we move to the bedroom. Hardik followed me and we leisurely sat on the bed with our glasses. He was telling me about his college and how much he wished to contest for a Mr. India contest for which he was doing his bodybuilding.

I looked at his bare torso and was sure that he can make it one day. His broad shoulder, six abs were testimony.

When I completed my third peg, without asking me, he made our fourth peg. I was already on top and hesitated the fourth. But he requested and I couldn’t say no.

When we finished the fourth, I was already resting my head on his chest and his hand on my breast. Raising my head, I pulled him for a kiss. We dissolved in deep, hot and wet kisses. His first kiss of a woman, that too a hot, thirsty woman like me. He was in heaven.

I slipped off my noodle straps of nightie exposing both my breasts fully. I pushed his head on to my breasts and he dug his face in the tight deep valley. I was caressing his hair as he suckled one nipple and squeezed the other breast turn by turn.

I had already undone his lungi which he was wearing and exposed what was a majestic weapon – long, fat and shining in its full erection. I stroked my friend’s son’s cock lightly and he moaned, “Aunty..”

I guided the new boy at each step. Holding his right hand, I placed it on my pussy, and he looked questioningly. I inserted his one finger in and placed thumb at the tip of my clitoris urging him to rub me slowly then fast. He obeyed like a good student.

I stroked his back. His body was like steel, full of ripping muscles. He raised his head toward me and without wasting a second, I pulled him and sealed his mouth with mine.

I was stroking his long tool and big testicles. He was looking desperate to have his first-ever ejaculation. Although I wanted more foreplay, I felt pity on his urgency and slowly guided his erection in my moist pussy, rubbing, pushing till achieving complete penetration.

My friend’s son was aghast with surprise to feel the tightness and hot wet fluid surrounding his smooth snaky penis. He opened his mouth in awe which I promptly sealed with my mouth.

Widening my thighs, I made it easy for his reciprocation and aided by my own thrusts up and down. I was pushing my nipples in his mouth or I was sucking his tongue like it was a chocobar.

The rain was providing playback music for our sexual endeavors. Hardik was really “Hard-dick”. His erection was not at all subsiding even after half an hour of intercourse. I was flooded with my secretions and unbearable orgasm one after the other.

I urged him to stop and fill me, but the young virgin boy was unable to come.

“Aunty, wait for some more time”, he requested.

I tightened my thighs squeezing his penis and locked his movement by circling his thighs with mine. He lay immobile for a while and started to flood me first in drops, then in a stream and finally flooding me full and overflowing.

We lay attached for a very long time, his head resting on my breasts. I was caressing his back in gratitude and my friend’s son kissed my forehead. Finally, we detached with a long kiss. We had hot coffee together and he left after a bear hug and kiss near the door. He promised to come the next day.

It was still raining but it had reduced. It was already nearing seven in the evening. I went to loo and to my surprise, his secretion was as thick as say, paint! Oh my God, what he had in him. Had I not got my tubectomy done long back, I certainly would have conceived at his first shot.

I pushed my finger in and with the help of that thick honey, I rubbed for a long time till orgasms a few times and then took a bath. I had sound sleep with satisfaction and contentment.

The next day, it was raining for the whole day. I was having body pain to the long rolling, pitching with Hardik the previous evening. I felt I needed rest. But what if Hardik come? Certainly, I could not have refused. But perhaps due to heavy rain, he didn’t come that day.

I was planning in my mind how and what position I will introduce to Hardik in the coming days.

The first evening, we had conventional as he was too curious to lose his virginity. So, next, I decided to be on his top, then other positions would follow. Yes, I also made up my mind for a long sweet oral sex and to swallow his honey which would make him mad.

The next few days, I was daydreaming all that I wanted to do with Hard dick.

Friday evening by 6, Hardik called me on the phone and apologized for no communication for a week. He asked if he can come over. I was too eager and was not able to say no.

He further added that his parents had gone to Delhi and would be back only on Monday evening. Hardik asked if he can stay at my place or I can go over to his and stay back.

I thought over both and decided that it was not advisable to stay at either place. Maid servants or their driver will watch. So, the best place would be the same resort where I had been with Rajesh long back. I told him and asked him to pack a few clothes and rush to my house.

