Love Making At The Theater

Hi, guys this Arya (name changed) from Mahadevapura Bangalore. I’m a regular reader of XIS where I find erotic stories for me to enjoy my loneliness. About my physique, I’m 5’8″ in height and not that fair complexion. But to the Indian color that’s dusky kind.

I’m doing my engineering in a reputed college in Bangalore. Born brought up in Bangalore. My friends used to call me a playboy as I had many girlfriends. I love to be around girls and enjoy their company rather than boys.

This incident happened two months back with my friend whom I met on Instagram. Her name is Kavya(name changed). She is also from Bangalore and to my surprise, she is from my nearby area. Talking about her, she is in average height. Not much or not less a typical Indian girl.

She is mostly kind of a traditional type of girl always in chudidar and stuff. So that drove even more crazy of her seeing her Instagram pictures. She has some big melons which I used to admire in her photos. Its size is 34 as she had mentioned to me.

Coming to the story. I was just scrolling the suggestions of friends where I saw her profile. I was interested in making friends with her at the start. So I sent a request to which she accepted after a very long time. After she accepting I casually sent a message of ‘Hi’.

To my surprise, she replied to me immediately. I was so happy and started our chats with some neat stuff like about her dreams. Things went on and I got to see a girl in padded bra on Instagram. I forwarded that photo to her and asked her what was that even though I knew what it was.

She then explained telling it’s a padded bra used for that this and all. I didn’t bother of what she said. I asked her how to put it on and she started explaining to me how it was done. I could not believe to myself that she was literally explaining to me. That was the first sign of her showing interest in these things.

Moreover, girls don’t talk about those things unless they are comfortable with the person. Later on, we started sharing our problems. I started telling about problems in men like the erection related topic. She asked if it happened while talking to her.

I said, “Yes, I have precum many times while I was talking to you.” Later she accepted she was also wet while talking. At last, a positive sign of sex was given by her. Then I asked her if she watched porn. She said no. I said, “Shall I share with you?” and shared a few porn movies.

I’m not sure if that was her first time watching those. She got turned on and started asking questions on how could girls take the dick in the mouth and all that. I said to her, “Why don’t you try it?” She playfully said, “I’ll bite it off.” At the minute, I had chills on my spine for her answer.

Talking about this we thought let’s have a meet. To which I said we shall go for a movie. She said ok for the movie and we decided to meet the next day. That night guys I could not sleep thinking what I would do. What would be her reaction and all that? The night passed.

The next day morning at 10:15 there was an ‘A’ rated movie. I readily accepted and she too accepted. We walked in and saw the theatre to be damn empty, with two couples at the right corner and two couples on the left side. I decided to sit behind them.

I guided her to the seat and made her feel comfortable. And having small dirty and naughty talks the movie started. The movie was a Malayalam movie so you might know the amount of romance that would be there in that movie. Nor I nor my girl knew Malayalam. But who cares? Our intention was different.

The movie started and we were watching for 10-15 minutes. We were bored and started talking. I don’t know what happened the next moment. I turned to her sitting close, I touched her cheeks which was like a kiss. She smiled for it. I asked her why did you smile and she said nothing.

I said to her that’s only the start part of our journey. I asked her to look at me. When she turned to me I placed a kiss on her lips to which she responded well. I was happy about the kiss which she had given me like that. It was her first kiss and this was my nth kiss. So I knew the feel for the kiss.

Later on, we started cuddling each other hugging. The armrest was disturbing our hug. Then I started giving her love bites. My hands were over her back and my right hand caressing her hairs. I placed my hands on her boobs. Wow, her boobs were so big that my hand could not even cover it whole.

She then gave some jerk on placing my hand over her boobs. I was on the verge of precumming. I moved her top up and took a look at her boobs on her bra. Wow, the size drove me crazy. I went to smell the bra and the boobs. Her perfume smell and her sweat smell made me crazy.

I started to lick her on her bra itself to which she gave moans. I removed the bra and freed the tons of heavy weighted melons. That pink nipples which were seen due to the light of the movie and the structure were so perfect. I started licking them and biting the nipples slowly.

