Bank Employee Rachel – Part 3

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Rachel ran towards the bathroom covering her mouth with her hand. She started to gargle her mouth. I went behind her and caught her by her waist.
Rachel: (turned towards me) Sorry Varun, it was my 1st time. I haven’t taken my hubby’s too.

Me: You shouldn’t have taken it if you weren’t comfortable.
She was staring at me continuously and hugged me suddenly.
Rachel: Thank you Varun. I would have got tight slaps by now from my husband for not taking in the mouth.

Tears started to flow down from her eyes. I caught her face with both my hands and said: From now onwards you won’t shed a drop of tears. But I promise you that I will take you through the pleasure and satisfaction which you had never felt.

I started to suck her lips. Rachel started to respond and we were sucking each other’s lips passionately.
Rachel: Varun! I think I left something unfinished.

She took my dick in her right hand and started to pull up and down slowly. She slowly bent down and gave kisses on my dick head. We decided to move to the room. When we came near the bed, I turned her towards me and removed her pink top and hugged her.

Since I was nude I could feel the coldness of her body. We both rubbed each other’s bodies. I then turned her around and moved in front of a dressing mirror.
She was shy to see her own image in the mirror. She was standing only in a white bra and pink and white designed 3/4th.

She closed her face with both her hands. I went closer to her and kissed her neck region. I removed her hands and I started to lick her right earlobe. She felt a current passing through her and kept her head on my shoulders. I was giving kisses on her neck and slowly slide my finger on her cleavage.

I slowly kept pinching on both her nipples above her bra. I then turned her around and held her back with both my hands on her bra strap. I then removed her bra hook and suddenly lifted her and made her lie on the bed. I lay next to her and we both started kissing each other’s lips.

I bit her lower lip and she pushed me and said it pained a lot. I then came again on top of her and kept sucking her lower lip. She was slowly pushing my body away from her. I removed her bra completely from her body and slowly pinched her black nipple. She was turning and twisting.

I sucked her lips and slowly came down licking through her chin. I went down through her neckline and came through her cleavage. I then started sucking on her right boob (but not on her nipple). I kept sucking as if I was sucking the droplet from her boob. She started to moan and held my head from behind.

I kept doing this completely on her boob but I made sure that my lips don’t touch her nipple. My lips came near to her nipple but would go away suddenly. This was uncontrollable for her and she pushed my head towards her boobs. I then caught both her hands above her head and kept doing this on her left boob.

She was also lifting her upper body thinking her nipple might touch my lips. But to be frank, I could feel the hardness of her nipple rubbing on my cheek. I ignored completely and kept giving her pleasurable torture. I then got up from her body and removed her track pant along with her panty.

It was clean-shaved( I think for me). I then went between her legs and kept my face near to her glory hole. It had a smell of some perfume and was fully wet. I then parted her pussy lips with my fingers and gave a lick. She gasped when my tongue touched her pussy lips.

I inserted 1 finger into the pussy and pulled out. She moaned when I inserted my finger again. Then I inserted 2 fingers and fingered her pussy fastly. I also started to lick between. She was moaning and pushing my head away from her pussy.

After licking her pussy for 10 – 15 minutes continuously, she started to pull my head towards her pussy. I stopped fingering her pussy and pulled my fingers out. It was fully wet and had an erotic smell. She lifted her head to see what I am up to. I looked into her eyes and started to lick my finger.

She smiled at me and pulled me towards her. I kept my wet finger on her lips and pushed it inside her mouth. She started to suck. She tasted her own cum and my saliva. I slowly pushed my body down and placed my dick at the entrance of the pussy.

I slowly pushed it inside, she closed her eyes, she folded her fists and gave an ssh sound. I slowly pulled out and took her right boob in my hand, I caught her between my thumb finger and index finger.

Me: Akka, can I suck your boob?
Rachel: (She caught my head from behind) Come on da! Please go ahead!

I took her left boob also in my hand and pressed it. Ouch! came out from her mouth. She pushed my head closer to her right boob and said, “Slowly Varun, don’t hurt me.” I took my tongue out and kept licking on her nipple. She twisted her head and pulled my head more towards her boobs.

I took her right boob completely inside my mouth and kept sucking. In between, I pushed my dick inside her tight pussy. She started to scream, I left her boob and kept my mouth on her lips and kept sucking her tongue. Guys, I should say that I felt as if I was fucking a virgin girl, she was having tight pussy.

I thought either she might have not got fucked by her husband or her husband’s dick might be small compared to mine. Her hands moved from my head to my back and she was scratching badly, because of the pain I took both her hands and kept it above her head. I saw tears rolling out from her eyes.

I stopped fucking her but didn’t pull my dick out. After taking a break for 10 seconds, Rachel had her eyes still closed, but tears were still rolling down. I licked those tears and licked her closed eyes. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled at me.

I without informing her pushed my dick completely into hers. I locked her lips with mine and kept pumping her hard. She was trying to loosen her hands which were above her head, but couldn’t. She was trying to move her body from me, but couldn’t.

After some time of hardcore fucking, her resistance reduced and she started to enjoy my fuck. I slowly left her lips and started to lick both her armpit simultaneously. For my every push, she pulled herself towards me. Suddenly Rachel informed me that she is coming and left a loud moan.

I thought of a kinky idea and purposely slowed down my pace.
Rachel: Fuck harder Varun, don’t be slow, please, am almost coming. Please, harder fuck me harder Varun.

I closed her mouth again with my lips and again increased my pace. I spat my spit inside her mouth. But since she didn’t expect this kind of kinkiness from me, she turned her head. Some of my salivae were spread on her face and on mine. She was looking at me angrily.

But I just ignored and kept fucking her harder. Yes, and she came with a loud moan. I could feel hot liquid touching my dick. I gave her some break and changed the place. I brought her on top of me and made to sit on my dick as cow-girl.

Once she sat on my dick completely, I gave thunder hard fuck from below. She didn’t think that I will do this but just screamed. I kept pressing her boobs and pulling her nipple. I asked her to lift her hands above her head and I kept slapping on her boobs.

Suddenly she kept both her hands on my tummy and said she is gonna cum. I made her upper body lying on my chest. In-between I took my hands towards her ass and caught it completely. I pulled her up and down and kept giving thrust from below.

Suddenly I took my index finger to her ass hole and tried pushing it inside. She tried to get up from my body. But instead, I took her left nipple between my lips so that she couldn’t move. We were fucking for another 15 minutes. I informed that I am gonna cum.

She lifted her upper body and said even she’s gonna cum. Suddenly she spat on my face twice and asked me to cum inside her. I liked that kind of treatment from her and gave a hard push and we both came suddenly, Rachel fell on my chest and didn’t have the strength to move.

After taking rest for 15 minutes Rachel thanked me for giving a wonderful session. Her husband used to fuck her only in missionary and deposits within 10-15 strokes. She experienced what’s called real fuck and satisfaction.

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