Sex With My Ex-Class Teacher

Hi, XIS readers. Hope everyone is doing great with their respective sex life. Randy here residing in Mahadevapura, Bengaluru. To tell about myself. I am a 22-year-old bearded enthusiastic guy. I have always admired and attracted to matured and married women who are in their 30’s.

I always look up for married unsatisfied women rather than a teenage girl. I love to smell women’s armpits. Eat hairy pussy, taste every inch of the body, and enjoy women’s bodies like hell. The most important thing is I love to turn black nipples to red color. I love to make milfs to cry and slap their asses.

I love fatty married ladies especially because I love the way those ladies show care and concern. After their marriage husbands tend to ignore their wives due to fatty structure. I feel bad for those ladies and I try to make them happy and satisfied.

This is the story which happened very recently with one of my school teachers. I never expected this is going to happen. I was not in contact with her for many years. I think it was the month of August. I and my friend who was my college mate went to a pub in the VR mall in Mahadevapura.

After enjoying and drinking in the pub, we both came out at around 9.30 PM. While we were near the lift, my friend took the mobile and started to click a selfie. At that time I saw a known face walking in front of me, with a small girl with her.

After a few seconds, I got to know that she was my ex-school teacher who taught me in either 8 or 9th standard. So I went behind her to talk. While I was following her, she went to the H&M shop. After following her for a few moments I thought to talk with her.

But later I struck with a doubt whether she can recognize me or not? So at last, I went and called her name. To my luck! After seeing me she recognized me very fast. She was happy to see me now with matured looks. We spoke for 5- 6 minutes and later my friend came in search of me.

I introduced him to her. She got to know that I was high so she asked me to go safe and while returning. I asked her WhatsApp number. For which she gave without any denial. I haven’t disclosed her name and structure anywhere for privacy purposes.

Later that night, I slept like hell due to heavy drinking. After 10 hours of peaceful sleep, I woke up and got freshened. I was checking my WhatsApp messages. My friend texted me saying that my teacher was looking good even though she had a small girl.

I began to recollect what happened the previous night. I got to know that I met my school teacher and I had saved her number too. So I texted her and within a few minutes, I got a reply. I was surprised whether she was waiting for my text or what? She asked whether I am okay or not?

And our conversation went like that for around 30 minutes. Later we got on to personal topics. I asked about her married life and her hubby. She told me that he is in the Gulf for 1 year. So I thought this would be the best opportunity for me to get her laid. I am attracted and admire matured and married ladies.

I started to inquire more about that topic. She told me that she used to stay alone with her girl in an apartment which was bought by her hubby. And she told me that she sometimes feels lonely even though she stays with her child. I got to know what’s the reason for her loneliness.

I was asking more questions regarding that topic to make her feel sad about her situation and need anyone to exchange her sorrows. After a few minutes, she started to ask about my status. To which I told that I was single. She asked what’s the reason for being alone.

I told about my interest in matured ladies and I told her that I am attracted to slim girls. She also got to know about my intentions. She asked directly whether I can meet her. After seeing that text I was in cloud nine. I told her yes. So she asked me to come on Monday afternoon for lunch. Her child will go to school at around 9 and will be back only at pm.

I groomed well and went to her apartment around 2. She was eagerly waiting for my arrival. As I entered her flat I was feeling the positive vibe. First, we hugged each other and had lunch. Later she offered me soft drinks and we started to talk. She was sitting next to me.

We both were confused about how to approach. So I took the first step and told her that there was something around her lips. So I began to wipe her lips (even though there was nothing) I caressed and massaged her lips. To which she became horny and our eyes met each other and lips too.

We kissed wildly for 3 minutes. I started to explore her busty body while kissing on the couch. She asked me to join her in the bedroom. As we entered the bedroom, we were wild and began to remove her top and pant and made her semi-naked.

I started to taste every inch of her body and gave love bites around her neck, lips, boobs, thigh areas. As I came near armpits I got hornier by sweat smell and started to bite her like hell. After a few minutes, her whole body was wet due to my saliva and this made her wild. She was wet.

I saw that wetness and begun to taste that gave her pussy licking and licked her vertical lips for long. It made her lose to me fully and asked her to fuck me now. I was reluctant, and kissing her vertical lips and white thighs. After a few seconds, she asked me either to fuck her now or kill her.

She was not able to tolerate all these activities for long due to no fucking sessions from 1 long year. Later I felt bad for her and started to insert. It was quite tight as it was not used for 1 long year. As I entered she started to moan like hell. Her room was filled with her moans.

After fucking her for a good few minutes,  she came and was satisfied. By the time she came, I saw the watch it was around 3.45 pm. So she asked me to leave and come tomorrow. This continued for almost 1 year and after that, her hubby settled in Bengaluru itself.

So it was difficult for us to explore each other’s bodies every day. Even after that, we continued our play without her hubby’s notice. If you guys liked my story please ping and tell me @ [email protected]

Any ladies and girls out there can ping me at Hangouts. If interested to get explored by me. Bye for now!