She gave an erotic moan which I loved a lot. That moan made me even hornier. Then slowly I slide my hand inside her pants. She folded her legs and made me wait for some time. Since I wanted to see the diamond pot and explore it I took her hands and placed them on my dick.

She was surprised by the rock hard dick. She slid her hand inside the pant to feel the dick to which I unbuttoned my pants and let her explore the rock. I slowly slid my hand to the diamond pot which was so wet and juicy. I started to fondle it and make rotations over there.

Then I got down on my knees between her. I pulled her pants down till her knee and started to take a look at those treasures. It was so clean and well shaved and pinkish in color. I used my mobile to see the clear view of the pussy. I inserted one of my fingers in her pussy to which she bent forward in pain.

I was like, “Did this pain to you? You are going to experience the stone within some time.” I started to lick her clitoris to which she started to moan in pleasure. I was so damn horny for her moans. I placed my tongue a little deeper. She pressed me towards her pussy.

I had a thought that she would be on the verge of cumming. She exploded a load of cum in my mouth which was so juicy and salty. That experience was so damn wonderful to have a taste of the divine nectar. After which I moved up and started to lean on her while she was seated and smooched for some minutes.

Then I came back to my seat. She said, “It’s my turn now.” I didn’t know what she meant. She took my dick in her hand and started stroking it. She has rings in her hand which made me more aroused as those gave me better pleasure. She had caught it tightly. I was in my deepest pleasure at this time.

Within some time I could feel some wetness on my dick to which I came to my senses. I looked down. To my surprise, she started giving me a blowjob. That feeling was so very erotic. I don’t know how I could explain. That feel was fantastic to me. I could not think this type of feel was existing.

With my dick in her mouth and the wetness that was heaven. After some time I said I’m going to cum. To which she started to stroke again. She started to suck it and I was on the verge of cumming. I started to whisper to her that I was cumming. She took a huge load and swallowed it.

I was astonished by her act of swallowing. I asked her, “How was it?” She said, “I didn’t know the taste. Your dick was near my throat it went directly in me.” Then she sat on her chair. I could not control and smooch her again and the lights turned on.  It was an interval when the sounds where off.

Then we corrected ourselves and sat and started using our phones as though nothing had happened. Again the lights turned off and the movie started. At that very minute, our lips met again. We smooched again for a longer period of time. Then I asked her to sit on my lap with her pants and panties down to her knee.

My pants were also off and we were naked at the bottom. Now she got her hot body and placed it on me. I was so aroused that my precum dripped on her. We started smooching again while she was on my lap. Her hands were on my dick and my hands were pressing her boobs.

I asked her when did her periods get over. To my luck, it was just 3 days and she was in her safe period. I was happy so that I could put my rock in her which I didn’t tell her. I told her to lean towards the forward seat. She questioned me why and I said to her that I will show you heaven. She did the same.

I pointed my dick towards her pussy and pulled her. My dick slide inside her pussy so easily, like I had applied some lube. But it was her lube which she had secreted. She gave a moan. Then she turned back and asked what are you doing. I said let’s see the real heaven.

I made some strokes. her pussy was so tight that she started moaning louder and my dick was squeezed totally. I was in a little pain but could not match her pain. I made her sit on my lap again with my dick inside her for some time. Suddenly we heard the door sound which was opening from the other end.

Then we carefully sat in our respective seats and adjusted our dress perfectly and sat for a few minutes. The man moved out and we laughed. We kissed and cuddled each other. The movie was in the ending stage where it had only a few minutes left to finish.

Then I thought I should make use of those minutes. I went down and started licking her hard and made her cum twice. I inserted my finger and started to play. She enjoyed it a lot and she was on her third climax. The movie was also on the climax. both the climax had mixed.

She cummed and the people in the movie were crying for the ending scene. That was a crazy time that I had with her. After the movie, we walked towards KFC. We had some chicken and burgers. Even after that session, we were not satisfied. We decided to book an Oyo in the coming week.

I will share the Oyo experience in my next story. If you like my story please give me feedback on how it was. You can contact me through my email address. My email address is [email protected]

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