I got ready with some clothes, nighties, a dress, sarees and makeup kit. Yes, you have guessed it right. I didn’t pack any bra as it was not at all necessary!

We reached the resort and checked in to a suite. There were very fewer guests as it was rainy season. Straight away, we went to the restaurant for dinner. He ordered two large Chivas Regal which was topped up again two times.

We finished drinks with starters of Chicken lollipop and Shrimp. We then ordered a full meal of tandoori chicken, fish, and roti. It was a stupendous meal with goo drink in a lightly lit dining hall and the music added to our evening.

I was drowsy with the high drink and Hardik had to support me back to the room. I just hit the cot and Hardik came along. We hugged and kissed.

After undressing, we slept on the pillow and cuddled feeling the warmth of our bodies. There was no hurry as we had three nights with us and two days.

I had planned only missionary sex in these three days and to introduce other exciting positions in the days to come. Why hurry? It is better to taste all delicacies in a slow and steady manner. But I didn’t know what the young stud would do. If he takes initiative for other fancies, it was not possible to stop him.

Our lips met again and again, and we sucked our tongues for an endless time. I knew he would already be having a very hard on and is eager to enter me. But as I said, I did not want to hurry at all.

So, without encouraging his adventure, I just continued to kiss and urged him to play with my tits. Yes, my friend’s son was a great lover of tits. Hugging with one hand, he was squeezing my boobs alternately and biting often and all over.

His hand on my back was caressing right from my neck all along back, hips and thighs. I rubbed his back and closed in further into his bear hug and held his pestle to stroke.

I continued stroking the entire length, stopping and fondling his big balls and again resume on his shaft. Yes, my friend’s son had the best, longest and fattest penis I had seen. His bags looked like two big milk sachets – heavy, smooth and hairless.

Sliding his right hand down, he held my pussy lovingly placing his thumb right at the tip of my clitoris and inserted three fingers inside.

Hardik had already become an expert at it. His soft rubbing was sending shocks of thrill and highly excited my body. Soon my orgasms started and continued every five minutes. I was flowing a spate of river down on to the sheets.

In a fraction of split-second, Hardik lifted me and pulled on to his top. There was no stopping now. I centered my hole on his pillar and lowered on to him fully. I slept on him pressing my face against his neck, smelling and biting his chin.

My boobs were pressed on to his chest and his hands circled me from the back. We rested in that copulated position for a long time indulging in soft kisses, caresses, and biting. Heavily built that young stud he was, he lifted me up, still engaged in hid and lowered me again on to him.

Then I took over the command and my reciprocation started rather slow, as I didn’t want to hurry the magical feelings to end. I was offering my dangling firm breasts to his hands and mouth on my every descent. That was giving me a bit of rest and I could continue after a few seconds.

Already the sheet was wet, and my secretions flowed down my thighs and further drenched the white sheet of the kind cot. He was moaning softly, and I was enjoying each second of the sensation.

We changed position to missionary and Hardik started in and out of my sacred tight cunt. So good it felt and I had no hesitation in shouting and loudly calling him as my darling and urging to increase speed. He obliged but after a few minutes, I slowed him, fearing he may cum fast.

He rested my boobs for some time during which his over-excitation subsided. Starting again, he continued for another ten or so minutes and I stopped him for another break. This time I knew that unless we disengage for a few minutes, he would ejaculate even without any movement.

So, with force, I disengaged even though my friend’s son became angry and tried to enter again. Stopping him, I dragged him on to my erect nipples which he bit with all his force. He was biting all over my breasts, my nipple and my shoulder. I reciprocated all his actions.

Then it was time again for his entry. I pulled him onto me and widened my thighs. It was the easiest entry as I was full of fluid. In silence, we continued our lovemaking and after five minutes or so, he increased his speed and then I could not control my loud moaning.

As Hardik’s hard dick was now ready to spurt, I pressed my thighs together tightening my vaginal muscles.

Holding without movement, he gushed his cum deep in me in spasms and in streams, filling me completely. A lot of ejaculation flew down to the bedsheet. I was wondering what the housekeeping staff would think when they see many puddles of semen stain on sheet everywhere.

