Sex with Married female – Part 1

Hello Readers,
I am Rahul from Surat in Gujarat. I am 38 married man and recently joined a renowned organisation. I belong to Rajasthan. Today I am sharing this incident which was happened in my last company in Gurgaon, NCR.
I am an active member of my team and management has asked for a new initiative to show the impact of Covid on our business. Let’s come to the story without wasting the time. I met a team of our third-party developers in which one of the guys, Mr Tarun Kumar (It’s not real name) was leading our project. We met many times in the office and connected personally as friends. He called me to his home for dinner when my wife and kids went to my native place. Initially, I denied his proposal but after that, I accepted as I was alone at my flat. He lives in a good township in Gurgaon. I went there around 8 PM and press the doorbell. Her wife has opened the door with a smile and welcomed me as he was in the washroom, later on, it was confirmed.
I approached the drawing-room and set on the sofa as she told me to wait for a few minutes. Tarun came to meet me and asked which brand I would like to prefer for a drink in whisky. He came with two different bottles and we set in the drawing-room and her wife was preparing snacks for us. She was serving the snacks with a smile and was maintaining eye contact with me. After two pegs it was confirmed her name is Shalini (Name changed), around 36 years old female with a good body and fair looking. She was well educated and was living with a housewife and had around a 7-year-old son. We had a drink around 10 pm and had dinner together and catch the ola to reach my flat because gurgaon police are too strict. I was unable to sleep that night due to her face was in my dream. A few days later I called Tarun for the party in the evening at my flat but he told me that he is going to Bangalore for a client meeting and come back after 3-4 days. Now I took bath and had one peg of whisky and thinking about his wife Shalini and I searched her on Facebook as Tarun already was on my friend list. Luckily she found with blue saree on FB DP. I sent a friend request and she accepted it around 11 pm. I was feeling happy to see you on my friend list and I liked many photographs on her FB profile for the next few minutes. Finally, I sent the Hi on FB messenger and started our chats. I asked her why are you continuous smiling to see me on that day. She told me you are looking decent guy. And now both are full swings on char after half an hour as she was also feeling bored and her sexy life was not too good due to Tarun dont sparing much time with her. Finally, chat concerted in sex chat and we did voice and video call on FB Messenger. I proposed she meet the next day she denied it as it’s was risky for her. The very next day she messaged me in noontime on FB messenger to meet in the nighttime at her house as his hubby was out of the station. We fixed up the meetings and reached near her society and called her. She came in the car in a few minutes and we reached her house without mentioning the visitor details on the main gate. I asked her kid, she was looking too sexy in a red saree when she was driving. She told me that her kid was sleeping half an hour ago when j asked about her kid. Now I hug her without any other inquiry and left her in my arms. He directed me to go to another room as that is a 3BHK flat. I was kissing her on set on her bed. Now I started lips to kiss and boobs pressing. she was also in hurry. I removed. Her saree and blouse and put one finger in her pussy. It was wet. She was looking too sexy in a red bra and panty. I am on cloud nine to see. I removed bra and panty and started to suck complete body and bite on her nack. She was too excited and asked me to put my cock in her pussy. Finally, I put my cock in her pussy and started soft sex but she was asking for hard stock as she was very excited and telling ” Aaj meri chut to faad do or please hard karo meri body bahut din se use nahi Hui ha…” I continued for another 20 to 25 minutes and was finally discharged. We took a rest for half an hour for the next round. That day we did twice. She was fully satisfied and I left her house around 1 am. After that, we continue such type of fucking session for another three months till I moved to surat. Another session will share you in the next story. We are still in touch through WhatsApp or phone calls and will meet again when I go to Gurgaon.
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