Indian Callgirl Turned Out To Be Mistress

Hi, I am a 20 years old male who lives in Karnataka, India. I am a bit chubby and have a small-sized tool.

This happened when I was 19 years old. I wanted to have sex for a long time. In fact, I wanted it so badly.

One day I was going through a site named Locanto (many of you guys must be already knowing about it). There I saw an Ad of an independent girl who wanted to have sex for money.

I texted this callgirl and asked for her details. She sent me her picture along with her details. This girl an hourglass figure and she was very hot. She was very experienced (which I knew later) and said she loves to handle virgin boys like me. She also said she likes to be dominant during sex to which I had no problem.

Then we planned the meeting at my house on the coming Sunday. I was so excited.

On the day of the meeting, I took a long bath and freshened up. This callgirl came via Ola cab and rang my doorbell.

She was looking so beautiful that my tool instantly had a hardon. She noticed that too and all of a sudden, she pushed me inside and held my dick tightly and said, “Hey, control your small dick, bitch.” I was like Woah! (and I remember that she like to be dominant).

Then she went to my bedroom and sat on the sofa there. She called me in and ordered me to remove all my clothes. Meanwhile, she took a beer can out of her bag and started sipping it.

She then made me sit in doggy style, spat a little drink inside my mouth directly from her mouth and asked me to drink it. I drank it.

She then said, “Listen, I am your mistress and you are my dog.” I said, “Okay”.

She slapped me and said, “Call me mistress, dog”. I said, “Okay mistress” in an angry tone.

The callgirl got pissed and made me lay on her lap. She then started slapping my butt cheeks hard and yet she was not satisfied. She took out the lotion and applied in and around my asshole and started fingering me.

She increased the number of fingers and soon had 3 fingers inside my ass. I was in pain and I said, “Sorry mistress, it won’t happen again”. She said, “Good, the dog is learning”.

The dominant Indian callgirl then made me lick her feet first and then her boobs. After that, we kissed hard and then the fun part began for me.

She went down and started blowing my cock. It was my first time and I came within a minute. She slapped my dick and started teasing me saying that I have a small dick. She again started blowing me very hard. Omg! I never experienced so much pleasure ever.

After 5-6 minutes of sucking, she pushed me to the bed. She sat over my dick and inserted it inside her pussy. When my dick entered her vagina, it felt so hot and moist. It was very good.

Then, after a good 4-5 minutes fuck, I was again about to cum. She told me to cum inside her. I came in her but she was still riding me hard. My dick started to pain a bit as well as I was experiencing more and more pleasure. After 10 minutes she got off and said, “it’s my turn now”.

She suddenly sat on my face and started forcing her ass towards my face. I could barely breathe. I had to lick her vagina for about 20 minutes till she came.

Then we both laid down for a while and went to the bathroom. There this dominant callgirl made me lie down and she then took a piss on me! I felt awkward. Then she took the soap and bathed me.

Then I did the same to her. I loved cleaning her breasts and vagina with soap. The girl then held my soapy dick and started inserting it into her asshole. I was shocked as well as happy.

We had anal sex and in between the ass fucking, I got tired and took my dick out. She got angry. She first cleaned up my dick with water and then she held my dick hard and pulled me towards the bed.

She made me sleep upside down and again applied lotion on her hand and fingered me. This time, the callgirl literally started ramming my ass. She wouldn’t listen to a word I said and just kept doing it.

My asshole became so loose by then. She almost had her fist in my ass! It was very painful.

My dick was hard again somehow and she said, “Continue the fuck, bitch”.

I fucked her ass again and came inside her. We then cuddled a bit and slept for a while.

When I got up after a few hours, I saw her blowing me again. It was the best wake up alarm I ever had! I realized I love blowjobs a lot.

The way she was sitting and her hair made me so horny. I got really hard and now literally pushed her back and fucked her hard. This time, I fucked her for more time and came in her. She enjoyed it a lot.

Then I brought some beer and we drank it. After that, I paid her for her amazing sex services. She gave me a small smooch and left.

For the next few days, I was in pain but later I was missing this kind of sex a lot. I still had her number on my phone and was thinking to give her a call.

Finally, after two weeks, I was very horny and checked Locanto again. I didn’t find anyone as good as this girl. So I decided to give her a call. She picked the call and to my surprise, she said she knew I would call back. I said I wanna have another session. This time, a long session.

She said she would love to have another session and this time, she didn’t even want to charge me. I was so lucky to have her.

Thank you guys for reading this story. If you guys wanna have fun or give me feedback email or hangout me at [email protected]

Please don’t ask her details. She wants it to be private.

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