I smiled to myself with that thought. I was becoming naughty in the company of these teenagers.

After detachment, Hardik was trying to get up and I stopped him questioningly. He said he wanted to go and wash. I again asked if he wanted to go to piss for which he said no, he wanted only to wash. Smilingly, I pulled him back on the bed and sitting on his side, I held his limp tool in my hand.

The soapiness gave a very good feeling and it was smaller now. I licked the big drop of his nectar at the tip of his pink head and went on to lick the entire length of his long penis and the huge, but now empty balls.

Then I asked him to sleep nicely for which he asked if I wanted him to clean me also like how I did on him. I spread my legs and pushed his head in between. As my friend’s son started to lick and taste his own cum which was still oozing out of my vagina, I was getting excited.

He cleaned in and out of my pussy and we collapsed on to the bed, tired, exhausted and satisfied.

We got the best deep sleep after hectic lovemaking. He slept cuddling till morning. I knew early morning he will certainly be ready with a big hard-on. But I resisted tempting him for early morning sex and thought of preserving it for the next morning.

We freshened up and Hardik ordered tea. He was wearing a half pant and his torso was bare. I wore a knee-length, backless camisole. When the tea was about to arrive, I got another naughty idea to tempt the bearer and see his reaction and asked Hardik also to observe.

He opened the door and the room boy entered with tray and teacups. I was sitting on the bed and asked him to make tea and serve. He prepared two cups and added sugar and brought it to me.

Hardik was observing me as I had told him. While taking the teacup, I slipped the shoulder strap down displaying my right boob and corrected immediately. The poor boy was about to spill the tea tray and I held it to assist.

Hardik too saw my play and was laughing. No sooner the room boy left, he hugged me for a morning kiss and pushed his hand in my wrap holding my breast, “Aunty, what you did to that poor boy! He will not be able to work the whole day now”. We had a hearty laugh. The tea was very good.

We went down to the restaurant for breakfast and I was wearing a midi which was almost like a camisole. My back and cleavage were on full display to the guests in the restaurant although it was not full capacity. But I and Hardik observed all eyes roving on me and I felt proud and Hardik held my hand possessively.

We were hungry and had full breakfast with flakes, juice, eggs, parathas and finish with coffee. After breakfast, we went for a long stroll in the resort for fresh air, walking hand in hand.

We sat on a bench below a tree to enjoy the morning nature. All felt too good to believe. My friend’s son circled his hand from my back and held me close. I closed my eyes and raised my head which he understood immediately and pulled me for a very long kiss.

We returned to the room and had a bath together in the king-size bathtub. Intimacy in water was really very exciting when he rubbed the lather on my breasts, thighs, hips and I reciprocated to him.

Our kisses in the warm water were endless. When I touched his phallus, as expected he was huge and steel hard. I caressed his bags which appeared full and heavy now. Hugging, we went to the bed and he came on me straight away. I was also excited.

Widening my legs, I pushed his weapon inside me and closed onto him by a tight embrace, pulling him further into me by wrapping my legs around Hardik. This time whole session went on in silence except for my occasional moaning.

My friend’s hunk son fucked me restlessly for a very long time and gushed his entire load into me which again overflowed and made a puddle (or say a lake?) on the sheet.

Just as we got up and dressed, the bell rang and the housekeeping staff came to change the sheets. I asked Hardik to observe their reaction.

Two ladies had come to do dusting and cleaning. As expected, while removing the sheet, they observed the wet patches all over and a recent big one at the center. First, they smiled at each other and then looked at me. One asked me if we really got good sleep or not in the hotel.

The smile on her face told what she wanted to ask. Boldly, I told her that my partner did not allow me to sleep at all. Now all four had a hearty laugh.

The evening wine party, the night went the same way full of fun, love and sex. Without waiting further, we had sex in 69 and doggy style.

We returned early the next day and Hardik thanked me for the good time and left. Our affair went on for a year or so and Hardik too left town soon leaving me all alone again. But as all readers must have realized what type of woman I am, my loneliness did not last long. How? Read my next story. Bye

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